OrangeTee 3.2.0
Providing a One Stop Real Estate Ecosystem for all Real EstateAgents, OrangeTee Agent app is the ONLY app that will help you toadapt to the fast-changing digital world and help transform yourreal estate business. Our goals for this “Super-App” are: 1) Toenhance agents’ productivity for your daily business needs. 2) Tobuild an effective platform for collaboration with businesspartners, and 3) To provide the best customer-centric services foryour clients. You will be equipped to serve clients effectively andefficiently as you can now post your listings to multiple portals,send personalised reports and marketing materials directly to yourclients, be in the constant knowledge of market transactions andtrends, keep track of your personal and team performances, computeTDSR and the loan amount for home financing, be empowered by dataanalytics and many more. OrangeTee Agent app is exclusive to allOrangeTee & Tie Real Estate Agents. Join OrangeTee & Tieand download the app to enjoy the new exciting features!