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Commando Action City Battle 1.2
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You are a lone survivor and the shooter inthecity to defend; you are a one man army, chief, commanderandin-charge. Equipped with ammunition in action packed situationsyouneed to destroy the attacks of enemy army. The enemy willattackyou from helicopters and jets. Neutralize the attacks andsucceedfor the next mission.Jump in the city battle field and test your limits. Takethefrontline action with armors and more, rip off the enemyattacks.Master your shooting skills and make the bases safe andsurvive asa single person when enemy will attack from the frontduringwar.Grab your guns to fight enemy air attacks, eliminate the invadersinthis warfare. As an army commando, complete challenging warmissionsstrategically to defend the city from brutal enemies. Thegameconsists of different battle areas each with differentscenarios.You are supposed to kill all the army of enemy withpowerful anddestructive guns and arsenal with unending ammo.Commando ActionCity Battle is all about shooting, survival and thedefense.Aim, engage and shoot the target! Modern commando war is #1shootinggame!Features:- Enjoy the high-end, impressive shooting gameplay.- Small size, low on memory.- Supports all android devices.- Kill enemies to achieve the next level.- Realistic 3D graphics and killing effects.- Multiple advanced shooting guns.- Thrilling army missions that will challenge you.- Brutal commando action battle game.- A game with user friendly GUI and controls.- Military environment gives you the real feel of war movies.- Enjoy good quality sound effects.- Excellent weapon controls & movement.- Border environment feel.