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Exostars: Galaxy Arcade Shooter
Exostars is a unique sci-fi arcade shooter. Collect materials,craftyour own spaceships and explode your enemies! With the EarlyAccess,get a full Spaceship Set for FREE!! Thank you for beingpart of thisadventure! “Proxima Centauri b – Year 21XX The Hopesmission wasabout to complete its first interstellar migration,when a hugeexplosion wiped out the Alpha colony, and with it 2decades ofefforts. You wake up in its ruins on board of anExocraft…” Thisearly access build, gives you access to: - A uniquetop-down shoot'em up - The Factory district - 1 Challenger mode(while waiting foradditional content) - Fully customizablespaceships, including: -Vulcan (get it for free with the EarlyAccess!) - Hyperion - Zeus -And more to come!