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CompMan Maritime Exam Reviewer (Demo) 1.12
In BriefCompetence Management (CompMan) & Consultancy Inc. recognizesthe value of training and review for the board examination inbuilding up the confidence and competence of Filipino seafarers inorder to compete and excel globally.To achieve this goal, CompMan introduced into the Review Processthe element of identifying and monitoring the strengths andweaknesses of the learner and use these as basis for effectivecounselling. These are basic but proven methodology in competencedevelopment; strengts motivates and increases the level ofconfidence while the weakness, once accepted, opens the doortowards continuous improvement.ServicesDeck Officer Review for Operational and Management level.Engine Officer Review for Operational and Management level.Counselling for continues improvementTutorial focusing on weaknessMore Detailshttp://www.compman.ph