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Wolf Hunters 1.1.5
Oliver Bilbie
At the beginning of the game, everyone is assigned a role. Theseroles mostly have designated factions, and to achieve victory aplayer's faction must win. Players are lead through the game by themoderator.The game consists of day and night cycles. During thedaytime, villagers (and everyone else) decide on which player theyshould burn at the stake when nighttime falls. There is then avote, which results in the two most voted-for players (tied votesmay increase this number) being submitted into the second stage ofvoting. After being given last words, one of these players is thenselected to die, and nighttime begins.During the night all playerswill close their eyes, unless instructed to awaken. Some roles areable to obtain information about the other players, such as whetherthey are corrupt or mystic. During this time, the wolves may attackone player of their choosing.The goal of the village is toeliminate all of the wolves using the information presented tothem. The goal of the wolves is to kill all of the villagers,however the wolves are outnumbered, so must try to blend in andinfluence the village's decisions.