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Hard Logic 2.0
One Man Band
Hard Logic is game with unusual addictive playing mechanics,stylish graphics and simple rules, just move the magnets on themarked fields. 120 levels with increasing difficulty will spend youa lot of hours in the game, you will return to it again and again.
the Sequence Lite 1.2
One Man Band
The Sequence is a unique puzzle game. Build a sequence usingspecial modules to transfer binary cell. Find solutions to solvelevels with simple and complex structure. Are you ready for achallenge? Lite version includes the first 13 levels. For morelevels check out the Full version.
Hard Logic FREE 1.6
One Man Band
Hard Logic is game with unusual addictiveplaying mechanics, stylish graphics and simple rules, just move themagnets on the marked fields. Levels with increasing difficultywill spend you a lot of hours in the game, you will return to itagain and again.
the Sequence [2] 1.1.2
One Man Band
This is the next chapter of successful puzzle game [the Sequence].It features new modules and introduces new game mechanics. Createmoving sequences to bring "Binary Unit" to the destination point.Many levels could be solved in different ways, which allows toimprove one's results and get into a higher position inleaderboard. Think out of the box to get to the next level! Createunique mind-blowing sequences! - More than 100 hand-made levels -Replayability - Cloud Saves - Leaderboard - no IAP - no Ads
Unit 404 1.3.5
One Man Band
"Unit 404" is a sci-fi puzzle platformer game. Find a way out ofthe abandoned sci-fi complex through solving various puzzles. Thegame has more than 70 handcrafted levels with various gamemechanics and visual themes. The difficulty keeps growing as youprogress through the game.
the Sequence 1.8.6
One Man Band
If you're a fan of SpaceChem - like games or any of theZachtronicsgames then you will most likely love this game. "theSequence" is aunique puzzle game. Build a sequence using specialmodules totransfer binary cell. Find solutions to solve 72 levelswith simpleand complex structure. The sandbox is available aftercompleting 32levels. Are you ready for a challenge? "The best partof Sequenceis that the design is spot-on for puzzle fanatics andcasual fansalike." - TouchArcade "Finding the right sequence isharder than itlooks." - AppAdvice "The Sequence is a unique spin onthe mobilepuzzler." - Gamezebo the Sequence features: - Variety ofdifferentlevels to beat - Several kinds of modules - Sandbox mode -Stylishminimalistic graphics - Futuristic sound - Smooth ambientmusic -Provides a great challenging experience for players. - NoIAP - NoADS