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Broou surf forecast & live realtime reports 1.6.3
broou surf forecast and reports is a tool that shows the surferhow’s the forecast of the surfing condition in the exactly momenton his favourite surf spots and now it also has a feed of reportsfrom other surfers that are already on the spot, so that you candecide if the surf is good or not to go out.One click and youaccess the surf forecast for the next 5 days and can check the surfreports feed of that surf spot with the informations shared by thesurf community.For the brazilian coast line broou offers anexclusive shallow water surf forecast system. We use NOAA’s WW3(Wave Watch III - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)wave model as the main data resource. For all the internationalsurf spots available on the app we use the NOAA information withoutany data interpretation.broou is the first surf app that reallytalks to surfers: an exclusive curation of the best surf conditionsfor each surf spot enables an automated analysis that tells if thesurf conditions are good or not for that spot on this specifictime.If the icon is BLUE, means that that condition is good for thespot. But if the surf conditions on your spot aren’t good, use theGPS to quick compare the conditions of nearby surf spots.thisversion of broou surf forecast app features:• NEW! SURF REPORTSfrom other surfers• Wave size range• Unlimited amount of favoritesurf spots for you to quickly check the surf conditions right away•5 day surf forecast with the most important information detailed: –wave height with range – swell direction – peak wave period(seconds) – wind direction and speed – tode charts – weather, airand water temperature – sunrise and sunset times – moon phases• GPSfunction to compare current conditions of all nearby beaches surfspots• Personalise measure systems: meters or feets, miles orkilometers….• Share the surf forecast with your friends by e-mail,whatsapp, facebook, twitter e others social networks• Biggest andbest surf spot list in Brazil: more than 700 surf spots registered.If your local spot is not covered, just let us know and we’ll addit for you.• More than 500 surf spots registered all over theglobe: Hawaii, Califórnia, Peru, América Central, Europa,Indonésia, Austrália, África, Ásia… all with surf data informationdirectly from NOAA• All the surf spots of the WSL world tour on theappPrediction is not precision. Forecast how the ocean will be in agiven time is a complex task and errors do happen. But ourobjective is to offer a consistent surf forecast for you, and weneed everyone’s help to improve this free service. When theconditions don’t match we need to know where, when and what is theerror to fix it. Send us a message using the report problem buttonlocated on the share options in the spot icon or drop us a line onthe email bellow.Any critics, suggestion or idea of function youwould like to see on broou for it become the perfect surf app foryou?Write to us onbroou@broou.com+http://broou.comhttps://www.instagram.com/broou.apphttps://twitter.com/broou_apphttps://www.facebook.com/broou+thisis for you, bro.