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Dr O's Inventions 3.1
🚀Ian's Invention Free for a limited period!Dr O is an inventor who has developed huge sky structuresofwhich nobody has ever dared to step a foot on. Take DrO'sInventions and explore every part of the valley you havebeenprovided!Dr O will provide you with some of his craziestpersonalequipment that he has been saving for a rainy day to helpyou getstarted on your journey to invent one of the moststupendousmachines ever!Nobody as of yet has dared to use Dr O's Inventions!canyou?!Dr O has an impressive number of inventions in the FreeStarterPack especially designed for you to try out!Get down to business with Dr O and his team to dig deep intowhatcreativity can offer!Collect diamonds as you go along to stack up your stash andpayoff some of the most incredibly designed masterpiecesinhistory!You will absolutely never get bored of everything Dr O hascomeup with!Daily updates brings you more fun and newcharacters/inventionsto enjoy!Stay on the platforms and jumps through as many hoops asyoucan.tap the screen to jump or hold to fly!Avoid all the objects to keep going!Collect diamonds to unlock new platforms!.What is your best score? Post your highscoreswith#DrO'sInventions