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KidRead : Parental control 1.1041
KidRead (kidread.com) helps parents to make the best out of mobiledevices for children growth & entertainment by allowing them tocontrol how much time each kid can spend on which application.Yourchildren will have a special desktop with their score on top, theirscore will allow them to access applications. For instance, a kidwill be able to access entertainment applications only if he/sheearned enough points using and educational ones.KidRead also allowsyou to configure a separate desktop for each child, and determinewhich installed applications will be visible by the child.When youconfigure KidRead, you select each application on the kid's deviceto be under one of the below categories: -For fun (with a scorefrom -1 to -5)-Neutral (doesn't affect the score)-For study (with ascore of +1 and up to +5)You can also change application settingsremotely and view usage statistics for each child using youraccount on kidread.com website.With KidRead you may be sure, thatyour KidRead!https://www.facebook.com/KidReadApphttp://vk.com/kidreadapphttp://www.odnoklassniki.ru/group/56816975872036
Diary (Timetable) 1.28.06
Application for schoolboys and students,indispensable assistant with very flexible settings for creatingand conducting lesson schedule (timetable).Diary supports- different types of schedules (for one and two weeks);- different kinds of classes (seminar, practical, and lab);- schedule views (for the week or day);- adding homework (incl. linked with workbook), accomplishmark;- tasks terms and priority;- convenient day planning.
PocketBook CoverReader 2.0
Base application required forPocketBookCoverReader devices to function.Implements the following functions of CoverReader:- Sending texts and images to CoverReader- Display notifications for missed calls and SMS- Settings: page turning and picture output methods,notificationsmode, standby and shutdown timeouts, as well as areminder toinstall or upgrade PocketBook Reader.and supports output to CoverReader for PocketBookReaderapplication.Interface languages available​:English, Українська, Русский.