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Real Robot steel game Figh 1.0
O.R.V Studio
This application is a real robot fight isveryexciting to be played. in spite of that Real Robot steel gameFighttakes you to the robot boxing tournament where you have tobattleit out with tons of other robots and rise up as champion. Thegamerevolves around four immensely well designed modes which areTimeAttack, Championship, Free Sparring and Daily Exhibition thatwillnot only put your mettle to the test but also your metal.Apartfrom different modes, you can also choose between differentrobotsand upgrade in your own unique wayFeatures of Real Robot steel game FightTotal of 24 different robots to choose from.Upgrades Robot and power ups.Multiplayer mode.Almost 20 different realms to fight in and lot morefull cash and goldYou can update your robot as you please like your heart
Selfie 360 Mirror 2.0
O.R.V Studio
Application Selfie 3 60 Mirror mirror isanapplication that can make the best photo cloning with a lotofstyle mirrors .. start from the top and laterally to theopposite..and there are also effeck panorama that makes your photosintodifferent and more ellegan ,Selfie 360 Mirror is very easy to use you just choose left ortoright with easestore and share your photos to your friends your friendsthroughyour favorite social media ..
Sticker B612 Camera Emoji plus 2.1
O.R.V Studio
- An application with a new feature whichcanadd emoticon and custom text free, makemore creation foranypictures, make funny photos, unique and interesting withyourfriends and brothers.**- Added more than 300 latest emoticon and bubble chat makes youmoreeasily share what u feel...**- Update every 2 months for more emoticon.