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iTap Puzzles: Make a Picture 2.3.1
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iTap Puzzles - Kids Educational Game / Puzzle / Puzzles Inthismobile game you need to collect pictures (Author'sillustrations)as puzzles, but not in a simple way, but unique! Thismakes thegame very interesting and exciting. And also, thanks to ahugecollection of pictures, also educational as for a child and foranadult! This game is great if you were looking for educationalgamesor educational games for children 5 years / 6 years / 7 years/ 8years / 9 years / 10 years / 11 years / 12 years and older, anditwill also be very interesting for adults! Games forchildren'sdevelopment / Interesting children's games (as well asgames withchildren), children's games for boys, children's gamesfor girls isall about iTap Puzzles Do you like to collect picturesor puzzlesin pictures for children? This mobile application (game)presents224 illustrations on the following topics: - Geography -Animalsworld - Cosmos - Birds - Water World - Weather - Professions-Countries and flags - My house - Sport - Transport - Accessories-Kitchen Thus, in the game you can find puzzles forchildrenmachines (cars) and many others! The game also has acompetitiveelement, namely the game for a while! You can collectpuzzles -pictures faster, improving your result! Many parents wanttodownload the game on the phone for children (or gameswithchildren), in which there will be a Mosaic, Coloring Book andotherpopular developmental topics. But also do not forget topayattention to children's educational puzzles! iTap Puzzlesbelongsto the category of interesting logical mobile puzzle games(as wellas riddles, puzzles and puzzles), so the time spent with itwillnot be in vain! We believe that our game is worthy of thecategoryof the best children's games / mobile puzzle games If youareinterested in pre-school education / school education, as wellasdevelopmental games in the preparatory group, then iTapPuzzleswill be an excellent choice, since in this game there isadevelopmental element that trains Logic, Thinking and MemoryAlso,if you were looking for fairy tales for children, then inourmobile children's educational game you will find many truefairyillustrations with which you can play like puzzles! This gamecanbe played both Online and Without the Internet! We are glad todofor you Interesting children's games Download iTap Puzzlesforfree! We are waiting for your feedback and suggestions inthecomments!
🦁 ZooAR - Virtual Zoo in Augmented Reality AR 1.15.4
Novatik Games
🦁 ZooAR - Virtual Zoo in Augmented Reality 3D /AR🙉🐕🦊🐺🐈🐅🐎🦓🐄🐖🐏🐪🐐🐘🦏🦛🐇🐔🦖🦕 A new game about animals for adults andkids!Now you could bring a virtual animal to life, play with them,learninteresting facts about them in any place, no matter where youare!ZooAR is not just an educational game in augmented reality,avirtual pet or a simulator, it is a real virtual Zoo with ahugevariety of animals. The main functions of the app ZooAR Playwithanimals Listen to animals sounds Animal simulator LabyrinthLearnand listen to facts about animals Take selfies with animalsMakevideos with animals Take photos with animals What is ZooAR? itis agame in augmented reality with a huge variety of animals. Intheapp one could see the animals in details from various angles,learnnew information about them, listen to animal sounds, playwithanimals completing exciting tasks. it is 4D - VirtualEncyclopediawith Animals for kids and a virtual Zoo (animals andpets) inAugmented Reality. It is a also an educational game forkids andadults! 5 yrs / 6 yrs / 7 yrs / 8 yrs / 9 yrs /10 yrs / 12+NowAugmented Reality (AR) in your phone - it is that simple! ZooARisan education for kids in a modern format The app (game) wouldbeinteresting for both kids and adults! ZooAR animals arealreadywaiting for you inside and want to play with you inaugmentedreality: Forest Animals Brown bear, Wild boar, Deer, Fox,Hare,Moose, Wolf Africa African buffalo, Camel, Cheetah,Crocodile,Elephant, Gazelle, Giraffe, Gorilla, Hippo, Hyena,Leopard, Lion,Lioness, Rhino, Warthog, Wild Goat, Zebra Pets Bull,Cat, Chiken,Rooster, Cow, Dog, Goat, Horse, Pig, Rabbit, SheepArctic PolarBunny, Penguin, Polar Wolf, Polar Fox, Reindeer, SeaLion, Furseal, Sea Elephant, Walrus, Polar bear InsectsDinosaursTyrannosaurus Rex, Pterodactyl and others Download freegame ZooAR(Bring virtual animals to life in AR) right now! Please,leave yourcomments and suggestions. We will be glad to receive yourfeedback!Thank you for choosing ZooAR! Have a nice time and learnlots ofnew interesting things!
CubeAR: 3D & AR Labyrinths & Maze 1.5.2
Novatik Games
CubeAR is a maze / labyrinth game, with 3D and AR Augmented Realitygame modes with new interesting mechanics. In the app there are 10different cubes, each with its own unique texture and difficulty inpassing the maze. Matches with Merge Cube.   In the game youneed to roll the ball across all edges, going from point A to pointB. Each following level is more difficult than the previous one,which adds interest to the passage of the maze.   Passinglevels, you can collect stars and diamonds, which affect the numberof points. Diamonds can be changed to access to new cubes andmazes. Diamonds can also be purchased at the store inside the app.  The game will be interesting to children, teenagers andadults, as it combines both the classic mechanics of the maze /labyrinth and the elements of a new unique gameplay.   Also,CubeAR is an educational puzzle game, it develops logical thinking,memory, and reaction.   You will be interested to play inCubeAR, if you were looking for: - Maze Game / Labyrinth Game -Puzzle game - Educational game - Games in Augmented Reality - 3DGames  CubeAR: created by Novatik (Novatik We areglad that you decided to download and play our new game! We wishyou a good and interesting time! Do not forget to write yourreviews, thanks!
Iron Battle Age: Tanks vs Robots 11.0.2
Novatik Games
Choose a tank, battle car, crossover vehicle or robot and fightwithfriends in dynamic battles in real time. ★ DYNAMICONLINEMULTIPLAYER BATTLES You only have 2.5 minutes to destroy asmanytanks as possible in а balanced game designed for mobilephones. ★TWO EXCITING MODES Team mode online or battles with bots,everyoneis for himself. Online or offline modes. You can choose thetype ofgame between 3D and AR (augmented reality). ★ THE MOSTMODERNTECHNOLOGY Choose your tank, robot or other vehicle,depending onyour strategy. In the arsenal of each machine there aretwo typesof weapons: machine gun and rocket launcher. ★ UPGRADESYSTEMUnlock new equipment and let the enemy know who he is dealingwith.★ FIELDS OF BATTLES TO CHOOSE Play on different battlefields:wildforest, abandoned city, hydroelectric station anduninhabitedwastelands. Repeat the battle and be the first in thematch! ★ NEWDYNAMIC MANAGEMENT Improved control allows you toquickly controlequipment and shoot at the enemy with differentweapons at the sametime. Download the game right now while it'sfree! ★★★★★