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Healthy Recipes: Lose Weight 1.2.2
Are you ready to change your life, be healthy, fit and filled withenergy? Healthy Recipes: Lose Weight can help you with that byoffering immediate access to more than 100000 different recipesthat will help you access all vitamins, proteins and nutrients allwhile losing the extra fat and detoxing your body.Healthy Recipes:Lose Weight is the ultimate answer for those persons thattirelessly wanted to lose weight. The app has a powerful searchengine and categories that allow you to find the desired meal typea lot easier and you can also add your own recipes if you want.Youcan also save your own recipes if you want and the app iscontinually updated so you can always check out new recipes! Eachrecipe is detailed, filled with images and instructions that arevery easy to follow so you won’t have a problem cooking it on yourown! If you like any recipe you can share it with friends, so theycan also change their life like you do!Not only that, but you caneasily access a BMI calculator and cooking timer within HealthyRecipes: Lose Weight as well if you really want to take your weightloss and cooking to the next level.The app has a high qualityinterface and you get access to all of its features free of charge.It also works offline so you can easily search the database inseconds to get the recipe you want.From foods with fiber, proteinto those that have carbs and a wide range of amazing nutrients, allof these are recipes that can be found within Healthy Recipes: LoseWeight! Don’t hesitate and download the app right now to take yourlifestyle and diet to the next level. You are just one tap awayfrom changing your life towards the better, just get this app rightnow and you will not regret it!Features: ✔ Browse through 100,000+recipes✔ Detailed, easy-to-follow recipe instructions of allrecipes✔ The most powerful way to search for recipes✔ On the flysearch recipes by ingredients or dish name (results change as youtype)✔ A recipe box to save your favorite recipes all in one place✔Add ingredients from recipe to the shopping list✔ Add your ownentries in the shopping list (one tap mark as purchased, long tapdelete entry)✔ Submit your own recipes to be published in the app(will be checked and published if appropriate)✔ Share your shoppingmeal, or send it to a friends, or someone else to buy it for you!✔Every week we add new recipes✔ BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator✔Share the recipes with your friends & family,✔ Track time tocook every mealOther Features* No In app purchasing! No internetaccess needed (works offline too)!* Available on Phone, Tablet*Material design We have included recent favorite categories likeApple Pie Recipe, Chicken Recipes, Thanksgiving Recipes, ChiliRecipe, Pecan Pie Recipe and Meatloaf Recipe. We also cater ourChristmas special categories like Pancake Recipe, Turkey Recipes, ,Lasagna Recipe, and Chocolate Cake Recipe.Browse through thelargest collection of how to guide of food preparation , whichincludes Italian pasta , Indian tandoori chicken , grilled chicken, pizza , pancake and cheesecake . Some cooking directions are evenprepared with the aid of molecular gastronomy by world renownedchefs, mixologists or foodies .So what are you waiting for?Download "Healthy Recipes" app free and keep yourself and yourfamily healthy and happy.LegalAll Healthy Recipes in this free appare credited to their authors. Please address any copyrightconcerns to the developer email below.a49c02f2b7
Multi Language Translator Pro 1.0.8
“Multi language translator” - Translation App for 40Languages.Download “Multi language translator” to access theultimate translation app with support for voice recognition. “Multilanguage translator” is the best translation app for your needs. Wesupport translation to 40 languages around the world including allmajor and international languages.“Multi language translator” isdesigned for businessman, traveler, students, or casual users whoneed to translate phrases, sentences, or vocabularies. There aremany ways to input the phrases or sentences and have us translatethem for you. You can use text or voice. Our translation appprovides voice recognition ability.Unable to speak local languageis one of the greatest problems face by many travelers. You willhave no problem visiting most countries in the world with this app.This international communication app will assist you inunderstanding both written words and speeches so that you will notbe in the dark whenever you visit a new place that speaks alanguage you are not familiar with.“Multi language translator” TOPfeatures:★ Easy to use and fast.★ Support 40 languages includingall major global languages: English, France, Spanish, Portuguese,Italian, Russian, Germany, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese,Japanese, Korean, Malay, and other languages (please see below forlist of supported languages)★ Input by text via built in keyboardfunction.★ Translation of Text Files. (Supported formats . Txt)★Powerful voice recognition that will enable you to have two wayautomatic speech translations in over 40 languages. ★ Save yourtranslation results in case you are going to need it again in thefuture.★ Send your translations by Email, WhatsApp, Telegram,Line...★ Copying and pasting text to fast clipboard.★ Smooth userinterface so that every users can maximize all of our features andget the most out of this app.This translator app is a must have appfor any traveler around the world. You will have access to the bestlanguages packs and voice recognition in the world within yourdevice that you can carry anywhere you go. This language app isdesigned for many purposes in mind including: everydayconversation, traffic signs, maps, local news, business languages,academic papers, and so on. With just a few taps on your device youwill be able to understand most written and spoken words in thelanguage you are not familiar with. It will greatly assist you incommunicating with the locals.Have you ever feel lost in anothercountry? The technology has advanced that language barrier is nolonger a problem when travelling for business, education, orleisure purpose. All you need for foreign language translation isat your fingertips. + Important note: It is necessary that yourdevice has Internet access to perform translations. +The languagessupported by this app includes: Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic,Armenian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, Bosnian,Bulgarian, Catalan, Cebuano, Chichewa, Chinese (Simplified),Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English,Esperanto, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, Galician, Georgian,German, Greek, Gujarati, Haitian Creole, Hausa, Hebrew, Hindi,Hmong, Hungarian, Icelandic, Igbo, Indonesian, Irish, Italian,Japanese, Javanese, Kannada, Kazakh, Khmer, Korean, Lao, Latin,Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malagasy, Malay, Malayalam,Maltese, Maori, Marathi, Mongolian, Myanmar (Burmese), Nepali,Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian,Serbian, Sesotho, Sinhala, Slovak, Slovenian, Somali, Spanish,Sundanese, Swahili, Swedish, Tajik, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish,Ukrainian, Urdu, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Welsh, Yiddish, Yoruba, Zulu.
Muslim Quran Prayer Times 1.0.4
Muslim Prayer Times App indicates you the prayer timing, theMosques near you and the Qibla direction wherever you are!Anelegant and accurate Application for getting prayer timings andqibla direction, no matter where you are. Its stylish yet easy andconvenient interface is designed to make sure that you are keptupdated with the pray times.--> Accurate and exact salat:- Showsthe times for the Fajr, Sunrise, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib et Isha.-->A quick and easy selection of the city:- Select your city manuallyamongst a list of 6 000 000 in 251 countries, or be locatedautomatically thanks to your integrated GPS.- Memorize yourfavorite cities.--> Configurable Calculation of the timetable:-Several methods of calculation (for Fajr and Isha).- Variousjuristic methods (for the Asr).- Adjust manually the twilight angle(for the Fajr and Isha).- Adjust manually the minutes for each.-Display the hours with the AM/PM format.--> adhannotifications:- Activate the notifications in order to be informedwhen it is time, so that you won’t miss any prayer.- Select theazan for which you want to be warned.- Wake up to the sound of thealarm before the Fajr.Al Quran- 114 Quran Surah for reading.-Complete Quran with 8 multiple Languages- Quran Arabic AudioQiblaCompass (Direction of Mecca)- Use the compass to know in whichdirection to pray.- Find Mecca Direction from the any part of theworld.- Shows Islamic compass degree change in Live view.- CheckDistance to Mecca from a particular location.- Offline Use.-->ramadan Kareem Duas:- 8 Ramdan Duas in Arabic with sounds.- Duaspronunciations:- English meaning of Every duas.--> Tasbihcounter.ANDROID permissionsLocation (GPS and network-based): yourlocation is required to calculate accurate prayer times, the qiblaand to find halal restaurants and mosques nearby.Note:- if you feelthat the app is giving you wrong prayer times, it is most likelyrelated to your settings. In most cases, enabling auto-settings isthe safest way to obtain the most accurate prayer times.- As PrayerDirection and Prayer times vary from different part of the world.Make sure first by selecting different Namaz time calculationmethods in the setting screen.
ToDo List : Add Task Reminders 1.0.11
Are you looking for a to do list or add reminder, daily planner appfor your Android device? Are you fed up trying different uselesstodo lists, add reminder or daily planner apps?You’ve come to theright place then! Welcome to “ToDo List : Add Task Reminders”, yourultimate choice for a todo list app. The app works just like a PAor personal assistant for you. With “ToDo List : Add TaskReminders”, you can easily stop things or tasks from getting out ofyour control. You can add a reminder for your important daily tasksand errands, set a priority level, due date and time as well. Hey!Stop reading and start downloading this daily planner app rightnow. Why are you still reading this? Oh you want some more details?Here you go then:How it works:It’s simple to use. To add a new taskreminder, after installation click on the plus sign to add a newtask. Write the name of task, add a description, category, setpriority, due date, due time and that’s all. The app will remindyou through alarm when due date and time will come.Why it isAmazing: - Universal app, to install on any android deviceincluding tabs- Works offline- Sync with Google Calendar- Won’tmiss any deadlines- Record future goals with reminder- It’s aperfect personal assistant and it’s free- A reflex test and analmost impossible bounce game-playIt’s great to have ToDo listdaily planner on your device and stay organized. It works just likea second brain and an ultimate personal assistant for you. It keepstrack of all your important activities and even tiny little errandsso you can get most out of your day. ToDo list is a perfect tool tokeep you stay organized and increase your productivity byperforming all the tasks right on time. You can create a list ofactivities of your business tasks or even home tasks such asgrocery shopping and other activities. It will increase yourproductivity and you’ll get all things done within due date andtime.“ToDo List : Add Task Reminders” gives you a chance to stayorganized and perform all your errands and tasks in time. Now youcan finally control, manage, track, remember and get all thingsdone in time. It’s a perfect and a must have app for you if youwant to stay organized or feel it difficult to remember things suchas your wedding anniversary or your son’s birthday gift. Pleasetell us about your experience about our daily planner or personalassistant app. Leave us a rating and review and let us know whatyou think about it. We at NutShell Innovasion always want tocontinue to deliver some the best and most useful Android apps andyour feedback will play an important role in us being able toachieve our goal.For any technical details, please feel free tocontact us at
FunnyCall : Free Voice Changer 1.0.4
Hello Folks, It’s time to have some fun.It’stime to disguise your voice to create some cool funny fakecalls.Welcome to “FunnyCall : Free Voice Changer”, a free voicechangerapp for your Android device. With FunnyCall voice changerapp youcan create some hilarious funny fake calls and sounds bydisguisingyour voice like a robot, chipmunk, alien, helium or evenadidgeridoo. Add different funny sound effects and make your callashilarious as possible using our audio editor or voice modifier.Justgo crazy and do whatever you want with your call recordings tohavefun. Save these cool calls to share them with your friendsandfamily.Why are you still reading this? Okay you want some moredetailsbefore installing FunnyCall? Here you go!How it works:This voice modifier or audio editor is simple to install anduse.Just tap to record your voice, record and tap to stop therecording,add your favorite sound effect and that’s it. Want totry anothereffect on the same recording? No problem you can doit.Why FunnyCall : Free Voice Changer is Amazing:- A universal app, works best on any android deviceincludingtabs- Works offline- Use these funny calls as your ringtones- It’s your free ringtone maker, audio editor andvoicemodifier- So many different cool sound effects to choose from- It’s free to install and use- Share your funny call recordings on social mediaIn FunnyCall audio editor or enhancer, there are several typesofhilarious sounds and voices to select from. You can choosebetweennormal, drunk, cave, monster, squirrel, helium,hexafluoride, smurf,robot, chorus, death, fast, backwards, kid,alien, bathroom, bee,old radio, underwater, fan, telephone, spacestation and lowbattery.It’s time to make some hilarious voices and funny fake callswithour voice modifier or audio editor “FunnyCall : FreeVoiceChanger”.You can use this voice modifier to make some coolringtones,funny alerts or sms sounds for your Android device.FunnyCall givesyou a chance to convert your boring time into fun.It is easy touse and it has some hilarious sound effects to helpyou disguiseany voice in a cool, fun way. It’s a must have app foryour Androiddevice if you love voice enhancer or fake call apps.Enjoy!Please tell us about your experience, leave us a ratingandreview and let us know what you think about the app. Weat“NutShell Innovasion” always want to continue to deliver somethebest and most useful Android apps and your feedback will playanimportant role in us being able to achieve our goal.For any technical details, please feel free to contact
Flash Call Alert & SMS 1.0.13
Little utility will add to incoming calls, caller identification ,sms and a notification of applications such as Viber, WhatsApp,Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram and others, a bright flash with finetuning. ABOUT FLASH ALERTS ON CALL AND SMS ★ CallerID: Identifynumbers in real-time ★ The flash will blink when mobile phonereceives a Call, Message or Notification of all apps ★ Very usefulto help you not miss Call, sms in dark night even mobile phone isin Vibrate or silent ★ The Flash will blink during numberidentifications from any number FEATURES: ✔ Install LED Flash forAlerts when mobile phone is in Vibrate or Silent. ✔ It is superconvenient for you to turn your phone into a flashlight torch inseconds with one tap! ✔ Easily to adjust speed of light to blink,blink frequency to be slow or fast ✔ After Call screen: Call toaction features & Configuration of flash alerts ✔ You caninstall for Call or text as well as install for other applicationsor software on mobile phone. ✔ Save more battery with Turn Offfunction when low battery, you can adjust the light turn on or turnoff depend on battery. ✔ You can set up the time to active theFlash alert ✔ You can quick turn off blink flash by power key,volumn up or volumn down key ✔ You can schedule DND when to start,when to end. This app uses the following permissions : .CAMERA :Needed to control the flashlight in some devices. .READ_PHONE_STATE: Needed to detect if the phone is ringing in order to enable theflashlight. .RECEIVE_SMS : Needed to detect if you have received anSMS in order to enable the flashlight. 1146c56499
Auto Call Recorder 1.0.4
Welcome to “Auto Call Recorder”, one of the best automatic callrecorder to record phone calls and conversations. With Auto CallRecording, it’s easy to record all your incoming and outgoing audiocalls. Do you like to record all your phone conversations? Are youlooking for a secret audio call recorder app for your Androiddevice? If your answer is yes! Then you have just reached at theright place. Download Auto Call Recording and start recording yourcalls with this hidden spy callrecorder. Why and when we need AutoCall Recording ? Perhaps we want to record an important businessconversation for the record or maybe a fun conversation with someof our friends. It could be an important secret audio call from ourloved ones that we don’t want to forget. Auto Call Recording is thebest way to keep all these calls safe and secure to listen themlater. Key Features: • To record calls, choose from number,contact, non-contact or just selected contacts • Get best qualityout-put of audio recordings • Choose the recording format from 3GP,AMR, FLAC etc. • Auto delete old hidden recordings • Markrecordings as important to save them from auto deleting • Keep yourrecordings secure with a password • Cloud storage available • Worksbest offline It’s time to download and install Auto Call Recordingon your Android device if you want to spy all your calls, or don’twant to miss any phone conversations. It also could save you fromremembering a long grocery list, your wife told you when you go outfor shopping. Why are you still reading all this and wasting yourtime? Just hit the download button and install our secret, spycallrecorder. Have fun! Please leave a rating and review for thedeveloper to let us know what you think about this hidden recordingapp. We’ll use your feedback to make your call recording experiencebetter next time. Thanks! Note: This call recording app may notwork on some Android phones. This is due to different capabilitiesof chipset or CPU, or may be an Android version of each brand/modelhas. Legal: Recording phone calls without informing you callers maynot be legal or allowed in some countries or states.
Radio online - Free Live FM AM 1.0.6
Tune in to your favorite music radio stations, listen news channelslike BBC radio or sports news. Welcome to “Radio Online – Free LiveFM AM”, one of the best mobile radio app available on Google Play.Are you fed-up of downloading and managing your favorite songs onyour mobile device? Do you like to listen free audio content suchas music, news, sports or talk shows? Download “Radio Online – FreeLive FM AM”, a simple radio app with over 30,000 free radiostations. Just tune in to your favorite UK Radio Stations like102.2 Capital FM, 95.8 Capital FM, Absolute Radio, BBC - London94.9, BBC - Radio 3, BBC - Radio Scotland, BBC - Radio Ulster, BBC- Radio Wales, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 4, BBC World Service, CapitalManchester, Celtic Music Radio, Classic FM, Dublin's Q102, FM104,Gold, Heart London, Heart North West, Heart West Midlands, Jazz FM,Kerrang! Radio, LBC London News, LBC Radio, Premier ChristianRadio, RTÉ Radio 1, Smooth Radio, XFM London and many more. “RadioOnline – Free Live FM AM” makes everything more fun. Now you don’tneed to waste your time downloading and managing music playlists.Instead, you can listen your favorite songs direct with thisinternet radio app. Choose from the list of our countless internetradio stations or even discover some new ones from any region ofthe world. Feeling bored? Just tune in to our best internet radioapp! Key Features: • Optimized for all Android device includingtabs • Simple and easy user-interface • Cool graphics used • Getone tap access to your favorite radio stations • No buffering orinterruptions • Free to download and install “Radio Online – FreeLive FM AM” is just a perfect app to have on your device especiallyfor those times when you don’t feel like searching the internet tolisten your favorite radio stations. You can make a list of yourfavorite channels and listen them any time with a simple one touch.Have fun! We always love to hear from you. Please leave us a reviewand rating to let us know what you think about our simple radioapp. We’ll use your feedback to make changes and improve the app.Thanks!
AppLock: Guard your Apps 1.0.1
★★★★★ AppLock: Guard your Apps! One of the best app locker app tolock your apps and protect your privacy from the prying eyes.★★★★★Make your Android phone’s apps secure and protected with a passwordor pattern using our smart app lock.★★★★★ Download AppLock: Guardyou Apps, the easiest and most effective way to lock your apps andpictures.Android has several options to lock your phone screen suchas a pattern, password or maybe a fingerprint. But what about thosesituations when a friend takes your phone to make a call and try touse the apps or pictures that they are not supposed to?That’s wherethis smart app locker comes into play. It locks up all your otherapps such as Facebook, SMS, Contacts, Gallery, Photo, Video,Whatsapp, Gmail and any app you want to hide and protect fromothers.Now you need not to worry about your apps security, all youneed is to download our perfect app lock “AppLock: Guard your Apps”on your Android device.App Locker Key Features:• A universal app,works best on any Android device including tabs• Protects any appsby using a password• Set lock screen and customize background• Hidepictures and Gallery Vault• Hide video and private data• Automaticlock at given time• Automatic lock at given location• Enter yoursecurity answer and reset password by security answer• Look screenfeaturing highly-recommended security, stability and advancedprotection• Download free and protect your privacy“AppLock: Guardyou Apps” is one of the best app protector to protect your phonefrom annoying people by locking your app and only you will able tounlock them again. This is just a perfect app for families withkids and a great way to keep a nosy friend away from your personalapps, messages and pictures.Please leave us a review and rating tolet us know what you think about our phone security app. We’ll useyour feedback to make changes and improve our smart app lock.Thanks!
Fast Charging : Super Charger 1.0.2
Charge your smartphone real quick using this fast battery chargingapp. Download “Fast Charging: Super Charger”, one of the bestbattery booster available on Google Play. Are you tired of slowcharging speed of your smart phone? Or looking for a smart charger,power manager type app? Fast Charging: Super Charger is just theperfect battery booster app for fast phone charging. Fast Charging:Super Charger is an ultimate tool, which can boost your batterycharging speed by 20-40%. This app will automatically activate whenyou connect your charger and it will boost your charging speed. Howit Works: When you connect your charger, our quick charge, smartcharger will detect it and limit the power consumption of yourphone/tablet. Then your battery doesn’t withdraw much power duringthe charging time and therefore it can charge very quickly.According to our tests, this will reduce your charging time by20%-40% (depends on your device). How to Use this quick charge app:Launch our smart charger app and turn on the fast charging mode. Itwill automatically boost your charging speed when you connect thecharger next time. Key Features: ► A universal app works best onall Android devices including tabs ► Simple graphics anduser-friendly UI ► Automatically activates fast charging mode ►Automatically turn off Wifi, 3G and all power draining apps ► Thispower manager app is free to download and install “Fast Charging:Super Charger” is a replacement of power bank device and a greatbattery booster. It kills all the power draining background tasksand helps your device charge faster. To boost your charging speedit automatically turns off Wifi, mobile data and GPS. It’s veryuseful and a must-have app on your Android device. You need not tobuy a power bank to quick charge your device. Just download “FastCharging: Super Charger” right now. It’s the best way to boost yourcharging speed. We would love to hear back from you. Please leaveus a review and rating to let us know what you think about ourbattery booster app. We’ll use your feedback to make changes andimprove it for your next experience. Thanks!
Battery Life Saver - Battery Charger & Extender 1.0.2
Looking for a battery saver app for your Android smartphone? Well,one of the best and highest rated battery saving app on the PlayStore just got even better! Download “Battery Life Saver &Extender” and get the most out of your phone battery using ourone-touch battery saver. Use this power battery saver when thepower is insufficient in your device. Click on “Optimize” mode toactivate the battery saving mode in this easy battery saver app.Our advanced battery saver app will make the following changes tothe phone. It will inactivate Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS location system,background brightness, vibration and synchronization and activatessilent mode. You can also press “Settings” button to personalizeitems you want to close. Click “Optimize” button again to close themode and return to the last activated mode. There are 3 batterysaving modes available in our battery doctor app. You can choosefrom “Long”, “Balance” and “Sleep” modes. Our one-touch batterysaver pro app also has a Battery Tips tab, you can press and getseveral battery health tips at any time. Key Features: • Universalapp, works best on any Android device including tabs • Simplegraphics and user-interface • Cleans up Memory, Kills tasks withextremely simple one-touch "OPTIMIZE" button to save battery •Indicates how many hours you can save with one-tap. Defend yourphone from draining • Battery Monitor clearly shows the status ofbattery life and usage • Switching & managing Wifi, Bluetooth,GPS, background light, sound, synchronization in one touch, savesbattery with efficiency. • Self-Customized Saving Mode, user canadjust the battery saving setting freely to fit each one's needs •Battery Usage Setting will adjust the battery usage statusautomatically to monitor the battery life more accurately •Subscribe to the% of the battery from BATTERY SAVER • The app isfree to install and easy to use Stop power draining apps, savebattery life & improve battery health with 1 tap! Download“Battery Life Saver & Extender” today and save your batterylife. There are so many so-called battery saving apps available onGoogle Play but most of them are fake. Your smartphone is quite anexpensive device so it is very important to choose the best batterydoctor app for it. “Battery Life Saver & Extender” is just aperfect app for your Android device. It will help you to improveyour battery health including battery time and life. We would loveto hear from you about our power battery saver. Please don’t forgetto leave us a rating and review to let us know what you think aboutour battery booster. We always want to continue to deliver some ofthe best and most useful apps possible, and your feedback will playan important role in us being able to achieve this goal.
EasyTouch - Assistive Touch for Android 1.1.1
Get the iPhone like assistive touch virtual home button on yourAndroid and get easy, quick access to your apps! Download“EasyTouch - Assistive Touch”, latest touch assistant toolbox tocontrol your device. EasyTouch - Assistive Touch is a really handyapp that lets you can have a quick access to your favorite apps,adjust the volume, lock your screen, games, settings or anythingyou want it to do. You’ll see the assistive touch menu when youturn on EasyTouch - Assistive Touch. You can drag the floating iconof this iphone like assistive to any edge of the screen then tapthe menu to open it. You can also use our virtual home button ortoucher app with floating toolbox to clean and free your memory(RAM). It will help your device speed up and save battery.EasyTouch - Assistive Touch also protects the physical home &volume button to increase your device’s life much longer. Want tocontrol your device and get an easy access toucher assistant app?Download EasyTouch - Assistive Touch right now! Key Features: •Simple and clean user-interface • Use virtual home button to lockscreen, open recent task and capture screenshot • Change easyaccess to volume or sound mode • Virtual back button available •Free to download and install • Clean RAM and boost your devicespeed • Go to settings very quickly with one touch • Change thebackground color • Change the floating icon of the app at any timeWe have created this iPhone like assistive touch because we don’twant our Android users to feel left out. You can always add orremove items from this latest and easy access touch assistant appat any time. Aside from just adjusting the volume button orchanging the themes you can also use it to clean up your devicememory and boos your device speed. EASYTOUCH - ASSISTIVE TOUCH isreally simple to use, when you’ll see the floating icon on thescreen. Just tap it and a window will open up. From there, you canaccess your favorite apps, navigate your phone’s interface withback or home button, capture a screenshot etc. Note: To use capturescreenshot button, you’ll need to upgrade your software version to5.0. If your phone does not support, please do not leave badreviews. This app uses the Device Administrator permission. Pleasedon’t forget to leave a comment or review if you like our toucherapp. We really appreciate the feedback from our customers. Thanks.
Floating Sticky Notes 1.0.2
Tired of useless note-taking apps that take too small notes thatyou can barely see? Looking for a good notepad app for yourAndroid? Well, stop your search and start downloading “FloatingSticky Notes”, an amazing quickmemo notepad app that allows you towrite notes that always stay on top of all other apps so you canaccess them quickly at anytime. All stickers are auto-saved, andcan be accessed through the app. To move a sticky note on thisquickmemo app, just hold down on it and drag where you want toplace it. Simple as that! “Floating Sticky Notes” is a great placeto post your notes. It allows you to have multiple moving stickerson the screen at the same time. This sticky board app also allowsyou to save the text in each note and it is retained until youoverwrite it or close the note by yourself without saving, evenrestarting the device does not wipe you notes memory. Isn’t thatgreat? Of course it is! “Floating Sticky Notes” is a great app foryou if you have a habit of leaving sticky notes at your home or foryour office colleagues. By having this great floating stickersnotepad app, you will never miss any important idea that comes toyour mind doing something else on your Android phone. You can yourto-do list or a list for shopping using this note taking app. KeyFeatures: • Works best on all Android devices including tabs •Simple UI and easy to use • Easy to create, edit, search and sharesticky notes • Multiple colors available for floating stickers •Easy to sort and organize • Free to download and install Keepingtrack of all your notes and to-do lists is not that difficult. Allyou need to do is to have the right note taking app on your device.Wheather you’re a student or a business man or an office worker,you can always add floating stickers to your home screen just likeyou do in real life. Add as many notes as you want and access themanytime. Download ““Floating Sticky Notes”, and never miss anythingthrough its floating sticker notes! Please feel free to send usyour feedback about this note widget app. We’d love to hear fromyou! Thanks.
Music Player & Equalizer 1.0.1
Do you want to get the best Musical Experience on your Androiddevice? Do you want to have a powerful mp3 music player on yourAndroid device? Download “Music Player & Equalizer” one of thebest audio music player app you’ll ever see to listen to yourfavorite songs. “Music Player & Equalizer” is a powerful mp3music player, beautifully crafted with material design and packedwith a ton of extraordinary features. You can use this free musicplayer to search your favorite songs as well as to listen to them.It allows you to easily browse through all your music files in yourmusicplay folder. “Music Player & Equalizer” is a simple butpowerful music player. You can search and listen music based onartists or albums and the folder structure. It will guide you tofind all the music files in seconds. It’s unique and powerfulequalizer makes your music sounds more professional and gives morecontrol to your music style. Download Music Player, a powerful mp3music player to fulfill all your Musical needs! Key Features: •Works best on all Android devices including tabs • Simple UI andeasy to use • All in one audio player • Quick search bar to searchyour music quickly • Play music by song, artist, album or playlist• Easy one-touch navigation • Shuffle or repeat your favorite songs• You can control music by notifications • Our playmusic app isfree to download and install “Music Player & Equalizer” isespecially designed for the people who want to listen their owncollection of music and the regular music player isn’t doing greatfor them. If this is the case with you as well, here is the bestsolution for you. Simply download “Music Player & Equalizer”from Google Play. This is the best mp3 music player to play audiomusic. Have fun! Please leave us a review and rating to let us knowwhat you think about mp3 musicplay app. We’ll love to have yourfeedback and suggestions to improve it. Thanks!
Photo Editor & Collage Maker 1.0.1
Create amazing high-quality pictures edits and picture collages!Download “Photo Editor & Collage Maker”, a powerful pictureeditor tool for your Android. The app contains several custombackground images as borders to make your ordinary picturesspecial. You can create instasize squares pictures using ourno-crop feature. In Photo Editor & Collage Maker”, you willfind hundreds of emojis, background patterns, filters and text tomake your pics more expressive and impressive! Key Features: •Works best on all Android devices including tabs • Simple UI andeasy to use pic editor • Make your pictures stand out, use blurfeature of our photo jointer • Hundreds of cool emojis available inthis image editor • Use filters and make your pictures morebeautiful with this photo lab • Use the collage option of our photoediting tool and create beautiful high-quality photo collages • Nocrop feature available, that means you don’t need to crop yourimages anymore to post on social media sites like Facebook andInstagram • Fine-tune your pictures with Contrast, Brightness,Saturation etc • Our photo blender app is free to download andinstall With “Photo Editor & Collage Maker” you can easily edityour photos using multiple filters. You can add effect and emojisand make your images more popular on social media. Use this imageediting photo studio app to add some great filters and typographyto your pics. This photo jointer app has some high-quality filtersto make your photos stand out! Have you ever wondered why thepictures of some ordinary people look so good to the eyes? Or howmost of the people join and blend their multiple photos as one? Theanswer is they are using picture editor and blender apps. Thesephoto editor tools for android are a fun way how you can share yourbest moments with others by creating beautiful collages and edits.Download “Photo Editor & Collage Maker” and have fun! We wouldlove to hear back from you about this blend pictures photo editingtool. We’ll use your feedback to make changes and make the appbetter for you. Thanks
Love Calculator 1.0.1
Calculate love compatibility and find your love percentage with thelove tester! Download “Love Calculator”, your personal love meterto calculate his (boyfriend) or her (girlfriend) love. “LoveCalculator” is a simple and instant way to find the percentage oflove affinity between a girl and a boy by just putting the namesand birth dates of your girlfriend or boyfriend in the app. Trythis real love calculator right away and get surprised and amusedby the results it shows. How to Use this Love Detector: Thisrevolutionary true love calculator uses a very complex andintelligent algorithm to calculate the love percentage between twopeople. This love calculation app is simple and easy to use. Justenter your name and birth date of the person (girlfriend orboyfriend) you want to calculate your love compatibility withhim/her. Simple as that! How it Works: It is strongly believed thatthe entire universe is composed of mathematical patterns andeverything is expressed in numeric form. The numbers communicateuniversal vibrations. In this form of name compatibility, thenumber of occurrence of a particular letter is taken into accountfor the compatibility calculation. Each letter is arranged in aparticular manner and counted depending on the number of times isappears. Numbers express more than we generally realize, and thistool helps us understand our cosmic vibrations and gives a deeperawareness about life. Wondering whether you are compatible withyour new boyfriend or girlfriend? Just download “Love Calculator” afun way to test your love percentage with your spouse! KeyFeatures: ❤ A universal app, install on all Android devicesincluding tabs ❤ Simple and fun way to find a love match ❤ Testyour love with your girlfriend or boyfriend with this lovecalculator ❤ Works equally great for both boys and girls ❤ Anaccurate love calculator app ❤ Attractive graphics and backgroundsused in this love detector ❤Share the results of the lovecalculator on social media Take a test with Love Calculator andfind your true love match in seconds. You can easily calculate yourlove compatibility and chances of a successful relationship withour deluxe love detector app. It’s time to download the LoveCalculator and find your perfect love match. Have fun! Don’t forgetto leave a review and rating to let us know what you think aboutour love test app. We’ll use your feedback to improve the app soyou have a better experience when you use it for the next time.Thanks!
Universal unit converter 1.0.1
Are you the one who needs a conversion tool often? Are you lookingfor the best all in one unit converter app for free? Welcome to“Universal Unit Converter”, one of the simplest yet most elegantunit conversion app available for Android. This unit converter appis designed to handle any conversion you’ll ever need. It supportsand converts many different units free. The unit sets that areavailable in “Universal Unit Converter” for conversion are sortedinto 4 major categories: 1- Basic: In Basic category you canmeasure length (distance), area, weight calculator (mass) andvolume (capacity). 2- Living: Living category consists of latestexchange rate, temperature, time and speed etc. 3- Science: In theScience, you can see conversions for pressure, force, work(energy), power, torque, flow, current, voltage, density,viscosity, concentration and astronomy. 4- Misc: In the Misccategory you can find angle, data, fuel efficiency, cooking,illuminance, radiation, prefix, binary, time zone, blood sugar, AWGKey Features: • Universal app, works best on all Android devicesincluding tabs • Included currency converter for the latestexchange rates • A great metric conversion calculator andmeasurement converter tool • Simple UI and easy to use • Calculatorto perform basic arithmetic operations • The app is free todownload and install Now you don’t need to install differentconversion calculator apps to perform different conversions such asmetric conversion, weight conversion, measurement conversion oreven the latest currency exchange rates. All you need is to install“Universal Unit Converter” on your Android and you can convert allof them even the once you probably never need. It is a perfectmetric conversion app for scientists, students, even the teachersor anybody else who constantly needs to convert different units.The currency converter of “Universal Unit Converter” gives youupdated and latest exchange rate all the time. Please don’t forgetto leave us a rating and review to let us know what you think aboutthis all in one unit converter. We always want to continue todeliver some of the best and most useful apps for your Android.Your feedback plays an important role in us to be able to achievethis goal.
Funny Voice : Free Voice Changer 1.0.1
Hello Folks, It’s time to have some fun. It’s time to disguise yourvoice to create some cool funny fake calls. Welcome to “Funny Voice: Free Voice Changer”, a free voice changer app for your Androiddevice. With Funny Voice voice changer app you can create somehilarious funny fake calls and sounds by disguising your voice likea robot, chipmunk, alien, helium or even a didgeridoo. Adddifferent funny sound effects and make your call as hilarious aspossible using our audio editor or voice modifier. Just go crazyand do whatever you want with your call recordings to have fun.Save these cool calls to share them with your friends and family.Why are you still reading this? Okay you want some more detailsbefore installing Funny Voice? Here you go! How it works: Thisvoice modifier or audio editor is simple to install and use. Justtap to record your voice, record and tap to stop the recording, addyour favorite sound effect and that’s it. Want to try anothereffect on the same recording? No problem you can do it. Why FunnyVoice : Free Voice Changer is Amazing: - A universal app, worksbest on any android device including tabs - Works offline - Usethese funny calls as your ringtones - It’s your free ringtonemaker, audio editor and voice modifier - So many different coolsound effects to choose from - It’s free to install and use - Shareyour funny call recordings on social media In Funny Voice audioeditor or enhancer, there are several types of hilarious sounds andvoices to select from. You can choose between normal, drunk, cave,monster, squirrel, helium, hexafluoride, smurf, robot, chorus,death, fast, backwards, kid, alien, bathroom, bee, old radio,underwater, fan, telephone, space station and low battery. It’stime to make some hilarious voices and funny fake calls with ourvoice modifier or audio editor “Funny Voice : Free Voice Changer”.You can use this voice modifier to make some cool ringtones, funnyalerts or sms sounds for your Android device. Funny Voice gives youa chance to convert your boring time into fun. It is easy to useand it has some hilarious sound effects to help you disguise anyvoice in a cool, fun way. It’s a must have app for your Androiddevice if you love voice enhancer or fake call apps. Enjoy! Pleasetell us about your experience, leave us a rating and review and letus know what you think about the app. We at “NutShell Innovasion”always want to continue to deliver some the best and most usefulAndroid apps and your feedback will play an important role in usbeing able to achieve our goal. For any technical details, pleasefeel free to contact us at
Password Finder & Manager 1.0.1
Keep all your passwords safe and secure in our password vault!Download “Password Finder & Manager”, one of the best passwordmanager available for your Android device. Do you have too manypasswords to remember? Are you looking for a password keeper app?You are at the right place then! Just download “Password Finder& Manager” and leave everything else to this password vault!“Password Finder & Manager” is designed to protect all yourlogins, credit card PINs, web & email, accounts, computer andWiFi passwords. It keeps all your important information in anencrypted database. You can Sync your data with another phone, tabor PC via your own cloud account at any given time. This is notjust a password locker or organizer but a safe password generatoras well. You can generate random and secure passwords using ourpassword generator feature. There is also an option to generatestrong but still easy to remember passwords. Password strengthanalysis feature analyzes your password strength and shows strengthnext to each password you generate. The strength indicator alsodisplays an estimated crack time for the password you’ve justcreated. All cards with weak passwords are marked with a red sign.It’s time to forget all your passwords and remember only one!Download “Password Finder & Manager”. Key Features: • Universalapp, optimized for all Android devices including tabs • Simple,clean UI and lightweight & easy to use password keeper •Passwords are secure with 256-bit advanced encryption Standard(AES) • Cloud Sync available in this password locker app • Optionto login with your fingerprint so you don’t have to remember evenone password • Password generator feature available to generatestrong passwords • Password Strength Analysis available forpassword generator With our best password manager wallet, you neednot worry about your passwords protection. Now no one can stealyour passwords and access your personal information because theyare safe and secure with our password keeper! It’s a perfect app tohave on your device for everyone because in this era of interneteverything runs on passwords. So it is very important to rememberall of them and “Password Finder & Manager” will help you keepthem safe in the vault. Please don’t forget to leave us a ratingand review to let us know what you think about our passwordprotector app. We always want to continue to deliver some of thebest and most useful apps for your Android devices and yourfeedback is very important for us.
My Music Player 1.0.2
Welcome to “My Music Player”, a simple yet powerful media playerapp to listen to free music on your Android device! “My MusicPlayer” is packed with extraordinary features. It is verylightweight and has a beautifully designed UI which makes it aneasy to use offline music player either you stream music or shufflethrough your own local list of songs. If you’re looking for anoffline MP3 music and media player or ringtone cutter for yourAndroid, then “My Music Player” is the right choice for you! Youcan use this music player app to browse all your local music filefrom the local sources such as you Gallery, SD card etc. Listen toyour free music by artists, playlists, and albums. It supportsalmost all audio formats MP3, MIDI along with .m4b, .flac, .ogg andmuch more. Our audio player app offers customizable theme andcolor, you can choose any color of your choice from the list. Thislocal music player comes with a ton of features to play with. KeyFeatures: • Universal app, optimized for all Android devicesincluding tabs • Simple graphics used and UI • Play music by song,artist or album, genres or folders • Use the Powerful Equalizerwith Bass Boost, 3D Reverb Effects & 23 Equalizer Presets •Free to download and install • Support almost all audio mediaformats • Cut any audio file to make it your personal ringtone •Easy one-touch navigation • Activate Night Mode theme, protect youreyes • Supports genre lists • Headset supports “My Music Player” isthe best media player to listen to free music, you can use it bothonline and offline at your own convenience. It’s not only an MP3music player app but also works like a ringtone cutter, audioplayer, and a local music player as well. It’s just a must haveoffline music player app on your device if you love to listen tofree music. It’s clean, modern and looks lovely in the eyes.Download “My Music Player” and enjoy the best music experience withbest high-quality sound. Have fun J. We would love to hear backfrom you. Please leave us a review and a rating to let us know whatyou think about our best mp3 player for Android.
Smart cleaner for WhatsApp : Junk Cleaner 1.0.1
Clear unwanted Whatsapp media files and speed up your device!Download “Smart cleaner for WhatsApp”, a magic cleaner for whatsappand a file remover app for your Android. As a Whatsapp user, youalways receive several forwarded picture messages, videos, andaudios. With the passage of time, you are left with so many videosand images saved in your device’s storage. That is the time whenyou are in need of a cleaner for Whatsapp app such as “Smartcleaner for WhatsApp”. This Whatsapp cleaner app enables you tofind and delete unwanted files sent or received via Whatsapp inorder to increase the storage on your device. Your data will besorted into different categories such as Profile Pictures, Images,Wallpapers, Audio, Voice Notes, Video, and Backups. You can easilysee the amount of storage used by any of the categories. Tap on anycategory to see previews as well as any duplicate files. You canselect multiple items to delete or you can delete the whole folderin one simple tap in this cleaner for Whatsapp. Key Features: •Universal app, this magic cleaner for Whatsapp works best on allAndroid devices including tabs • Simple and easy to use cleaner forWhatsapp • See all your media files on a single screen • You canclear or move everything at once as well as one by one from thecategory content • See the number of files and storage used by eachcategory • Clean UI • Free to download and install file remover appIs your Android device running slow and its battery is drainingfaster? You don’t have enough space to install your favorite gameor app? Or if you have any duplicate media files on your phone.It’s time for you to download the No.1 Whatsapp cleaning app called“Smart cleaner for WhatsApp”. By using this Whatsapp cleaning app,you can clean files separated into different categories. It alsooffers you to view every file before deleting. This file removerallows you to delete files one by one or all the media at once!Download “Smart cleaner for WhatsApp” and make your Whatsapp betterthan ever! Please leave us a rating and review to let us know whatyou think about this magic cleaner for Whatsapp. We always want tocontinue to deliver some of the best and most useful apps possible,and your feedback plays an important role in us being able toachieve this goal.
Restaurant Finder - Food Finder 1.0.0
What will you do if you want to go out for a meal and not surewhere to eat? You will use a restaurant finder app to find nearbyrestaurants! Where will you find the best restaurant finder app?Youneed not to go anywhere! Here is the best restaurant finder app foryour device. Download and install “Restaurant Finder” and findnearby restaurants when you are traveling or just want to go outfor dining! Use “Restaurant Finder”, to find the best restaurantsaround you.“Restaurant Finder” is a great way to find restaurantsaround you. You can search for restaurants nearby or type in anaddress or zip code and the app will give you a list of all therestaurants near you. You can select one of them based on theirmenu and reviews. This restaurant guide app works well worldwide,especially in USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Italy, France,Spain, Denmark, India, Australia, Brazil, Malaysia and Thailand.The app uses your location and tells you what restaurants arenearby and where to eat. You can search by restaurant, café,takeaway, bakery and much more. You will find all the informationyou need about the restaurant such as opening hours, phone numbers,reviews by other customers, hygiene rating and menus etc. KeyFeatures:• Universal app, optimized for all Android devicesincluding tabs• Simple UI and easy to use• Easily search and findthe best restaurants, cafes around you using restaurants around mefeature• Use Saved feature and save the places where you’d like tovisit again• Find all the information needed about a restaurantincluding opening hours, reviews etcYou can use this bestRestaurant Finder app to find other businesses rather than nearbyrestaurants. You can find cafes, pubs, hotels, night clubs, grocerystores and super markets, taxis and cabs, ATMs, gas stations andmuch more. It is an ideal app for those who travel often and wantto know what restaurant is best for you or where to eat!RestaurantsNear Me feature uses your current GPS location, if it does not workproperly please make sure that your location services are enabledor you can type your current location in the search box. Pleasedon’t forget to leave us a rating and review to let us know whatyou think about our restaurant guide app. We always want tocontinue to deliver some of the best and most useful apps for yourAndroid devices and your feedback is very important for us. Thanks!
Easy BMI Calculator 1.0.1
Calculate your body mass index (BMI) and know your ideal weight!Download “Easy BMI Calculator” an amazing fitness calculator app.Are you in your ideal weight and shape? Do you want to get yourdesired weight? Check and know your ideal weight with this weighttracker app. It will calculate your body mass index and let youknow if you are in good shape, under or over weight according toyour age and gender! To calculate your Body mass index this bodyfat calculator app uses the D. R. Miller formula. Body fatpercentage is estimated from BMI by formula derived by Deurenbergand co-workers. The app needs to know your gender, age, height andweight to calculate your BMI. “Easy BMI Calculator” is designed forpeople of different ages and supports for both metric and imperial.It’s time to know your ideal weight! Download our smart and easy touse “Easy BMI Calculator” and find your healthy weight right now!Key Features: • Our weight tracker works best on all Androiddevices including tabs • Simple UI and easy to use body fatcalculator • Professional BMI calculator calculate on the basis ofyour gender, age, height and weight • Tells you if you need a run,grab a bite or if you’re in a great shape already • The app is freeto download and install Keep using our weight loss tracker app tocheck your body statistics to find your ideal weight because anoverweight body is always at risk for diseases such ashypertension, heart disease and diabetes. It can also be used tofind your healthy weight if you want to lose weight or are on diet.“Easy BMI Calculator” is just a perfect app to have on your Androidif you’re fitness conscious. Use this BMI calculator, calculateyour body mass index and get your desired weight. The app includesboth imperials (lbs, ft, in) and metric (Kg, cm) etc. Download““Easy BMI Calculator” and know your ideal weight right away!Please leave us a review and rating to let us know what you thinkabout our body fat calculator app. We always want to make somegreat and useful fitness apps for your Android devices. Yourfeedback will play an important role in us to be able to achievethis goal. Thanks
Beard & Mustache Photo Editor 1.0.1
Are you planning to grow facial hair? Are you wondering what wouldyou look like with a beard & mustache on your face? You neednot visualize in your brain! All you need is to download andinstall our free photo editing app “Beard & Mustache PhotoEditor” on your device and it will show you how you’ll look like inthe beard style. “Beard & Mustache Photo Editor” allows you tohave any kind of realistic fake beard you want on your face toimpress your family and friends. Select your favorite beard stylefrom our beard booth app. Select your favorite beard style formlist of this fun photo editor and drag it to the right position,touch it to resize or rotate it, save and share with your friendsand family. Simple as that! Apart from the beard and mustacheeditor, there are so many beard stickers available in this funphoto editor or realistic fake beard app. Choose the best stylishbeard sticker from the available options such as crazy beard,stylish beard, small beard etc and apply it to your photo. Shareyour men beard photo on social media for your friends or save it onyour SD card at your own convenience. Beard & Mustache PhotoEditor allows you to experiment with different types of mustacheand beard and find the one that suits you the best. Key Features: •Universal app, optimized for all Android devices including tabs •100+ realistic fake Beard available in this photo editing software• Set opacity Beard with scaling option in this beard booth • AllPhotos are saved in one particular area on the start screen of“Beard & Mustache Photo Editor” • Prepare your stylish beardphoto in this beard salon and share with your friends • So manysticker categories to choose from Download this free photo editingapp “Beard & Mustache Photo Editor” right now if you want tochange your face and grow facial hair instantly. You can directlytake a picture from the app using the camera or upload from yourdevice gallery to add a men mustache and beard. This app not onlyhelps in applying beard styles but also helps in matching it withyour hair color to get the realistic look. Please don’t forget toleave us a rating and review to let us know what you think aboutthis photo editing software app. We always want to continue todeliver some of the best and most fun apps for your Android devicesand your feedback is very important for us. Thanks!
Calligraphy Name 1.0.2
Write your name in the stylish text art using calligraphy fonts!Download “Calligraphy Name”, an amazing calligraphy writing or nameart app. “Calligraphy Name” makes it easy to add some stylish textto your photos, greetings cards etc. This name art calligraphylettering app provides 100+ calligraphy fonts style to write yourname on different backgrounds and gradients. You are in totalcontrol over the size of your stylish text, positioning, rotationand color. With this awesome calligraphy art studio app you canmake name art, name design, quotes and funny posts. Design bestwishes for birthdays, Christmas, greetings cards etc. You can writelove letters, wedding invitations, valentine day cards and muchmore. Key Features: • Universal app, works best on all Androiddevices including tabs • Choose from 100+ Calligraphy Fonts tocreate text art • Use more than 50 decorate text symbols • 50+backgrounds and 30+ gradients available • Set the background colorof your choice • Option to set calligraphy font color and decoratesymbol color • Share on social media or save on your SD card3 Webelieve that the names are very special for every one of us. Ourcalligraphy name art is designed to make your name more special byusing these stunning calligraphy fonts and lettering. “CalligraphyName” is a simple and fun way to create calligraphy art by usingthese amazing calligraphy fonts. You need not learn old-fashionedcalligraphy writing text art to create your name in stylish text.All you need is to download and install our calligraphy letteringgenerator app “Calligraphy Name” on your Android device and leaveeverything else to it. Please don’t forget to leave us a review anda rating to let us know what you think about this calligraphy app.We always want to continue to deliver some of the best and most funapps possible, and your feedback plays an important role in usbeing able to achieve this goal.
Easy Notes 1.0.1
Take notes and live an organized life! Download and install “EasyNotes” one of the best note-taking app for Android. “Easy Notes” isthe easiest and most convenient way of to keep track of your todolist or ideas. It is very well equipped with very user-friendlyfeatures that allow you to take notes, sort them, and always keepsyou up-to-date about your tasks. The app is especially useful tothe people who do not possess a great memory to remember everysmall detail or the task due using this simplenote book. Now youcan easily take notes and remember to bring back a file back to theoffice from home or even make a shopping list on this free notepadwhen you go grocery shopping. By using this simple note taking app,you can manage and organize your notes into notebooks. You can makethem secure with a password and synchronize them to all yourdevices. That means, no matter you are using a 10-inch tablet or a4-inch phone, your daily notes are always within your reach! KeyFeatures: • Universal app, works best on all Android devicesincluding tabs • Easy Notes helps you take freenote and stayorganized in life • Simple UI and easy to use notebook app • Keepyour daily notes private, set a password • Organize your notes byfolders • The notepad app is free to download and install There isno point in carrying an additional notepad when you have “EasyNotes” installed on your Android device. It has a variety ofpowerful features like password protection and managing your notes,that makes it the best note-taking app for Android. It has avariety of features such as notebook support, organizational tools,collaboration capabilities and cross-platform compatibility. Whoshould use this notepad app? Anyone who is concerned withorganizing their daily life or tends to forget small details canuse this best note-taking app. “Easy Notes” is really good forquick notes and reminders. Just use it if you want to make ashopping list or just want to track your daily tasks! Just download“Easy Notes” free notepad app and make start making your life easywith it! Please provide us your feedback and leave a good rating ifyou like the app. Your feedback and suggestions are reallyimportant to us. Thanks!
Material Alarm Clock : sleep tracker 1.1.1
Is getting up early in the morning is a struggle for you? Is yourstock alarm app not working right for you? You need somethingbetter then! You need “Material Alarm Clock”, one of the bestdigital alarm clock app available on Google Play. “Material AlarmClock” has the standard virtual alarm clock features includingmusic alarms, auto-snooze etc. This best alarm clock for heavysleepers features a variety of alarms. This modern clock app is asimple but effective way to wake-up in the morning even for heavysleepers. Technically it’s an alarm clock, however, it comes withmany different features such as sleep tracker and stop watch aswell. The idea of making this sleep cycle alarm clock is to helpthe people or kids who have trouble waking up early in the morning.It’ll save the time you go to bed and wake up in the morning. Italso keeps an eye on the quality of your sleep as well as quantityby just putting it on the edge of your bed or under your pillow.Isn’t that great? You bet it is! Key Features: • Universal app,optimized for all Android devices including tabs • Simple, clean UIand lightweight • Choose your favorite music for alarm in thissmart alarm clock / stop watch • Gentle alarm volume ramp up •Extra large snooze button available in our sleep tracker • Usesleep cycle alarm clock to analyze your sleep and wake-up timings •Snooze duration decreases after every snooze • You can select amaximum number of snoozes • Auto snooze and auto dismiss available• Built-in timer and stop watch • Free to download and install Agood night’s sleep is very important to our health and “MaterialAlarm Clock” is very helpful for you to achieve that goal. Itssleep tracker feature is designed to analyze your sleep cycle andtells you when you’ve been restless or how many times you woke upat night. It’s a very effective yet simple app for heavy sleepers.You can set an unlimited number of alarms, it comes with theadditional feature of stop watch as well. The goal of the app is tohelp you get a good night’s sleep and wake you at your desired timein the morning. “Material Alarm Clock” is equally beneficial forschool going kids as well as office going adults. Download thisbest alarm clock for heavy sleepers right now! Please don’t forgetto leave us a rating and review to let us know what you think aboutthis smart modern sleep tracker app. We always want to continue todeliver some of the best and most useful apps for your Androiddevices and your feedback is very important for us.
Call Blocker & iBlackList 1.0.4
Are you fed up with unwanted calls from a telemarketing company? Doyou want to block text messages from your annoying friend? Don’tworry! Just download and install “Call Blocker & iBlackList”one of the best call blocking app to block both text messages andunwanted calls. We all want to get rid of the unwanted people thatcall us and waste our precious time. But the question is how we canstop unwanted calls and SMS? Here is the answer! Call Blocker &iBlackList. All you have to do is, download “Call Blocker &iBlackList” a free, simple and easy to use block number and textmessage app. Use the app to get rid and stop unwanted calls andmessages. Call Blocker & iBlackList has a ton of amazingfeatures such as blacklist and whitelist. You can easily blockanyone from calling or sending text messages to your device. KeyFeatures: • Works best on any Android device including tabs •Simple graphics and UI used in the block number app • Block callsand text messages using blacklist 
• You can block all the unknownnumbers
 • Block hidden or private numbers
• Block a range ofnumbers using the "Begins with" option • Block SMS fromalphanumeric numbers
• Block all numbers • Use "Whitelist" to avoidblocking certain people • Get notifications of blocking or turnthem off • "Schedule": specify time to block calls or messages •"Log" for blocking • Save or load blacklist • Turn on/off blacklist• Robust call blocker and SMS blocker • This block a caller app isfree to download There is a huge number of unwanted calls includingtelemarketing and robocalls made every year that no one want tolisten and waste their time. Or maybe you don’t want to receiveannoying SMS sent by your ex. That’s where our Calls Blacklistcomes into play. Call Blocker & iBlackList has some very handyand easy to use call blocking features. You can apply a schedule toyour call blocking based on the numbers, allow a number for apredefined time interval or filter numbers by prefix. There is alsoa one-touch toggle button to activate and deactivate call blocking.So do you want to block a number using a call blocking app?Download and use our incoming call and text blocker right now!Please don’t forget to submit your feedback about this block numberapp. We really appreciate and encourage you to leave us a reviewand rating to let us know what you think about this block textmessages. Thanks!
QR Code Scanner Pro 1.0.1
Turn your phone into a handheld scanner. Scan and read all types ofQR & Barcodes! Download “QR Code Scanner Pro”, a highlycompetent and fastest QR code reader & barcode scanner appavailable on Google Play. QR (quick response) & barcodes can befound everywhere nowadays and it is very important to have a goodQR reader or barcode scanner app on your phone. That’s why we havecreated QR Code Scanner Pro, the fastest QR scanner for Android.This barcode scanner is completely capable of scanning and decodingany QR codes such as contact, detail, website URL, calendar event,telephone number, SMS message and more. Now you can scan productbarcodes with QR Code Scanner Pro in shops and compare prices tosave money. Designed with a simplistic layout, QR Code Scanner Prosupports a wide range of barcodes including text, url, ISBN,product, contact, calendar, email, location, Wi-Fi and many otherformats. Scanning QR code and barcode have become super easy,thanks to QR Code Scanner Pro. Key Features: • Simple and cleanuser-interface • Universal QR code reader app, works best on allAndroid devices • Fastest way to scan QR (quick response) orbarcodes • Scan history saved • This barcode scanner is free todownload and install • No internet connection needed •Automatically detects codes and scan This QR code reader andscanner app is made for the people who love simplicity when itcomes to reading QR codes for them. QR Code Scanner Pro is not onlysimple is use but also have some really nice features that includesthe ability to support almost all major barcode formats includingISBN, EAN, UPC. We have designed this barcode scanner by keepingthe average user in mind. It is extremely user-friendly and easy touse. All you need is to point your device to a QR or barcode youwant to scan and our QR reader will automatically scan and read it.So what are you waiting for? Download and install QR Code ScannerPro, the best quick response code reader app for your Androiddevice. We always love to hear back from you. Please tell us how wecan improve this QR code reader app. Write a review or email us togive us your feedback about the app. Thanks!
File Manager 1.0.1
Browse your media files, find your downloads and manage yourstorage space! Download “File Manager” a smart file explorer appfor your Android device. “File Manager” is as fast and just asfully-featured free file manager and browser as they come. Apartfrom the ability to easily browse and manage your files, you’ll seethe usual file organizer features like moving, cut, copy, delete aswell as a less common feature like compressing and extracting aswell. Why we need “File Manager”: The file manager is an importantfeature of an Android device. Although some manufacturerspre-install it on the devices but there pre-installed file explorerapps lack many important features. That is why we need an app richin features like “File Manager”. Below are some of the features ofour best file manager app. Key Features: • Universal app, designedfor all Android devices including tabs • Simple, lightweight andeasy to use • Basic features like cut, copy and delete as well asadvanced features like compress and extract • Works on multipledevices at the same time •Also works as an app Manager to open,backup, or directly uninstall any app • Root explorer for advancedusers • Quick access to the history, bookmarks or search for anyfile • A quick and safe file managing tool • Free to download andinstall this file organizer “File Manager” is a must-have app tohave file explorer app on your Android device. It is arguably themost important app on your device. It allows you to browse files,downloads, manage storage space, move things around and lot more.You can use it as an app manager and open, backup or uninstall anyapp. Not every one of us is too keen when it comes to manage yourfiles but we still need a smart file manager browser app on ourAndroid. Need to access to a file you just downloaded off theinternet? Or just want a storage explorer for your device? Download“File Manager” right now! Please don’t forget to leave us a ratingand review to let us know what you think about this file organizerapp. We always want to continue to deliver some of the best andmost useful apps for your Android. Your feedback plays an importantrole in us to be able to achieve this goal.
Quit Smoking Tracker 1.0.1
Quit smoking, start a healthy and smoke- free life. Download “QuitSmoking Tracker”, a quit smoking tracker app for your Androiddevice. Are you tired of your bad habit of smoking? Do you want toquit smoking now and looking to find ways to quit smoking? QuitSmoking Tracker is a great helper app for quitting smoking becausequitting smoking is not easy. It helps you stop smoking by givingyou some exact statistics. By using Quit Smoking Tracker you canfigure out how much money you can save by stop smoking. It willalso enable you to know how much time you spent without cigarettesand It will let you know the amount of life you regained byquitting smoking and how much life you lost by smoking. Our quitsmoking tracker app also has some great motivational quit smokingquotes to help you give up smoking. Do you want to get rich or diefrom smoking? I think stop smoking is a better option becausesmoking kills! Key Features: • Simple and clean user-interface •Universal app, works best on all Android devices • Quit smokingtimeline available • The number of cigarettes you avoid smoking •The life you regained and money you saved by not smoking • From 1week to 20 years of estimate of money and life expectancy • You canalso see how much life you lost, cigarettes you smoked and moneyyou wasted on smoking • Free to download and install There areseveral reasons you should quit smoking and live a healthy smoke-free life. There are many ways and products in the market to helpyou stop smoking but still it is hard to do so. Quit SmokingTracker will help you achieve this goal by constantly motivatingyou with the health stats such as your blood pressure and heartrate after stop smoking, your ability to taste and smell, bloodcirculation, coughing, the risk of dying from heat etc. QuitSmoking Tracker gives you all the motivational stats you'll need tokick the habit because of its side effects. It’s a must- have appon your device if you want to stop smoking. We always love to hearback from you. Please leave us a review and rating to let us knowwhat you think about quit smoking helper app. Thanks!
My Filter Cam: Photo Effects 1.0.1
Edit photos, add some funny face stickers and emojies! Download “MyFilter Cam: Photo Effects”, an amazing photo editor and beautyeditor app for your Android devices. My Filter Cam: Photo Effectsis a great fun photo editor app if you take a lot of selfies. Ithas tons of features for quick fixes and edits for face and skinincluding eyelash, eyeline, lip color, teeth whitening, skinsmoothener, and acne removal etc. Most of these features areone-click, which makes it an easy to use make up editor app. “MyFilter Cam: Photo Effects” is an app designed purely for funpurpose. You can use this photo makeup beauty editor to edit photosand make them look beautiful. The funny photo editor of the app isused to add colors, funny face stickers, funny face effects of thisfun photo editor. Take a selfie, or use a photo from your picturesgallery and add creative photo effects of beauty makeup photoeditor. My Filter Cam : photos effects also has a photo collagemaker in it. Choose and combine your favorite photos by usingcollage maker feature. Key Features: • Easy to use one-touch photofilters • Cool emojies and funny face stickers • Stylize yourphotos, use photo makeup beauty editor • Try on funny face stickers• Classic photo collage maker • Cool mirror function to make yourphotos cool • Save your edited photos to show-off Download “MyFilter Cam: Photo Effects”, have fun and be a master photo editor!This funny photo editor helps you make your ordinary photos lookextraordinary. Adding some special effects and funny stickers hasnever been so interesting. This is the best photo makeup beautyeditor app that provides you with a lot of fun and joy. Justdownload the app right away and have fun Please don’t hesitate tocontact us at anytime if you have any question or comment about theapp. We would love to hear your feedback. Thanks
Daily Horoscope 1.0.1
Are you into astrology? Do you believe in star signs and horoscope?In this case, you must be looking for an app where you could seeyour free daily, weekly or monthly horoscope readings. Download“Daily Horoscope”, the best free astrology app on Google Play. Theapp has everything you need to know about your horoscope. Allhoroscopes in the app are written by the best professionalhoroscope experts! “Daily Horoscope” is a really great and afeature-packed astrology app. The app allows you to check yourpersonal and professional relationships. You can easily discoveryour daily, tomorrow, weekly, monthly and love horoscope as well.You can find horoscope information and star sign of your familymembers, friends, and loved ones, it will help you betterunderstand your relationships with others. Our “Daily Horoscope”app has information of all star signs including Aries, Taurus,Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn,Aquarius and Pisces. Key Features: ★ Universal app, designed forall Android devices including tabs ★ Daily, tomorrow, weekly,monthly and love horoscope available ★ Chinese horoscope and zodiacsigns ★Daily reminders for daily horoscope ★ Covers all star signsincluding Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra,Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. ★ Simple UIand easy to use ★ Free to download and install Everybody is curiousand wants to know about their future. This app tells you all aboutstar signs and astrology by date of birth, along with horoscopereading for today and tomorrow. You need not to buy a newspaperevery day to get your horoscope information. All you need to do isdownload “Daily Horoscope” and get your star signs informationwithout spending a penny. This is a must-have app for your phone ifyou truly believe in astrology and Chinese horoscope. Please don’tforget to leave us a rating and review to let us know what youthink about this best horoscope app. We always want to continue todeliver some of the best and most useful apps for your Android.Your feedback plays an important role in us to be able to achievethis goal.
Wavie - Status Bar & Navbar Music Visualizer 1.0.1
Visualize your music tunes dance to the beat right in the statusbar of your Android device or play live music visualizers on yournavbar! Download “Wavie - Status Bar & Navbar MusicVisualizer”. “Wavie - Status Bar & Navbar Music Visualizer” isnot the first app of this kind but it certainly is one of the beststatus bar and music visualizer app in business right now. Itallows you to watch a music visualize on your phone’s navigationbar or status bar while you’re listening to your favorite musicfrom your favorite free music apps. Wavie is not only an audiovisualizer but it also enhances your video watching experience byshowing a live music visualize over free music apps such asYoutube. The app offers an infinite set of daily updated visualizerdesigns. You can add them to your favorite list as well as you canedit them to fit your needs. It’s time to bring your musicexperience to life with floating visualization beneath youron-screen Navigation Bar. Key Features: • Customize your navigationor status bar • Several music visualizers available to choose fromin our status bar and music visualizer • Select your favorite livemusic visualizer • Create your own audio visualizer or edit anexisting one • Share your favorite status bar visualize or designswith other users • You can sync your favorite designs and creationsto use it across devices • Wavie – Status Bar & Navbar musicvisualize is compatible with all android devices • The app is freeto download and install With Wavie, you can put a cool audiovisualizer on your Android device’s navigation bar. It’s just aperfect have to have on your device if you’re a music lover wholoves to watch their music tunes dance to the beat right in thestatus bar of your Android. It’s a great example of the bestvisualization app, it not only has the ability to visualize musicbut also gives you a chance to customize it. Just download “Wavie -Status Bar & Navbar Music Visualizer” and enjoy musicvisualization on Every Screen. Please don’t hesitate to contact usat anytime if you have any question or comment about this freemusic app. We would love to hear your feedback about our audiovisualizer. Thanks
SMS Scheduler and Reminder 1.0.1
Schedule Text messages to be sent out later at any time in thefuture! Download “SMS Scheduler and Reminder”, one of the best SMSscheduler app available. Do you often miss the birthdays of yourloved ones, anniversaries or holiday greetings? You need not worryanymore! All you need is “SMS Scheduler and Reminder” installed onyour device to schedule text messages. With this automatic SMSsender app, you can just set the date and time for the message tobe delivered and leave the rest to your phone to send the messagefor you. Once you schedule a text message, you never miss any ofthese important occasions. This best SMS scheduler app will sendthe text later on your scheduled time and date without anyinteraction from you. You can even create recurring text messagesto serve as reminders to yourself or friends. “SMS Scheduler andReminder” is a simple way to schedule text messages to send itlater with a chosen frequency. It offers you flexible schedulingsystem like SMS once, every hour, daily, weekly, monthly or yearlyetc. You can Create, update and delete schedule messages at anygiven time. Text later recipients can be typed in directly or youcan select them from your contacts list. You can also choose amultiple number of recipients and send the same message to all. KeyFeatures: • Easy, intuitive and user-friendly UI • Supports longSMS to send it later • Multi-language support • Send repeat orrecurring messages • Type recipients directly or choose from yourcontacts • History of sent text messages available • Backup orrestore your scheduled messages to SD card • Auto sending of pastdue messages when the phone is powered back ON SMS Scheduler andReminder will help you send your messages at a certain point oftime without having you even wake up your device and hit that sendbutton. It’s a great SMS auto sender app to have on your device, itcould be used for so many different purposes. For example, if youneed to ask someone something but it is late at night, you can justschedule a message to send it later in the morning. Apart fromthat, you can send group texts, repeated text and much more! Justdownload our best SMS scheduler app right now! Please feel free toshoot us an email or write us a review regarding any feedback aboutour text later app. We always love and welcome feedback andsuggestions from our customers about our SMS auto sender app.Thanks
NearBy Me - Place Finder, Travel Guide 1.0.0
Do you travel a lot? Do you need basic driving directions or helptofind gas for your car when you travel? Don’t worry all you needisto have “NearBy me - Place finder” on your Android device!With“NearBy me - Place finder” you can easily travel anywherearoundthe world. Get live Maps, GPS Navigation and Directions, findyourcurrent location or search for any address and navigateusingGoogle Maps. By using our best GPS app you will always haveGPScoordinates as you travel on any transportation, a bus or car,yougo hike or even if you ride a bike. Our GPS navigationsystemincludes city, satellite, public transport, cycling and evena mapfor hiking as well. With our travel app you can navigate witheaseand always find your location with just a single click! WorldMapFeatures of this GPS Navigator:• Plan your car or bike route toanylocation-Use Route Planner• Get driving directions withlocaltraffic help to find the fastest route• Use Navigator andgetstep-by-step travel directions• With our trip planner findabusiness schedule, nearby hotels, ATMs, store and muchmore!MapTypes used in the driving directions app:Our Best hand-heldGPS appcomes with many Map types including city map, trafficmap,satellite map, cycling map, public transport map, trails mapandwalking map.Map Features:• You’ll get photos from worldwidephotosharing database Panoramio and Google Street view• GetlocalizedYoutube videos for the locations• Read Wikipedia infoaboutselected locations• Get a street level view of the worldandterrain with street view and live webcam videos displayedonmapsWith GPS Location tracker finds local addresses andsearchterms easily with the auto complete function of the app. Itusesyour location to propose results in the area. Apart from that,youcan explore your city by using this maps and navigation app.Seestreet, satellite, traffic, cycling, hiking and weather maps.Watchtraffic and weather updates if you are living in the majorcitieslike London or Birmingham, Liverpool or Bristol andothers.UKMaps:• London• Birmingham• Leeds• Glasgow• Sheffield•Bradford•Liverpool• Edinburgh• ManchesterWorld Countries &Cities:• NewYork• Paris• Barcelona• Amsterdam• Beijing• Tokyo•Toronto• SanFrancisco• Munich• Sydney• MorePlease leave us a reviewand ratingto let us know what you think about our best GPS app. Wealwayswant to make a great GPS navigation for car app for yourAndroiddevices. Your feedback will play an important role in us tobe ableto achieve this goal. Thanks
Valentine Zipper Lock Screen 1.0.1
Lock your phone using this stylish phone lock app! Download“Valentine Zipper Lock Screen”, a great combination offunctionality and versatility that makes it the best lock screenreplacement app for your Android device. Our zip locker app allowsyou to customize the way you see the time, date, battery percentageand much more on your lock screen. “Valentine Zipper Lock Screen”is a fun, easy to use and a very useful app for your Androiddevices. You can use it to lock your phone screen, to unlock allyou have to do is drag the zipper down and the phone screen isunlocked. Inside our lock screen for girls, there are so many cuteand stylish backgrounds available to choose from. How it works:First of all check the “Enable lock screen” in the app, and thenchoose different stylish zippers, and backgrounds for your lockscreen. Check “Enable Pin Lock” if you want to set a password. KeyFeatures: • Customize your phone lock app at your own convenience •Stylish UI and colorful backgrounds to choose from • Select yourfavorite zipper type from zip app lock • You can always see time,date and other basic functions while keeping your screen locked •It is the best lock screen for girls • Our zip locker is free todownload and install If you don’t want to use the boring stockphone lock app that comes built-in your phone “Valentine ZipperLock Screen” is just the right zip locker for you. This zip applock will turn your phone’s regular lock screen into a stylish lockscreen for girls. The app also shows a nice digital clock alongwith the date and battery percentage at the corner of your lockscreen. It’s time to change your device’s default lock screen witha more smarter and stylish one! Just download “Valentine ZipperLock Screen” and make your phone screen more stylish and cute.“Valentine Zipper Lock Screen” is the best lock screen for girls toexpress their romantic feelings as well as to make your phonesecure from the prying eyes of other people. Please feel free toshoot us an email or write us a review regarding any feedback aboutour phone lock app. We always love and welcome feedback andsuggestions from our customers about zip locker. Have fun
Keyboard Themes for Android 1.0.1
Explore the new dimension of typing with this emoji keyboardthemesapp! Download “Keyboard Themes for Android” a great app todownloadcute keyboard themes such as emoji keyboard or glowingkeyboard.With cute keyboard themes of the app, you can give yourdefaultkeyboard a new and stylish look. “Keyboard Themes forAndroid” hasa little bit of everything, it offers tons of beautifuland colorkeyboard themes including emoji keyboard, glowing keyboardand cutekeyboard themes. That means now you can easily customizeyourdefault keyboard with your favorite live themes, emojis andfontsetc. This free keyboard theme app is for everyone with somanydifferent styles, colors and customization to choose from.You’lllove the designs and people will really compliment youremojikeyboard when they’ll see it. This keyboard skins app is notonlyuseful to make your keyboard look stylish but also helps youtypefaster with its smooth gesture typing feature. Note: Toactivate“Keyboard Themes for Android”, you’ll need TouchPal EmojiKeyboard5.6.8.5 or above. Key Features: • 900+ emojis, emoticonsandsmileys to choose from • Tons of keyboard skins and livethemesavailable in the keyboard app • Supports all cute keyboardthemes •So many stylish fonts • Customize your keyboard with freekeyboardthemes of your own choice • The keyboard skins app is freetodownload and install • Compatible with almost all Androiddevicesincluding tabs • Download glowing, cute and color themes ofyourchoice Multilingual Typing: Emoji Keyboard supports over150languages, including but not limited to English, العربية,Hrvatski,Čeština, Nederlands, Français, Deutsch, Ελληνικά, עִברִית,हिंदी,Bahasa Indonesia, Italiano, Malay, Pilipino, Polskie,Português,Română, Русский, Español, ไทย, Türk, Euskara, বাঙালি,ಕನ್ನಡ,ភាសាខ្មែរ, ພາສາລາວ, മലയാളം, मराठी, Монгол, नेपाली, தமிழ்,తెలుగు,Zulu. Stop using the boring default Android keyboard andsendingdull messages, download this amazing keyboard skins app andimpressyour friends with hundreds of new emojis and free keyboardthemes.Please feel free to shoot us an email or write us areviewregarding any feedback about our free keyboard themes app.Wealways love and welcome feedback and suggestions fromourcustomers. Have fun
Retro Camera Effects 1.0.1
Use these cool vintage camera effects to create stunning oldschoolphotos! Download “Retro Camera Effects”, an amazing photoeffectsold camera app for Android. “Retro Camera Effects” is justtheright app for you if you like old Polaroid camera orvintageeffects. You can also use the app if you’re interested inbeingcreative with your photos and videos. These cool VHS cameraeffectswill give your photos some old school photography touch.“RetroCamera Effects” is the best app to give your Instagram photosthevintage photo effects of the 90’s era. The app is simple touse,has great Polaroid camera and vintage filters that can makeanyphoto look artistic and well-composed. Give your photos an oldagetouch and the look of the 90’s! Download “Retro CameraEffects”.This magnificent app takes retro to a new level by takingit backto a time before Polaroid cameras. Make your own antiquephotos andshow others your love for photography. Key Features: •Cool photoeffects such as old camera, vintage camera, VHS cameraand Polaroidcamera • The works just a photo studio for your photos• Vintagevideo camera also available • Retouch your pictures andshare themon social media • Simple, easy to use vintage filters andvintageeffects • Lightweight and free to download “Retro CameraEffects”is a fun vintage camera and easy photo studio applicationthatallows you to add fun retro effects to your photos and videos.Youcan create charming Polaroid camera style photographs withvintagefilters of Retro Camera effects. These effects work greatonselfies as well as other photos and videos. For example, youcaneasily enhance your landscapes, cityscapes and nature pictureswithVHS camera filters. You don’t need an old camera or to printoutyour photos and wait for them to age when you could besnappingaway right now by using the photo effects of “RetroCameraEffects”. We would love to hear back from you. Please leaveus areview and rating to let us know what you think about ourphotostudio app. We’ll use your feedback to make changes andimprove itfor your next experience with this vintage VHS videocamera.Thanks!
Productivity Timer (Workout Timer) 1.0.1
Set your tabata training and interval timing using this greatHIITtraining or workout timer app! Download “Productivity Timer”andincrease the productivity level of your exercises. Thiscircuittraining assistant is designed for scheduling workouts. TheGymtimer app is useful if you want to make your workouts moreintense.This interval timer is also ideal for both home exercisingandtraining in the gym etc. You can use this app fortraditionaltraining in the gym, cardio, tabata or HIIT training aswell.“Productivity Timer” is also effective for crossfit andarmyworkouts. Set whatever interval times you like in thisintervaltraining app. The app will beep and the screen will changethecolor when it’s time to switch intervals. “Productivity Timer”isvery helpful for almost all fitness exercises includingboxinground timer, Circuit training, HIIT training and tabata. Youcaneasily customize interval timing for a perfectheart-pumpingworkout. You can set repetitions, sets, and durationofpreparation, workout and rest periods. Key Features: • Worksbeston all Android devices including tabs • Number of sets, workandrest intervals available in this circuit training assistant•Screen changes when it’s time to switch between intervals •SimpleUI and easy to use interval countdown timer • Free todownload andinstall You don’t need a separate workout clock orstopwatch whenyou’re doing tabata or HIIT training. Our“Productivity Timer” isnot only useful for tabata and HIIT trainingthough! You can use itfor almost all kinds of exercises andworkouts including boxinground timer, calisthenics circuit timer,Circuit training, sprints,squats, yoga or any workout you can thinkof. Just download“Productivity Timer” and let the timer work foryou. Please feelfree to send us your feedback about this gym timerapp. We’d loveto hear from you! Thanks.
Advanced Meme Generator 1.0.1
Create funny memes to troll yourself or others! Download“AdvancedMeme Generator”, one of the best meme maker app for yourdevice. Doyou ever wonder how they make these funny memes? Do youwant tomake your own meme or looking for a meme creator app?Welcome to“Advanced Meme Generator”, a perfect meme builder andeditor app.By using this meme maker app, you can create troll funnymemes withimages from your gallery or you can choose from over 600memesimages from the app. The editing options are simple for“AdvancedMeme Generator “, they allow you to quickly create astandard,awesome looking meme. You can add top and bottom text aswell asedit the appearance of the text. The categories of imagesyou haveavailable to choose from in this meme creator are: • Animal•Celebrities • Advices • Cartoons • Rage • Others • Favorites •New• Saved “Advanced Meme Generator” is super simple to use.Justchoose an image to make a funny meme from your pictures galleryorthe images from the app. Simply type the top and bottomtext,change text color or font if you want to. Share your trollmeme tosocial media or save it on your device at your ownconvenience.Simple as that! Key Features: • Universal app, worksbest on allAndroid devices including tabs • Choose from over 600funny memesimages • Use more than 20 types of different letters •Make yourown meme in our meme factory app, use pictures from yourgallery •Edit the meme text, change the size and color of text •Instantlyshare on Facebook, Whatsapp or anywhere else Now anyonecan makefunny troll memes by using our free meme creator app. It isa freeand fun way to troll yourself, make your own meme and sharewithyour friends and family. Please leave us a rating and review toletus know what you think about this best meme maker app. Wealwayswant to continue to deliver some of the best and most funappspossible, and your feedback plays an important role in usbeingable to achieve this goal.