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34 million global users have selected OP.GG! For those of you whowant to win more games, may I introduce you to the OP.GG App? [LOL]◆ Champion Scorecard "How many points do I have on my main champ?""My Fizz is as good as Fakers’ for my Tier?" Based upon ourdatabase of millions of summoners, we will analyze your play stylein detail, and let you know if you are Faker or a Feeder. ◆Detailed Game Analysis Performance evaluation for each game How doI rank compared to all other summoners for the match. How much moreI carried than the teammate flaming me. Now we can show you allthese things backed up by actual numbers. ◆ Champion Analysis Checkchamp stats quickly right before a game Look up champs quickly andeasily No need to Alt + Tab. Using Champion Favorites and ChampionSorting functions, look up the stats you need faster than yourenemies. [PUBG] ◆ Rank System introducing a new rank system We nowshow your stats based upon PUBG’s newly updated rank system. Keepplaying and climbing the tiers! [About OP.GG] ◆ The OP.GG are usedby more than 34 million users. We are the world’s #1 gamestatistics service, and we are always striving to help gamers enjoytheir games more. [Support] service@op.gg www.op.ggwww.fb.com/lolopgg
LOL Issue for OP.GG 1.1.0
LOL Issue provides newest issues about Leagueof Legends, and you can also share issues to this.Check hot movies, the newest information, news about League ofLegends provided by OP.GG!Site: http://op.gg
오버로그 - 오버워치 전적검색 1.0.1
오버로그 - 오버워치 전적검색오버워치의 전적, 영웅 통계, 영웅 평점 KDA, 승률, 랭킹을 볼 수 있습니다.지금 바로 플레이어명을 검색해보세요!-Tag: 오버로그, Overlog, 겐지지지, genji.gg, 겐지, genji, 오버워치, 오버워치 전적검색, 영웅,통계, 랭킹, 데이터, OverWatch Statistics, Ranking, Data, 공략, 오버워치 op.gg,류승룡 기모찌, 류승룡 기모띠, 전적검색Over log - Overwatchwholly SearchThe Overwatch entirely, you can view your hero stats, heroesrated KDA, odds, rankings.Try searching for right now, player names!-Tag: over a log, Overlog, Kenji support, genji.gg, Kenji, genji,Overwatch, Overwatch search entirely, heroes, statistics, rankings,data, OverWatch Statistics, Ranking, Data, targeting, Overwatchop.gg, Ryu Seung-ryong mochi group, Ryu Seung-ryong, brushed band,wholly Search
이럴리가없다 1.0.1
지금까지 롤에 바친 시간을.ARABOZA 협곡에서 보낸 눈물의 시간들.. 칼바람에서 떼운 인고의 시간들... 과연나는얼마나 이놈의 게임에 인생을 바쳤는지? 소환사 검색으로 알아봅시다! 주요 기능 - 총 플레이 시간을 일/시간/분단위로제공 - 총 플레이 시간의 KR서버 순위표 제공 - 게임 할 시간에 딴 걸 했다면? 기회비용 표시 저희는 게이머들과함께재미있는 서비스를 만듭니다. 좋은 아이디어가 있다면, 리뷰 달아주세요! So far you havedevotedtime to rolls .ARABOZA Tears in the gorge. The time oftheinscription in the wind ... How long have I devoted my life tothisgame? Let's find out by Summoner Search! main function -Providestotal play time in days / hours / minutes - Provide KRServerLeader of total play time - What time was it for the game?Showopportunity cost We create interesting services with gamers. Ifyouhave a good idea, please write a review!