Tomcat Pop: New Bubble Shooter 4.8
Tomcat Pop: Bubble Shooter: A great witch puzzle game by fun gamefor free on Google Play. My friends talking about tom cat bubbleshooter rescue is great story and very interesting. You guys arepassionate puzzles and love games bubble shooter classic can not besurprised that now in addition to characters like fish, panda isreplaced by cat Tom, dog Pulldog muscles, witch cats and mice likePerry in years. This is a classic shooting game, but you should notcompare tom cat pop bubble shooter with panda character becauseeach games has its own characteristics and new character. Let'shave Tom Cat eat cookie & candy increased strength, before shotup the bubbleshooter so that the Pulldog muscular dog saves thepoor Perry mice being trapped by wildcat cats. The mice Perry aretrapped in the ball or bubbles witch and when the ball explodesthey will be freed from flying back down to a safe place. Tomcatbubble shooter is not game online but games of the year on theworld because by far the best graphics and sound effects, designedto fit all smartphones and tablets. With this special game, perhapsthe hottest gaming gamers have exclaimed: the game is too fun andtoo good, you can play games and entertainment whenever you are onthe plane, on the train Electricity, cooking or being in theoffice. All ages, children, adults, workers, gold digger, crocodilecan play and feel satisfied. - Play game anywhere and anytime !Don't care you have wifi or not because game doesn't require youalways online. You can play it on the street, in the subway, in thecar or bus on the road, even in a temple, a school. OK? Just simplyis offline game. - Game are made for everybody, all age , boy orgirl, children or adult , men or women, under or over 18 age. Youcan Match three bubbles to pop them in this magical shootingadventure games. My game Bubble Pop is witch completely free toplay. -------How to Play bubble witch ------ Starting with TomcatPop: we have to take on the role-play of cat Tom responsiblefriend, Shrimp trying to throw the ball to our Pulldog athlete dog,when receiving Pulldog ball immediately actions, The miracle thatour dog constantly solves the poor Perry mouse locked in the ballfilled with the poison of magic witch cats. When playing you alsoneed good strategy thinking, you must use the balls of the rightcolor and match 3 bubbles, use free items or you can buy them inthe shop to increase the power to complete the task in a way.Easier and faster. Unlike bubbles shooter games classic, doorwaysand pass level screens, the Tomcat Bubble has truly evolved with1000 levels and continuous builds, graphics, sound effects that areincredibly attractive to bring is fresh and interesting for theplayers. New levels ensure the game's difficulty, appeal andbalance, which is expected to be updated from 2017, 2018, 2019 andpossibly 2020, and possibly many years on. Later on to serveplayers around the world. --------The Functions------- - Daily gift20 coins receive ( all week: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) - Over 2000challenges - Make easy money with pay-per-view videos, the morewatch video you make, the more money you will earn. - All naturalwonders in the world are included in the background as 3D. - Bubblein Island for background very nice - Connect facebook you areoffered 40 coins and more your friends can see you are playing toany level, increase the competitiveness and competition, challengeonline. Do not let your friends complain you are a chicken! - Donot play more than 6 hours a day, spend the rest of 18 hoursrelaxing, working, exercising, watch football and pets if you wantto. And now don't angry because wait to long. Download &Install on Mobile Tomcat Pop: Bubble Shooter - One of the bestshoot bubble deluxe ball game for free, Play to fulfill your mania.--------- CONTACT US bubble butt -------- Official website at: Email:
Strike Galaxy Attack: Alien Space Chicken Shooter 10.2
Strike Galaxy Attack: Shoot 'Em Up Chicken Shooter is the bestshooting online games PVP - The best arcade game of 2019 andpromising to create a major earthquake on Google Play. You can playit on all smartphone and tablet. In immense space, there are alwaysbrutal forces with plots to invade Earth: May be aliens or animalsthat is as intelligent as human… They can attack our beautifulearth anytime! Strike Galaxy Attack: Alien Space Chicken Shooterbring you a epic war against chicken invader squadron. They’re asfalcon modern fighter - the powerful army arm with advancedtechnology and the strongest weapons. You’re last hopeful of Earth,your mission is control Legendary Fighter and join the epic battleto protect Earth from the invaders. In the battle, you can changefighter and upgrade power of your fighters by collect items,booster to destroy all enemy. Please control your fighter cleverlyand smartly and bring the peace for Earth. If you want to win,you’re must be an experienced player of the top down air combatshooter games, infinity FPS squad games and you also have strategy, don’t waste your life and get the failure that was not worth it.Play game with high concentration to become a Hero who be trueleader of Earth. *********FEATURED********* - Log in Facebook toupdate leaderboad with your friends. - The attractive missionsystem . - Many mode to play : Campaign, Endless, Raidboss - Greatgraphics, Amazing sounds and music. - Many levels with differentdifficulties, different challenges. - Various enemy : chickenfighters, chicken army, Big bosses. - Many boosters, many items tocollect and upgrade . - The attractive daily mission, achievements.- Many free coins and booster with lucky wheel . Chicken ShooterShoot em up is much better than shooting games 1942, 1943, 1945Don’t wait. download Strike Galaxy Attack: Alien Space ChickenShooter right NOW!!! ****************** Contact***************Visit our Official site at: Follow us onFacebook at: PrivacyPolicy : Top Action Game : Top Adventure Game: Top Arcade Game: Top Puzzle Game: Top Strategy Game: Top Racing Game: Top Sport Game: Top RPG Game: Email contact: onegameinc@gmail.comFeedback:
Magic Jewels 2: New Story Match 3 Games 5.9
Magic Puzzle Legend 2: New Story Match 3 Games is a fun andexciting game, graphics and a whole new story. The puzzle game hasgreat graphics and sound that fits all smartphones and tabletsdedicated to the Google Play store. Step into the game you have tosolve the magic puzzles, unlock the levels and really be no smallchallenge for your brain. Enjoy the fun hours in this game thatconnects the magical magical objects of witches and wizards and becareful you can be addictive with this particularly interestinggame. On the way to the game you may be a bit scared with Halloweenis magical space and magical spells and wizards filled with magic.Do not be afraid to use items in the game like skulls, pumpkins,hats, mushrooms, moons, poisonous apples, poisonous spiders,witches to shoot the ball and win. Each time you match more than 3items of the same type, or more advanced items such as Magic Fire,Crystal Ball and Magic Book will create an explosion to destroyitems and new items. Let's combine the items to create awesomeexplosions and pass all levels! Explore the magical world of MagicJewels Legend: Match 3 Games includes the Witch city, magic school,castle, hills, waterfall, cemetery, haunted house, graveyard,island, cave… ----------------- How to play -------------------- -Find and swap or merge 3 or more magic items to complete a validstep - Receive free daily bonus & gift and dimond dash freegift. - Defeat the enemy by combining items - Create powerfulcombos by combining more than three magic items - Train your braindaily with over 1000 levels with increasing difficulty. Join thismysterious and adventurous adventure with this special adventuregame. - Play your way to match the magic world of Magic JewelsLegend: Match 3 Games Use the right items in the Halloween shoplike skulls, pumpkins, poison apples ... to clear the board -Connect facebook to check your progress through the rankings,connect online to know that your friends are also playing and atwhat level. - Special play: Super hard is good for your brain tofunction best. You can download free games and play offline gamescompletely because this is not an online game. - When playing agame, you also have to have rational tactics to not spend your timeand completely immersive character - You can play games anywhere,anytime, even when you're digging gold, playing sports, on the bus,playing cards, on the airplane or on a train. You can play the gamewhile you are cooking or in the office, racing or soccer, shootingor martial arts, kung fu training can play the game whenever youwant. - Game for all ages from male or female, old or young, boy orgirl, adult or children, over 18 and under 18 can play and feelfull of fun. ADD TO FAST QUICK PLAY WITH POWER-UPS - Magic Book:Created by matching 5 items Combine it with an item to destroy allmatching items - Magic Combo: Start level with Magic Fire andcombine Crystal Ball - Wizard Spell: Deletes all items of the game- Free movement: Move an item freely even without a suitable item -Magic Broom: Scan an item from the game - Magic Wand: Select 8connected items to destroy them - Magic Clock: Use to track timeand diamond classic to complete the table. Wait until you do notdownload Magic Puzzle Legend 2: New Story Match 3 Games on yourphone. ---------------------- CONTACT -------------------- Officialwebsite at: Follow Onegame Inc on Facebookat Fanpage: Privacypolicy and terms and conditions: Http:// Contactemail:
Metal Strike War: Gun Solider Shooting Games 7.6
In the early years of the twenty-first century, human beings withintelligence and developed science have produced a variety ofmodern weapons and organisms, as well as robots for life andprotection. people on earth. However, a large financial andterrorist group quietly produces destructive weapons andgenetically modified organisms that someday dominate the earth.Metal Strike War is the best action adventure game on Google Playand is suitable for all smartphones and tablets. In order to win,you have to fully immerse yourself in the character, createyourself a clever move tactic to avoid the bullets as well as BOSSof the enemy. Shoot guns at the enemy's base: Shoot, shoot theplane, shoot the enemy's elite task force, raid, ambush or use afleet. Your power. The game starts when the protagonist namedGraves takes command from the commander announcing the situation ofthe world. Graves will command the army to attack the military zoneand the legions of world-renowned terrorists. Pick up a gun andcounter strike a hundred , a thousand sniper hunter, a million SWATenemy, Sniper Zombie . Let attack all striker to defend.--------------How to play------------------ The game's play focuseson skipping skills, flipping over the air, running to shoot,avoiding bullets and destroying enemy units as well as enemies'BOSS. In the game there will be many items that support playerssuch as armor protecting the drum for a certain time, picking upboom, changing guns and upgrading guns players must use the maximumsupport items new war win and go through the stage. Each level willhave 3 small maps, at the end of each map players will encounterBOSS and this is the last gate is full of difficulties because BOSSwill be more powerful and more skill, promising to make playershave an exciting experience. . Through each map, BOSS will be moreand more awesome, more skill and beautiful than many. ****** WeaponSystem ************* System weapon of the game: each character willhave 5 guns. The top four guns of the characters are equallyequipped. The last gun will be the characteristic gun of eachcharacter. - Pistol ( Desert Eagle) - Colt - AK-47 - Laser - M60(machine 60) - M4A1 - Shot Gun (Hunting gun) - Sniper Rifle -Paintball - Uzi - Minigun (NEW). - Energy Blast (NEW). - Kel-TecKSG: This is the basic gun in the game. - AK Future: This is aspecial type of gun that splashes out a lot of bullets at once. -HK243: With this type of guns, you do not have to worry aboutobstructions or dizzy areas on a straight line. - FR-27: gun with atorrent of bullets. - The last gun system: The last guns will havetheir own individual characteristics for each player. You will feelmore confident when choosing a hero that will really fit yourskills. - Flaming Guns: With the advantage of high speed, damepowerful and damage to many objects at once it will be a perfectchoice for your adventure. - The rocket launcher: It has to fireevery rocket but with very strong attack power. - Laser wave gun:Shoot a wave of laser. Metal Strike War: Gun Solider Shooting gamesis an offline shooter, not an online game, nor a 3d game, but youcan completely compare scores with other players through therankings, ability Complete the mission system of the game, shareyour scores and achievements online on facebook, twitter ... WithMetal Strike War, whether you are male or female, boy or girl,adult or young, boy or girl can play the game and whether you areanywhere: on plane or train, digging gold or racing, on the bus oron the bus can play the game whenever you want. Now wait, downloadnow Metal Strike War: Gun Solider Shooting games on your phone andrescue the world.
Thunder Fighter Superhero: Strikers Shoot 'Em Up 5.4
Thunder Fighters Superheroes: Galaxy Shooter Attack Earth Wars thebest Arcade shooting game of 2019 and going to reached the 10million milestone download in 2020 on Google Play. This game is aaction game, shoot fighter , shmup with unique storyline and newgameplay transform fighting war. It is completely different fromother classic alien shooter games of the same genre. ThunderFighter Squadron: Space Shooter will have both offline and onlinemode ( single player and multiplayer). Especially this is the gamethat players can transform their fighter into robots with morepowerful combat power and stronger skills. Other chicken shootergames, other squadron games have never done that. You will be afalcon and Big leader hawk captain of The One-Team under Universe Iarmy. You will control the greatest fighter , fight to protect youUniverse. In the storyline, you will chase and retake blueprint ofSuper Robot Mountain King from Crulel. Crulel is a spy of UniverseX who entered our army and stolen the blueprint. Enter the gameInfinity squad assault right now to know more about the storyline.****** The Features****** Destroy enemies and get power-up item,gold to increase your power or upgrade fighter. Earn gold toupgrade or buy new fighter. Transform fighter to Robot by evolutioncard. Level system very balance and attractive. Global Leaderboard.Mission system, achievement system , daily task are very diverse.Complete mission to upgrade VIP rank. Join Community to connect allpeople over the world DON'T HESITATE, if you have ever played 1942,1943, 1945 classic arcade shooting or any other SHUMUP games,Please download Thunder Fighter Squadron: Strikers Shoot 'Em Up andenjoy this game. ★★★★★★★★★ CONTACT US★★★★★★★★★ We always try toperfect our product for our user. We want more ideas from you.Please contact us : Visit our Offical site at: Follow us on Facebook at: Privacy Policy : Top Action Game : Top Adventure Game: Top Arcade Game: Top Puzzle Game: Top Strategy Game: Top Racing Game: Top Sport Game: Top RPG Game: Email contact: onegameinc@gmail.comFeedback:
Cat Pop Island 6.6
Cat Pop Island - Bubble Shooter is the best puzzle & adventuregame on Google Play. Bella is a cat mom in Far Far Away Island - abeautiful Island at the end of the world. One day, Giant Octopus -Captain of the Black Force pirate boat come Far Far Away Island. Hesaw that this was a beautiful island and a lot of resources, so hecaptured all the people on the island and took over the island.Luckily, Bella was in a place they didn't see. When Bella returned,everyone on the island disappeared. And Bella decided to go chasethe pirate boat to save her kittens and villagers. On the way shemet and made friends with many strange candy friends and have superpowers. Their team successful or not, it depends on you! Toy match3 creates a blast and you will win. Cat Pop Island - Bubble Shootertoon has no characters witch or like panda, bunny but thecharacters are more attractive and they are cookie stars of theislands saga they come to. Don't wait! Please download and helpthem save all people.
Guardians of Kingdom : Idle Defense War Fight 0.25
Guardians of Kingdom : Idle Defense War Fight is an awesome RPG -strategy game with cool actions and adventurous factors. Downloadfor free and fight against giant monsters to defense your kingdom.Create an army of your own. Upgrade and craft your items in orderto create the most powerful defense formation against waves ofenemy. Guardians of Kingdom : Idle Defense War features: -And RPGand strategic game: create a team combined of heroes with differentabilities. -Auto fight mode: You don’t have to fight the monstersmanually, therefore have more time to enjoy other features of thegame. -Mines: you can still get game materials even when notplaying. -Diverse skill system and heroes: you can create a team ofdifferent heroes, skills and classes. Smash enemy waves with yourformation. -Level up your hero, collect support ones, upgradeskills and items to strengthen your formation. -Discover materials,recipes to craft rare and legendary items to make your heroesinvincible. Guardians of Kingdom : Idle Defense War , a simple andaddictive strategic RPG game that can be played with one finger.Join the cause and become the most powerful army of the kingdom.
Super Stickman Heroes Fight 1.5
Super Stickman Heroes is the best action and fighting arcade gameon Google Play. Players can choose their Super Heroes, upgrade theultimate power, join the tournament of all universes and climb TOPon worldwide rankings. 👉Unique graphics, amazing music and soundeffects. 👉A lot of Heroes for you to choose! Please collect andlevel up them 👉The upgrade system is huge but easy to use. 👉Diversecombat skills: Hame attack ball, Final Blast, Spider web, ThunderFlash, Roar of the God, Iron Gun Machine, Brave Soldier, DragonSword, X beam... ( And many skills A to Z, all in one game).👉Unlock many mode and face many challenges. 👉7 Leagues in PvP Mode:Beginner, Amateur, Pro Player, Top Player, Legend, God, Ultimate👉Climb top of the word in PvP Mode to get super rewards for thestrongest man. Download Super Stickman Heroes now - to experiencethe world's best fighting action game.