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TELEPORTOUCH is an unusual arcade game withpuzzle elements!You have to deliver a beam of light to a bright source!Crush barriers, overcome the gravitational traps, discover newabilities and destroy the worst enemy of the world - the BlackHole!Qualitatively designed set of colorful levels, of course, will fuelyour passion for many, many hours.• Colorful and addictive game of quick thinking, logic anddexterity.• Dynamic and entertaining gameplay.• Unusual and challenging levels with lots of interestingfeatures.• Updated set of levels.• Bright modern graphics.
Calmfall 2.6.0
Calmfall is a fun and relaxing time killer! The aim of the game isto get the hexagon down the tower block to earn points. You do thisby tapping the bricks to make them disappear bringing the hexagondown into the space cleared underneath. But keep in mind that ifthe removal of the blocks topples the tower or the hexagon gainsmomentum and rolls off the screen, then it’s game over and you haveto start all over again. Challenging, emotive and blissfully simpleto play. Calmfall will have you hooked on getting as far down thetower as possible. Playing this game is simple and fun, butclaiming a spot on the leaderboard and bettering your friends ischallenging and rewarding!★ Easy to learn and fun to play★Challenge your friend’s high scores★ Bright and exciting graphics★Engaging and addictive gameplay★ HARDCORE mode for experts >:0 ★Many fun skins★ Play for a few minutes or hours at a time
Brick Hop 1.0.1
Brick Hop is tiny, highly-addictivearcadeendless jumper!Jump on colourful blocks to stack them as high as you canandkeeping your balance!The faster you play the more you risk and as you know: no risknofun.Brick Hop's one button gameplay will keep you challengedandentertained with...Different modes to play, each with its own leaderboard tocompeteon!Lots of funny skins to keep you looking stylish whilejumping!Unusual gameplay with good physics!Funny art and a catchy chiptune soundtrack!With love from Nucooky! Thanks for playing! :)