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Medics 1.1
Medics App provides 1. Ayurveda Medicine (Indian medicine): listofAyurveda medicine and their uses 2. Herbal Medicine: ListHerbalmedicine from from India and of other parts of world alongwithNational Institute of Health (NIH), USA 3. Homeo Medicine: ListofHomeopathic medicine and their uses 4. Drugs : Allopathicpharmacy(Modern medicine), uses of medicine, which diseases, sideeffectsand many more 5. Medical Tests: Thousands of medical testsandtheir descriptions and many more parameters 6. NIH Lab Tests:Thissection contains laboratory tests list from NIH,contains,comprehensive information about lab tests 7. MedicalTerms(Dictionary): Thousands of medical words and their meanings8.Pharmacy Terms (Dictionary): Thousands of pharmacy words andtheirmeanings 9. Every description is available to text speech
NIH RePORT Hub application provides comprehensive data search onNIHfunded research projects. Main Features of App -Search NIHfundedProjects and their information -Search NIH funded ResearchProjectswith Principle Investigator or Co-PI names -Search fundedProjectsby Any Keyword, like, disease, condition, gene, title, PIor anyother terms -Search funded Projects by Institute, UniversityorOrganization Name -Easy search and great detailed informationonfunded projects -Search Results can show you -Grant Type-GrantNumber -Project Title -PI and Co-PIs -Funded Year -FundingStartingand Ending Years -DunsID or Duns number -Project summery-Keywords
Genes & Diseases 2.0
Genes & Diseases app provides comprehensive informationaboutGenes, its functions and their relevant data from NIHdatabases  Features: -Search Any Gene name or diseases name insearchbar Gene Name Search -Data search will display Genenormalfunction, Health conditions, genetics changes -Gene locationonchromosome -Other names of the gene if any -Any otheradditionalinformation if available -You can also view proteinstructure orgene sequence Disease Name Search -General informationabout theDisease -Frequency of disease -Causes of disease-Geneticsinheritance -Diagnosis and management related information-Othernames for disease condition -Any other information ifavailable-Genes that are relavent or published data informationalsoavailable -Chromosomes and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA)informationGenes & Disease App also provides *Easy to check anyhealthinformation that are available on NIH website *Otherexternalwebsite, that are available to show relavent information*Easy toexport displayed data PDF *Easy to Share on social networkor email*Connect us on social media *Contact Us for feedback *Helpsectionis available for tutorials
Clinical Trials Hub 1.1
Clinical Trials Hub App Provides -Clinical Trials informationfromNIH databases -Clinical Trials search by State (use only twolettercode for State; Only in United States) -Clinical Trialssearch byUniversity or Company (Example: Yale University) -ClinicalTrialssearch by Location ( City Name) -Clinical Trials search byProjectTitle -Clinical Trials search by Clinical Study Number-ClinicalTrials search by Country Name -Clinical Trials search byDate-Clinical Trials search by Clinical Trials Phage ( Type only:I,II, III and IV) -Search history storing in History section-Addproject to Favorite section -Connect Us with on social oremail-Other Apps from us Each Study can be provide: -OfficialTitle-Brief Title -NCI ID -Protocol ID -PrincipleInvestigatorInformation -Study Type -Study Start and End dates-OrganizationInformation with Contact Phone -Clinical Triallocation and address-Brief Summary -Detailed Description
Journal IF 5.6
Journal IF (Impact Factor) app provides comprehensiveJournalCitation Report (JCR) history since 2000 to 2019 (20 years)andcontinue Features: -Search any keyword to find relaventjournals(i.e., ISSN, eISSN, category, subject) In JCR -Detailedinformationabout Journal, ISSN, eISSN, Subject Category, CountryofPublication, Journal website (if available) -Yearly JournalImpactFactor, since 2000 -You can save interested journalscreenshot toshare on social media or email or save -Usefultutorials about theApp and how to use -You can connect us on socialmedia or contactus by email
PubMed HUB 6.5
PubMed Hub app provides comprehensive data search scientificresearch. -Easy search, favoring articles and browsing history atfinger tip -search with any words in the search bar to get thescientific articles with author names and abstract. If full textavailable which will be shown in the app if not available, whichcan be re-directed to publishing journal. -You can also send usfeedback for new features -Sharing articles in social media-sharing your opinion on directly connect social media -everyarticle with Journal impact factor (if available) -Other Apps fromus -Total Impact Factor of all your published work================== Major Update: -Registration -NIH Books-Scientific Jokes -Total Impact factor and Citation counts CompleteDesign Change Each Article Citations also included My articlessection: Total Impact Factor and also Total citations PDF filesdownload (PDF BoX) Reading PDF files (only single column PDFs) asAudioBox Research News as Major scientific journals Rss feeds anddownload PDF if available Many more ============== Autosubscription to remove Ads Auto subscription to AudioBox
LearnIT 3.0
Learn IT (Information Technology) Android App This app isdevelopedto rapidly check software tutorials from YouTube. We havedevelopedto show high quality videos with trending -Major softwaretutorials-.Net, JAVA, HTML and so on -1000s of videos preloaded todatabase-App designed to easy access -add to favorite section tolatercheck
Med Wiki 2.0
MedWiki app provides comprehensive medical information-MedicinalDrug name and their information -Herbal Supplementdetailedinformation -Medical Laboratory tests and theirdetaileddescription -Medical Encyclopedia, which provide commonmedicalterminology and meaning -Health Games, health videos andhealthcheck tools included -Useful information for everyone,especially,students, medical and scientists.
Gene Networks 1.0
Gene Networks Android app provides extensive information ongenesnames, gene networks, Gene ontology and many more frommultiple websources. -Easy to use mobile app for geneticinformation -Searchany gene name or network -Discover signalingpathways -Metabolomicsdata analysis -Microbiome analysis -Omicsdata analysis -Proteinstructures and information -Connect us withemail or social media
Journals DB 1.0
Journals DB Android app provides indexing of multipledatabaseswhich included journals in their databases -JournalsIndexed inMedLine and PubMed Central databases -Master JournalIndex -SCIIndex -SCI Extended Index -Journals list in ScimagoJournals-Copernicus Index -CORE Index database -Science Opendatabase -DOAJIndexed Journals -ISSN database -Connect us withemail or socialmedia
PubMed HUB TV 2.0
PubMed Hub TV app provides comprehensive scientific datasearchfrom PubMed for Android TV devices.  Features: -Easyto use, search any keyword (i.e., cancer, authornames and so on) insearch bar for related research articles fromthe PubMed, whichin turn displays, chronological order,article title, author names,affiliations, journal name, year,volume, issue and page numbersalong with PMID and DOI. -MyArticlesand Favorites -Total ImpactFactor -Total Citations -Journal ImpactFactor -Favorite ownarticles or interested articles on favoritestab for later reading-Keeping track of browsing history for quickaccess -Help section toguide to use app
AGTV 2.1
AGTV app features Amazing "Got Talent" Videos from youtube.AmericaGot Talent videos Britain Got Talent videos Philippines GotTalentvideos Global Got Talent videos Gold buzzers, with JudgenamesVarious categories i.e., funny, magician, wow, amazing,incredible,and many more
Drug Wiki 1.0
Drug Wiki Android app provides comprehensive medicaldruginformation, which is retrieved from FDA database. -MedicalDrugnames and their manufacturing company -Drug ingredients andtheirmedical history -Search by brand name or drug ingredients oranyother keyword -Complete list of more than 28 parameters foreachdrug if available -Drug information i.e., Description,DrugInteractions, Geriatric Use, Precautions, Clinicalinformation,Pharmacokinetics, Indications and use, dosage andadministration,Pediatric use, clinical studies and more -Usefulinformation ondrugs and actions for everyone, especially, studentsandscientists.
Health Topics 2.1
Health Topics app useful to explore medical informationandterminology. You can search any keyword related health anddiseases-Search any health topic and keyword -any diseaseconditions -anygenetics disorder -medical complications -medicalterminology-connect us or contact us -help section: how to use app
Gene Wiki 1.0
Gene Wiki Android app provides extensive information on genesnamesand genetics. -List of all genes in alphabetical order fromNIHDatabases -Search any gene name for information-Detailedinformation of chromosomes -Health Conditions anddiseaseinformation -Mitochondrial DNA information -Geneticstutorials forstudents and enthusiasts to learn more -Extensivetutorials onHuman Genetics -Connect us with email or social media
Research Notes 5.6
Research Notes app provides hundreds of journals RSS Feeds insingleapp Major Features -World renowned Publishers and theirsciencejournals RSS Feeds -Nature, Science, Cell, Trends, PLOS,BioRxiv andOxford journals -Journals based on the their subjectcategories-Biology, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Cell andMolecular Biology,Chemistry, Genetics, Immunology, Microbiology,Oncology, PlantBiology, Virology/Pathology and Surgery -Blood andJournal ofBiological Chemistry -Connect us and Social pages -PDFBox for PDFfiles to download -Hundreds of new journals added-In-App purchases-Add journals to favorite section -Other appsfrom us Note: If youwant add any other journal to App, email us