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Minesweeper 1.3.1
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Minesweeper classic free - The famous windows 98 game!MinesweeperClassic Free (mines) is a famous game from windows(minesweeper) .This game has no ads. We design minesweeper free version just forthe memories, and we also have restored the one of old schoolwindows games. This puzzle game is suitable for everybody. ole! Doyou want dominate all the levels?The goal of the game is to uncoverall the squares that do not contain mines. Put all the flags on themines use long tap(button), and need to clear all theminefield.★Minesweeper Classic features:- Smoothest Minesweeperfree version(classic), one of the classic windows games.- Variableminefield. You can customize the number of mines and the size ofthe minefield (More mines mining hard to play, less mines miningeasy to play).- Three kinds of difficulty (easy, middle, hard)- Oldschool classic windows original game.- adapted to the screen.Tablet support.- We add some sound effects in this puzzle game.-Increase the difficulty of mines clearance just like the windowsgames. - More phone models support.- It’s a minesweeper freeversion.★How to Play Minesweeper ClassicPut flags on all theminefield button where you think mines may be located.Flags can beplaced by clicking on the flag button located at the top of thescreen or by holding down on the screen.★Guide for minesweeper freeversionClear the level by leaving only the tiles(button) thatcontain mines button untouched and don't use any flags. It’s verysuitable for new player.Recommended for the people that have honedtheir concentration and perception skills and want a realchallenge.If you like classic windows games, I think you shouldchoice the old school Minesweeper Classic Free, you're going tolove this puzzle game! Ole!Ole!This game is a very suitable type oforiginal games for kids, for the exercise of children'sintelligence.Do you remember the Minesweeper classic free versiongame for Windows? It’s a real old school puzzle game. Well, it isback and better than every with a new minimalistic monochromestyle! You probably know the rules but here is some help for thosewho have born. Yeah, it’s very suitable for you. Ole!The worldfamous Minesweeper classic free game (windows game) has been turnedinto an easy to play app! Can you dominate all the levels? Don’tforget use flags to mark all the minefield. Ole!Take your time andenjoy playing the worldwide famous old school windows game! Enjoythe minesweeper free game! To be minesweeper!