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Falldown Start 2.0
From developers of Falldown Classic comes thisnew addictive game.Falldown 2 Classic has even faster game play then original game. Ithas more bonus points and power ups, shifting and collapsingfloors.Use two new touch controls or the traditional tilt controls to racedown the maze, dodge power downs that slow your ball and avoidbeing squeezed at the top.If you like Falldown Classic then this game is for you!Falldown Classic is downloaded 7 000 000+ on Android Market and 20000 000+ on all markets. We just updated it with a lot of newfeatures.Enjoy these games
Submarine Sonic 1.0
Submarine Sonic is a highly addictive gamewithloads of high thrills being put into animation primarily inthedepth of daunting sea!GO as far as you can to high up your score!DODGE the oncoming obstacles and torpedoes to retainyourlives!Collect coins to buy power ups and for furthersupplementaryenhancements!Features:- Beautiful graphics- Endless game-play, endless fun!- Simple Controls: One touch play!- Collect coins and power-ups** The game is ad-supported.
Plane War 1.0
Full 3D screen, the taste is not the same gameplay, and challengetheir own limits. Air Attack is the most classic aircraft game.Fight your way to a glorious and victorious win while demonstratingyour air superiority and sky battling process. * 3 Great Missions *8 Unique Planes Puzzle , Memory and Block game is available.Challenges your mind now ! The aircraft war games has begun, be anair hero and save your country in this air fight. This plane gamemust be your best choice.
Imposible Tap Fall 2.0
Welcome to game Imposible Tap Fall! 1genreinhibitors like flappyOne game Simple but addictive , tap the scene move player.You can reach as many points?
Draw Lines 1.0
"Draw Line: Perfect" is a simple logicpuzzleinvolving finding paths to connect dots in a grid.HOW TO PLAY• Pair up all the matching dots on the grid with singlecontinuouslines.• DOTs have to fall at the end of each line.• LINEs can't branch off or cross over each other.• All the cells in the grid are filled.FEATURES• Over 1,000 free levels• 10 different board sizes• Free 5 hints, at the first game• Colorful Dots and UI• Musical Sound Effects• Turns mode, No Time Limit• Time Attack mode, another game in Puzzle• Additional level packs available for purchase• Share with friends through Facebook.• Sync your progress with Facebook ID
Halloween Slots 1.03
Win big in this new social casino slotsgame!Play with your friends for a chance to win huge jackpots! Makenewfriends while playing high quality slots filled with excitingbonusgames.op game hot free! download now!Real-Time Multiplayer SlotsPlay with up to 6 players in real-time to cooperate and competeforthe PARTY BONUS!!Build up and win HUGE Community Jackpots by playing with playersallover the world!!Exciting Bonus GamesSpin away with high chances to take a shot at multiplying yourwinsthrough exciting bonus games.Challenge yourself in different bonus from Hi-Lo to PartyPoppers,and more!Reward PointsEarn reward points to obtain higher ranks and receivegreaterbonus!Every SPIN counts! Spin away to become the Party Club's VIP!Cool Social FeaturesShare LIKEs to become a Party Slot celebrity!Share and brag your high winnings with your friend inreal-timechats!Addicting FunEasy to play, easy wins, BIG Jackpots!Bet to the maximum for intense fun and even more BIGJackpots!
Stickman Sliding 3.0
op game hot free! download now!Stickman Sliding Run through an endless world whileavoidingobstacles by jumping. Survive for the longest to get thehighestscore and try to beat all of your friends! Dying isn't eventhatbad! Enjoy a rag doll flop around the screen after hittingandobstacle.
Arena Quiz 1.0
A huge variety of topics ranging from current pop culture toobscure scientific facts, and everything in between. - Hundreds ofspecialized topics, allowing you to find what you’re trulypassionate about and master it. - Thousands of beautifullyillustrated questions. - Various educational topics for those whowant to brush up on their vocabulary, spelling or foreignlanguages. - A comprehensive overview of your stats, showing youhow you’re doing in individual topics and categories. - Fun andexpressive titles and achievements to earn. - So. Much. Fun.
Basketball United 1.0
Shoot for the hoop and score as many pointsasyou can.Let's play perfect Super Basketball game! Shoot for the hoopandscore as many points as you can.In this basketball game you need to power-up, angle and throwthebasketball to hoop quickly; to score as many points as possibleina limited time.How to play:- Drag finger on screen upwards to fire-up the throwingpower(Indicator at left)- Drag finger left/right to aim the basketball- Release finger to take a shot for putting basketball inahoop- Enjoy making basketball shots- A fun basketball game!
Rocket Tap 1.0.2
This is Infinite Rocket Tap Game. Thrust You Rocket and Fly itthrough Obstracles. Collect Gas to Refill Your Booster. CollectCoin and Upgrade Your Rocket with Booster, Ring etc. EnjoyBeautiful Background Colour With the Change of Distance. So, Let'sHave Fun.
Diamond Star 2.0
Diamond Star is an addictive anddeliciousadventure filled with colorful gem crunching effects andwelldesigned puzzles! With Diamond style jewels to eliminate ineachlevel, Diamond Deluxe is twice the fun but familiar to play.Solet's get started now!How to Play:- Swap the Diamonds to match 3 or more in a line toremovethem- Arcade Mode: Reach a specific goal to solve the puzzle (e.g.movethe star jewels to the bottom)- Time Mode: Match as fast as you can to level up- Game host ,top game candy and diamondGame Features:- Match 4 jewels can win the jewel's bomb and 1 lighting.- Match 5 jewels can win the jewel's bomb and 2 lightings.- The jeweled bomb can eliminate the jewels around.- The Color-changing jewel can eliminate to any othercoloredjewel.- Lighting Jewel can eliminate jewels in one row or column- Arcade Mode: 200 challenging levels and more to come- Time Mode: There is no time to waste!- Stunning graphics with a highly polished interface- Sharp and animated visuals bring this jewels tale to life- Easy and fun to start but a challenge to get 3 stars ineachlevel
Impossible Color Tap 2.0
In this game colored balls will fall fromthetop of the screen. Tap the screen to rotate the box so itmatcheseach ball. If the ball makes contact with the correct coloryouwill score one point. If the colors do not match it isgameoverImposible color tap!Test your reflexes.Spin the color wheel and catch the maximum number ofcoloredballs.A simple and addictive game to entertain in those momentsofboredom
Ball Tap 1.0
The game is amazing,How high canyoudash?Dash the ball as high as you can to beat your friends score!Becareful of those blocks and don't let it close on you. TheyareDangerous!