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Lily Pad Leapin - Paid 1.0
In the tradition of one tap games, Octobyte Games is proud topresent "Lily Pad Leapin"Hopper is having a bad day. You see,Hopper has forgotten how to swim! Help Hopper jump from Lily Pad toLily Pad and grow your score! The closer he gets to the middle ofthe lily pad, the more points you get! Play conservatively, orthrow caution to the wind and bounce Hopper off the sides for bonuspoints!Google Games support coming soon!This game has the samefeatures as the FREE game, just WITHOUT ads.
Just 10 Taps FREE 1.4
Octobyte Games is proud to present Just 10 Taps! Just tap toplay!Just 10 Taps is an addictive arcade puzzle game, bit it's somuch more than just mindlessly tapping! Strategy and Logic will winyou the day!Tap on a block to remove it and all like colored blocksadjacent to it. The more gem pieces you remove with each tap, thehigher your score will soar! Share your score (or shame yourfriends) from the title screen and battle your friends! Replay eachof the 99 levels again and again to crush your old high score! Thisain't a candy matching match 3! Stretch your strategic thinking!Remember, you have JUST 10 TAPS!The game is completely free and adsupported!"Pixel Peeker Polka - faster"Kevin MacLeod(incompetech.com)Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution3.0http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/#just10taps
Spikey Ninja 1.1
In the tradition of addictive, one tap games, Octobyte Games isproud to present Spikey Ninja! Guide your Ninja through thelandscape filled with spikes! Tap, rope, and fly your ninja to aHi-Score Victory! Simple, one tap controls, paired with anaddictive Hi-Score experience!Simply tap your finger and yourbodysuited Ninja will throw out his rope! When he reaches the endof his line, he will start to fall! Keep your Ninja perforationfree! Obviously inspired by Flappy bird in terms of game scenario,the line slinging gameplay brings a new spin on the action arcadeformula.Social features coming soon! Any and all comments are verymuch appreciated!---Thank you for checking out Spikey Ninja, Iproduced this game over the course of about 3 days; mainly for mykids. However, as I watched them play over and over again, Idecided to get it ready for the Google Play store. I do hope youenjoy the game, and if you do; please, please share the game withyour friends.Thank you again!
tapzen 1.5
Octobyte Games is proud to continue their android puzzle saga withtapzen!Welcome to tapzen, a relaxing, zen-like free puzzle game.Millions of puzzles with NO PRESSURE! Unlike other puzzle gamestapzen doesn't have energy, or in-app purchases, candy to crush, orways to squeeze every last cent out of you; it simply presentspuzzles for you to solve at your leisure! Kids, adults, and evenpets can get in on the fun! Tackle the easier 3 Color mode, orchallenge yourself to the dastardly 4 Color mode! Tapzen presentsminimalist arcade puzzles at their very best!Thank you as alwaysfor downloading our game! Reviews and comments are alwaysappreciated!Puzzle games free.
Demon Castle 1.9
The Castle awaits! The evil Demon Castle has reappeared andunleashed it's army against you. How far can you make it in thecastle before you fall to the Medusa head minions? Compete on theleaderboard for the High Score!Don't let the simple controls foolyou, your adventure through the Castle is full of peril! Is itbetter to stop in your tracks for a moment, or charge aheadwhipping furiously?Full Google Play integration, featuring HighScore boards and Achievements!Samuel wished he could have lived asimple life. He hoped the day never suddenly turned to night, andthat the air would be clear of the smell of evil. His hopes ofpeace were dashed the day the Demon Castle again appeared on thehorizon. As light turned to an ominous dark, Samuel thought tohimself."What a terrible night to have a curse."I would very muchappreciate your reviews!Inspired by the hardest flying Medusaheads.
Booster Bros 2.0
The Booster Bros found jetpacks! The Bros couldn't jump before, butnow they can! The Bros think they're better than some springequipped Ninja! Jetpacks are much improved on springs! Increaseyour daring with combo system! Grab the coin but do not fail yourjump!
Soccer Superstar! 1.1
Physics, am I right? Physics is a harsh mistress; a cold,unforgiving contender for the most heartless scientific principalof the year award. Physics does not care that you are rag doll whowill die if your soccer ball hits the ground. Physics is notimpressed with your seemingly superhuman ability to fling yourselfaround in bold defiance of natural laws. Physics knows it will win.Physics knows the X's of death will eventually appear in youreyes.Even worse...Physics knows you will be back for more.Simplecontrols for tons of fun! A single swipe it all it takes to flingyour rag doll! Rack up points with every hit! Break the engine forMASSIVE POINTS!
Demon Castle : Bloodstained Night 1.01
Octobyte Games is proud to present Demon Castle :BloodstainedNight. A full, classic style platform action game. TheDemon Castlehas risen again, and it's up to you and your whip toend the evilBloodstained Night. Absolutely no online functionality!Ride theblood! Underwhelming artwork! Whip Demons! Single playeronly!Fight Bosses! Fight a Snowman Boss! Demon Castle:BloodstainedNight took far longer to develop than anticipated. Thiswasoriginally a "two week project" 10 months ago. But here it isinall it's glory. I hope you have some fun whipping monstersanddemons, that's the goal here. Comments are always welcomed.
Gobs of Ghosts 1.01
Standing between you and the ultimate evil? Hordes of the dead andundead, ghosts, goblins, and ghouls. Your own life challenged stateis of little concern. The Chef of Death awaits you! Dive into thisclassic retro style platformer action game! Double Jump over theghouls! Destroy ghosts with your Axe! Fight BOSSES! Whip someenemies with the bonus character! Dodge the goblins! Octobyte Gamesis proud to present Gobs of Ghosts, a classic action platformerwith a pleasing 1-Bit graphical style. This isn't a cakewalk! Youwill be overrun if you try to push yourself too fast without theskills to back it up, and I'm not sorry. The single in-app purchasewill remove ads and give you access to the bonus character Aru.COOL! What do the critics say? Well they say: "Gobs Of Ghosts is anostalgic run and gun platformer that doesn't hold your hand." 4/5Supergamedroid.com And that's it. I'm a small developer who doesn'tget much press coverage! If you would please be so kind as to leaveus a rating, the Octobyte Games crew (aka ME) would reallyappreciate it! Just a simple rating can have a huge impact for uslittle guys and make us eternally thankful!