OLX Global B.V. (Latam) Apps

OLX 14.02.006
OLX changed completely! Enjoy the new app to buy and sell simplerand faster. Make the smart choice. Download now our new, lighterand better-than-ever app. In just 3 steps you can sell whatever youwant! Choose the category, describe your product, write the price,upload the photos and you are ready to sell. With the new OLX appyou will be in a safe community to buy and sell: o Validate yourprofile, so others know who they are buying from. o Discover howmany followers your seller has. o Know since when he is an app userand see what other accounts he follows. We join buyers with sellersand that's why we work in our chat, so you can always communicatethere. Do not take your conversation outside our system, sharephotos, video and even your location. Find everything you need.Organize the ads as you like, so you will find everything fasterand easier! Try our new search engine is great. Now highlight yourads in an easier way and receive more contacts for each item yousell. Do not forget to try our new app, you still have not seenanything similar. OLX Make the smart choice!