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Rounded Strategy Release Candidate
Rounded Strategy is a new kind of midcore, turn-based strategygame, focused on ease of use.You will become Napoleon's orWellington's general, who marches ahead to his greatest victory!Use your tactical skills to lead the brave regiments intobattle!*************************Multiplayer ModeOur game hasbuilt-in PvP and asynchronous multiplayer modes. You have to buildyour stronghold's garrison to protect your gold from other players'greed or challange them in realtimeduels.**************************No PREMIUM currencyWe hatediamonds, gems and time deficit. That is why we have no premiumcurrency in our game. Just pureSTRATEGY!***************************[UNDER CONSTRUCTION]Playerswill be able to form alliances with different forms of government,beggining with Dictatorship, via Democracy and ending withFreePeople.Brought to you by NowaHutaGames - very small, indie gamestudio from Poland.-----Game is displaying Ads----
Game of Whispers 0.991.9
After the defeat of Poland in September of 1939, Poles didn’t putdown their weapons. Numerous underground armed forces were createdin the country and hundreds of thousands of Polish servicemenjoined the Allies’ forces. Polish intelligence established as manyas 30 networks in the whole Europe. Their best cooperationdeveloped with the British where Poles’ work was most essential inthe fight against the Nazis. This project presents chosenspectacular successes of Poles in service of the Britishintelligence.About the SISSIS. No other service would be equallypopularized by the pop culture. And no other whose actions would beso strongly covered with an air of secrecy and disinformation. Theimportance of the British intelligence during the Second World Waris impossible to overrate. Those were the people who inspired thefallen Europe to stand up against Hitler; who dealt the cards atall the most significant events; who had their say in creating anew order after the fall of the Third Reich – an order that isstill relevant today.About the projectThe project created byFundacja Obywatelska Perspektywa and held under the patronage ofthe Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland isdirected to the young Polish and Europeans. It was designed as auseful educational tool on the level of the basic knowledge of thePolish and general history in the area of Poland’s contribution tothe Allies’ victory from the point of view of the war ofintelligences. The Internet platform and mobile thematicapplication “The Game of Whispers” is a factually complete seriesof story arcs. The technologically advanced project with a mass popcultural character is a tool supporting the positive image ofPoland.In “The Game of Whispers”, we do not aim at consciences andinstead of complexes and claims we use emotions to reachimaginations. Accurately with currently received cultural codes, wewant to change the way of seeing the part that Poland played in thehistory of the Second World War.About the interactive atlas“TheGame of Whispers” is a compendium of several pieces of art. Theircreators have ambitions to realize themselves using the originalpoint of view, lack of randomness, and expression done with styleand based on precise studies and humbleness towards the presentedlegacy. Animations, interactive comics, multimedia atlas, biograms,diagrams, infographics, knowledge database, authorial music,consistent visions of the artists. A big dose of knowledge andseveral hours of entertainment. The Polish with their history don’tneed mythology of Bonds, Stirlitzes, or American superheroes. “TheGame of Whispers” is currently caught incredible stories thathappened for real. It’s the history of the Second World War in yourpocket.An exceptional situation. On September 1939, Poland lost itssovereignty and ability for self-determination. Soon after that,the hell of war overwhelmed Europe. Then, an unusual thinghappened, when hundreds of thousands Polish people, mainlysoldiers, leagued on their own to fight for their future. Many ofthem were noted men who signed up to secret services of the alliedpowers. For the country that did not exist anymore. All the frontlines of Europe, all the forms of resistance, hundreds of thousandsheroes, millions of sacrificed lives.We present to you some of thespectacular accomplishments of the Polish who were engaged by theAllies’ armies, indirectly and directly fighting against the ThirdReich in the most of the European front lines. The multimediainteractive atlas is a uniquely wrapped, capsular history of theSecond World War. Interactive maps, knowledge database, andanimated infographics concur to make an interesting and moderneducational tool.Show us where you’re from and we’ll tell you aboutthe Polish contribution to the fight for the freedom of yourfatherland. We’ll tell you our – and your – history.