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Stack King 1.1.1
Nutcake Games
Stack the cubes as close as you can to the edge of the planks andwatch your tower grow higher and higher. Then, blow it all up andenjoy the sight of a spectacular destruction.Build the highesttower and you'll be the Stack King royalty.
Bucket Full 1.2
Nutcake Games
Get the highest score in this fun, easy and addictive game of catchthe ball with a twist. Watch out for the obstacles, choose yourpower ups wisely and with a bit of luck you could be the BucketFull Champion!
Goal Buddy 1.2.1
Nutcake Games
You know how you always wanted to reach that one big and importantgoal in your life but it never happened.Well, what Goal Buddy does,it helps you achieve success by keeping track of the small steps toyour big goal, while ensuring you stay focused and motivated. Infact, Goal Buddy has already helped others to get to where theyneeded to be. Be next.Features:Simple to use, no gimmicks, no signups. You set the goals, you do the work, Goal Buddy will be therewith you every step of the way to help you stay focused and reachyour GOAL.- Daily goal tracking- Progress widget- Daily reminders-Edit goals- Motivational quotesKeywords: goal tracker, goaltracking, goal planner,