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One of the most exciting and most populargames since computers were invented is now available for yourAndroid device. Minesweeper was first introduced in 1960s andbecame instant success.Minesweeper is simple yet very fun and addicting game for singleplayer. The goal of the game is to uncover all the fields on themap that do not contain mines without being "destroyed" by clickingon a mine. The location of the mines is discovered by a process oflogic. Clicking on the game board will reveal what is hiddenunderneath the chosen square or squares (a large number of blanksquares may be revealed in one go if they are adjacent to eachother). Some squares are blank but some contain numbers (1 to 8),each number being the number of mines adjacent to the uncoveredsquare. To help avoid hitting a mine, the location of a suspectedmine can be marked by flagging it with the right mouse button. Thegame is won once all blank squares have been uncovered withouthitting a mine, any remaining mines not identified by flags beingautomatically flagged by the computer.This Minesweeper app is designed to look and feel like the MSWindows Minesweeper game. People of all ages love to playMinesweeper.Features:- Simple and professional- Unlimited difficulty options: beginner, intermediate, advanced orcustom- Game timer- Mines left counter- Start new game any time you like- In game help menu- Provides hours and hours of fun playing- Kids love it and keeps them occupied for hours!Minesweeper app can be also called Mine sweeper, Minesweeperclassic, Minesweeper for Android or just simply Mines.