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TWL2KML (Naviguide to Orux) 1.3
Ohad Gur
Convert a TWL (Naviguide waypoints list) file to a KML (Google andOrux maps) file.This lightweight utility takes a file in thepropriety TWL format (Israeli off-road navigation software) toGoogle's KML format which can be used in Google Earth, Orux mapsetc.Just choose the input TWL file and click on the 'Convert'button. By default, the generated KML file will be in the samedirectory with the same file name (with KML suffix)."SilentConversion" -A TWL file can be automatically converted to a KMLfile via file browsers or cloud application like Dropbox, by simplyclicking on it.After the silent conversion is done, the created KMLfile will be automatically opened by an application that handlesKML files, or the user will be prompted to choose an applicationfrom a list, if there is more than one.