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Shopping List - Buy Me a Pie! 3.5.20
Best grocery shopping list ever!
Abyss — Thrilling Chat Stories 2.5.0
In the Abyss app you will find dozens of breathtaking chat-stories.Take a look into the chat of our characters and find out who theylove, who they are jealous of and what frightens them. Dive intothe intriguing fictional reality and experience a feeling of beinginvolved in a story. Remember yourself being a child hiding underthe blanket with a book and a flashlight, binging a chapter after achapter... As soon as you start reading, you are no longer apassive onlooker but a real partaker. You will hardly be able totear yourself away from chat-stories. Read them on your way home,to school, college or work. By the way, you can back get to readinganytime – the app always "remembers" the moment you stopped at.Choose your favorite genre – we tell horror, mystic, romantic,fantastic, crime stories and many others. If you have a story topost in the app, please, email us at