Olu Akinsatimi Apps

Holy Bible 1.3
This bible app was created with a goal to make it easy and fasterto navigate the bible. This is an app created for everyone. Readthe Bible and enjoy the features.Features Include:1) Search Toolfor Bible chapters and verses2) Increase and Decrease Font size3)Change Colour of Bible Text4) Saving Notes5) Edit Note6) DeleteNote7) Search Tool for Notes
Application to take notes. It allows the followingfunctionalities:1) Prioritising Notes2) Displaying Recent Notes3)Saving and Viewing Notes 4) Creating an Alarm and Notificationbased on Notes saved5) Easy to use writing etc
ST School Management App 2.0
An Application for managing school courses and events. Useful forprimary, colleges, and universities. Feel free to download. Thisversion is created so you can contact me to develop similar foryour school.Feel free to contact me and download my other apps aswell.
MStream 1.4
Listen to music online without the need to download the music.Thisapp has been designed to provide warning when other connectionsthan wifi is used to stream music. Upload music online.Create yourmusic playlist.Other features available.
ST Drawing 1.2
This app was created for drawing. Features include:- Many drawingcolours to choose from- Background colour can be changed to manycolours- Brush colour can be changed to many colours- Save imagedrawn- Automatic save of drawing so no image is lost- Friendly Undoand Delete button- Eraser and Pen features- Loading images fromphone- Sharing Images drawnetc