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100 doors World Of History 2.16
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We would like to introduce challenging logic puzzle game 100 Doorsworld of History. 100 Doors world of History is one of the bestgames of the genre, the game of 100 Doors, 100 Floors or Escapefrom the Rooms category Each level is a separate logic puzzle game.In short, it is a collection of games containing logic games,mini-games, puzzles, quests, brain teasers, jigsaw, thinking games,logic games and games for children and adults. They are the gamesfor the whole family. In addition to interesting levels, the gamecreators have designed beautiful graphics – you will enjoy theadventure to different countries. You will discover Ancient Egypt,China, Japan, France, whole Europe and Medieval world. Beautifulmusic and nice graphics will plunge you into the historical timesand cheer you up. Expand your mind completing logic tasks andgripping quests. Playing you can relax and have a great and usefultime! So how does the game work? Your task is simple – find the wayout in any situation! Open the door no matter how much effort ittakes! In 100 Doors World of History game you need to crack apassword, find the solution to a problem or figure out how acomplicated vehicle works. So the main purpose of the game is tounlock the door to get out of the room and reach the next floor! Tocomplete the task you need to find hidden objects on the stage orto look for hidden clues, or shake the gadget to make somethingfall down, or move your gadget carefully – anyway you need to useyour brain to solve a logic task. In some cases you need to solve aclassical task known for a long time, for example tic-tac-toe, theLucas Tower, matches puzzle, chess puzzle or getting a certainamount of water with two reservoirs. As you can assume your brain,attention, wit and agility will not remain idle. There are lots ofinteresting tasks and this game is called the game collection notfor nothing. It really contains 100 unique levels – 100 grippinglogic games (mini-games). Do not worry if you fail to complete somedifficult level or quest and all the other levels willremain inaccessible as YOU CAN SKIP ANY LEVEL and get back toit later! Or if you really want to find out how to solve the taskwe are here to help you! Subscribe to our groups in social networksand we will be happy to help you! vkontakte -http://vk.com/oasdev , facebook -https://www.facebook.com/oasdev Google+ -https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/105173702504075834203 Youdon’t have Wi-Fi? It is not a problem as it is an offline game! All100 Doors World of History game can be played offline, without theInternet. Who is this game for? Family puzzle games collected inthis fascinating game are interesting to be played by your familyor by the good company of friends. Everyone will try to be thefirst who completes the task. You are guaranteed to get a goodcompetition and good mood all rolled into one. This game is for anyage group; even your grandparents will enjoy playing the gameleaving aside their crosswords! Download the game and see foryourself! Characteristics Gripping puzzles! Interesting quests.Beautiful graphics! Hidden Objects game elements! The game contains100 levels. Gripping puzzles. Skip difficult levels for FREE! Thegame is FREE! All the 100 levels of the game offline! Gametutorial. The small size of the game: there are 100 doors and 100levels in the game of 28 MB size.
Drawing one touch 1.0
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We represent your attention nice puzzle game "Drawing onetouch".Drawing one touch is a very good puzzle game from thedevelopers of "100 doors world history."Drawing one touch has smallsize and beautiful 2D graphics. The game play is very simple: drawthe picture without stop or repeating according to the graph! Thegame is becoming more difficult afterwards; it requires highskills.Features★ Train your brain★ Develops logical thinking★Smooth game control★ Vivid background music is in harmony with thegame!★ Special and interesting level settings★ You can skip hardlevel, and return to it later★ Share fun with your friends
com.oas_dev.doors_world_of_history_2 1.11
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We represent your attention a continuation of the game "100 doorsworld of history". The second part of the game, "100 doors World OfHistory 2", it is a fascinating puzzle game. These are very goodpuzzle from the category "100 doors", "100 floors" or "Escape fromthe room". Immerse yourself in a different era! Find a way out ofany situation. Grow your brain by solving logic problems and at thesame time you can relax and have a good time! The main task of thegame - open the door to escape from the room and open the nextlevel! To do - you need to solve small quest. In which you need tolook for items on the stage, to apply them, shake the device,gently tilt your device and use your brain to solve logic task.Features: Have very good mini puzzles! You need find the hiddenobjects! Complete utilization of your devices features (shake,rotate)! Beautiful graphics! 100 exciting levels! Puzzles some veryinteresting! You can skip hard levels for free! Game free!
com.oas_dev.doors_world_of_history_3 1.15
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100 Doors World of History 3 is a challenging logic puzzle gamesimilar to 100 Doors, 100 Floors, Escape from the Rooms and HiddenObjects. The first two parts of this game have proved to be reallypopular among logic puzzle games fans that are fond of completingquests, hacking locks and unlocking doors. 100 Doors World ofHistory lineup is designed in a historical style and full ofhistorical moments. This part of the game plunges you into anadventure where you discover American Old West with its cowboys, apirate ship, ancient world of the Aztecs, medieval Rus and modernAmerica. So how does the game work? The main task of each level isto unlock the door which requires you to solve a puzzle or pass alogic quest or a mini-game. At some levels you should move or shakeyour gadget to make something move or fall out. At other levels youwill find hidden objects and use them to complete the quest. We canguarantee that all the quests are interesting and for each taskthere is a solution, sometimes it is simple, another time you needto think about it, use your wits and logic to find the clue. Who isthis game for? This game is for people who are fond of questing,solving logical puzzles and unlocking doors. This game consists of100 levels – 100 doors. Fans of 100 doors game genre love thesegames because downloading one logic game you get 100 logicmini-games and quests. And this game is not an exception. Itcontains games for the whole family: logic games, puzzles,mini-games, brain teasers, jigsaw, thinking games and quests. Youdon’t need the Internet to play this game as you can play offline.So let’s make a conclusion! If you like logic games, puzzles,mini-games, brain teasers, jigsaw, thinking games and quests, ifyou are looking for free games and games that can be played withoutthe Internet (offline), if you are 100 Doors, 100 Floors, Escapefrom the Rooms games fan, if you want to have a great timeexpanding your mind, completing logic tasks and quests we are happyto inform you – You have found what you need! Download this gameand you will be satisfied! Support If you fail to cope with anylevel we are here to help you! Subscribe to our groups in socialnetworks and we will be happy to help you! vkontakte -http://vk.com/oasdev , facebook -https://www.facebook.com/oasdev You can also SKIP ANY LEVEL (freeof charge) and get back to it later! Characteristics Grippingpuzzles and quests! Hidden objects! Full use of all the options ofyour gadget (shaking, moving and leaning)! Nice 3D graphics! 100doors – 100 quests! Gripping tasks! All 100 Doors games can beplayed offline, without the Internet. Skip levels for FREE! Thegame is FREE! P.S If you like the game, remember to appreciate itat its true worth – 5 stars! It’s really important for us!
100 Doors Happy Family House 1.3
OAS developer
We would like to introduce a free game for the whole family 100Doors Happy Family House, the sequel of the logic games lineup 100Doors (100 Floors). Beautiful graphics, interesting logic quests,100 Doors brain teasers and appropriate musical accompaniment ofthe gaming process are waiting for you in the new season. Eachlevel is a unique separate logic game. And the game itself is acollection of games containing logic games, mini-games, puzzles,quests, brain teasers, jigsaw, thinking games, logic games andgames for the whole family. So how does the game work? The maintask of this logic game is to unlock all the doors in the house,all 100 doors of logic quests. You will need to find hidden objectson stage, use them to unlock the doors, make tools from them,complete interesting quests and solve logic problems, developingyour brain’s abilities and training your memory skills. Some levelswill ask you to play popular mini-games, fancied by our players,such as 1024, 2048, to remember how to play chess, to get a certainamount of water with the containers of certain volume, to putpuzzles together or to solve the simplest arithmetical andgeometrical problems. That will make you remember the basis ofalgebra, geometry and physics while playing. At some levels youwill have to show your wit and agility, so this quest is for you,logic and dynamic games fans! Do not worry if you fail to completesome difficult level or quest and all the other levels (of 100levels) will remain inaccessible. You can skip any level for freeand get back to it later! Who is this game for? 100 Doors HappyFamily House is not just a title, family logic and puzzle gamescollected in this fascinating game are interesting to be played byyour family or by the good company of your friends. You can alsopass the time going to school, university and work or just sittingon your couch at home. The game is for grown-ups and for childrenwho can play it anytime despite the weather or the season of theyear. We mean it; you should not care about the weather whileplaying the games of 100 Doors category: they are interesting toplay, rain or shine. Compete with your friends, be the first tounlock 100 doors and prove your friends that your mind and wit arebrilliant. Challenge yourself – prove yourself that you haveexcellent logic and you can unlock 100 doors of logic quests.Remember you can play the game offline! All the 100 doors, logicgames, 100 levels offline! Characteristics Lots of gripping puzzlesand quests. Interesting logic games. Puzzling tasks. Beautifulgraphics. Elements of Hidden Objects game. 100 doors – 100 quests –100 levels. 100 Doors Happy Family House game is an excellentsequel of 100 Doors World of History game. 50 Mb game size.Interesting games for free (The game is FREE!). Play offline,without the Internet. Skip levels for FREE! We are on the InternetSubscribe to our groups in social networks, find companions andfriends, contact and share advice on the game. Also in socialnetworks you will be the first to know about the release of newlevels and new games. vkontakte - http://vk.com/oasdev facebook -https://www.facebook.com/oasdev
com.oas_dev.doors_5_family_adventures 1.21
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Present to your the best puzzles that are gathered in themselves byan exciting logical game 100 Doors Family Adventures. If you are alover of the game in the style of 100 doors, 100 floors, escapefrom the room, a lover of searching for a way out of difficultsituations, or just love to puzzle over interesting puzzles, thenthis game is definitely for you. The puzzle-game 100 Doors FamilyAdventure contains 100 levels - 100 unique and interesting puzzles.The door is in front of you - it needs to be opened in any way inorder to move to the next, no less mysterious, room in which a newpuzzle is waiting for you. How to play In order to pass the levelyou need to carefully inspect the room understand, how to open thedoor. From level to level, this task changes and may be easier orharder. In some rooms, to open the door - you need to solve alogical problem, a puzzle, a conundrum, in some rooms you need tofind hidden objects and use them to open the door. In some levels,you must win in a popular game, find or discover password or getthe key. But in any case, you need to thoroughly strain the brain,to think how solve the task using your ingenuity and dexterity, tofind a way out of the room using hidden objects. Engage yourself inthe adventure, feel yourself on the battlegrounds, visit theunderground or dungeons and survive. Adventures wait for you! Gamefeatures What makes the 100 Doors Family Adventures special andunique? After all, the Internet is already full of similar games inwhich there are 100 doors and even 1000 doors. Developers haveinvested their whole soul into it, tried to make each level unique,conducted a great analysis of previous games, and developed 100unique levels with excellent HD graphics and melodic musicalaccompaniment. We are sure that you will enjoy the game. Doors thatyou cannot open now, you can easily skip and return to them later!Also, it is important that these 100 doors can be played withoutthe Internet, without wi-fi, which means that you can play on thebus, subway, on your way to work or at recess at school or atuniversity, with friends and family. To skip the level - Internetis not needed! You only need Internet to share your impression ofthis wonderful game with friends on social networks, or to leavethe words of thanks and wishes to the developers of this wonderfulgame! On the our social networks groups, you can find like-mindedpeople and share passages with other users. Key features 100 levels-100 doors - 100 puzzles Beautiful HD Graphics - modern 3D graphicsGreat animations Beautiful music create the effect of immersion inthe game room All Levels Free Skip level for Free A game withoutthe Internet - a game without Wi-fi Fully in English Regularupdates Subscribe to our groups in social networks and we will behappy to help you! vkontakte - http://vk.com/oasdev ,facebook - https://www.facebook.com/oasdev Google+ -https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/105173702504075834203