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RainViewer: NOAA Weather Radar, Rain Forecast 1.11.10
RainViewer displays real-time weather conditions on an interactivelive map. With RainViewer you will always be aware of rain or snowconditions: see how rain moves in real time, its direction as wellas intensity. You can set alerts to be notified when rainfall,storms, or snowfall approaching your location. MAIN ADVANTAGES •Current weather conditions: View real-time weather conditions foryour location. • Weather radar: Get the most accurate weatherforecast based on 1074 radars located all across the world. • Allavailable precipitation: Keep track of rain, snow, hail,thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes and typhoons. • Rain alerts:Stay aware when rainfall, storms, or snowfall approach you withoutopening the app. • Home screen widget: View local and country-wideweather conditions in real time on your home screen. • Available in85 countries: Be prepared for rainy weather and wet conditionsanywhere on the globe. • 32 languages supported: RainViewer speaksyour language. PRO FEATURES • Rain data archive: See how rain orsnow have been moving during the previous 6 hours (48 hours PremiumFeature). • Single rada map: View all 1074 radars on a single mapor tap on a specific one to view details. • Precipitationdirection: The arrows indicate the direction of precipitations onthe map. (Premium Feature) • HD Radar: View HD information from theradar (smoothing) or view the classic radar (without smoothing).RAIN ALERTS • Instant alerts: Stay notified when rain or snow is onits way. • In radius alerts: Specify radius to receive alerts fornearby precipitation. • Minimal intensity: Select intensity ofprecipitation starting from which you’ll be receiving rain alerts.• Ringtones: Set different ringtones depending on rain intensity.CUSTOMIZE YOUR WEATHER • Color scheme: Select color scheme for theprecipitation layer from the 16 available color schemes in the app• Snowfall: Turn on snow display so that you're ready to make asnowman. • Distance units: Select Miles (mi) or Kilometers (km) asunits to display distance. • Night Mode: Set up dark mode for nighttime. • Time intervals: Display precipitation map for the last 1hr- 6hr (1hr - 48hr Premium Features) • Map type: Standard, Dark,Hybrid, Terrain, Silver and Night Map. • Real-time trafficconditions: View current traffic conditions to better plan yourday. IN-APP PREMIUM FEATURES • Ad-free. • Precipitation directionon the main screen. • Recurring map updates every 5-10 minutes forthe previous 2 and 6 hours of animation, respectively. • Dataarchive: single data radar for the previous 24 hours. Composite mapfor the previous 48 hours. See a full radar map:https://www.rainviewer.com/coverage.html