Onnet Solution Apps

Nadia Direct 1.0
•Android App•This App will serve as an online Directory of all the officersofNadia District associated with election process•This App will be available online for public Users as wellforsmooth communication and instant information.•Features of this App:–Online Sync of Database–Admin will have the option to insert/ delete/ edit names inthedatabase–Database access from Android App as well as Web Portal–Option for Call/ SMS/ Email and Whatsapp from the App–Create Group option is there for Admin–Bulk SMS/ Email from the App to a particular Group–Data can be imported online from an excel file(CSV Import)byAdmin•Communication can be done in an efficient andversatilemanner
eMonitoring 1.4.0
Designed & Developed by:OnnetSolution.e-Monitoring, a smart Monitoring & Communication tool ofNadiaElection2016.Key Features:Assembly->Sector->Booth wise Reporting via Text, Image,Audioor Video with Time & Latitude-Longitude.e- Monitoring App Details:1. Login:Registered User can login through a validauthenticationprocess.2. Reporting:After Successful login User can sendAssembly->Sector->Boothwise Report in the followingmethods• Text ( 600 Character)• Image (Image can be captured using mobile camera [Time&Lat-Long of the Image will be automatically fetched] orselectedfrom storage, * Max Size : 8 MB)• Audio ( Audio can be recorded using mobile or selectedfromstorage, * Max Size : 8 MB)• Video( Video can be recorded using mobile or selectedfromstorage, * Max Size : 8 MB)3. Monitoring:Monitoring end has both App & Web version.After Successful login Admin can seeAssembly->Sector->Boothwise Report in the followingmethods• Report can be in form of Text, Image , Audio or Video alongwithTime of Reporting & Lat-Long of reporting place(whereapplicable)
Midday Meal Monitoring 1.10.0
Paramanna, a smart midday-meal monitoringsystem.Designed & Developed by: Onnet Solution.Key Features:1. School Inspectors can collect midday-meal related info withImages and store in offline.2. Sync the info when they became online using the “Sync” Buttonand validating the password.3. On district login in the web version different reports can begenerated using this data.
E-Traverse for Nadia Election 1.14.0
Designed & Developed by:OnnetSolution.e-Traverse... a smart tool of Nadia Election2016.Key Features: Map, Navigation & Distance Matrix ofAssemblyArea->Sector Office-> Booth hierarchy.App Details:1. Assembly Wise Statistics:Provides Assembly wise Booth (with sensitive &hypersensitive)statistics.2. MAP:Shows Assembly area with different color & border.Shows Assembly wise booth with color (Green: Normal,Orange:Sensitive, Red: Hypersensitive)On tap each booth shows the booth details.Shows My position for direct navigation to a specific booth.3. NAVIGATION:Shows Assembly Wise Booth list.Navigation to any booth or sector office with alternate route&approximate time from My location.Any point to other point navigation with alternate route&approximate time.4. Distance Matrix:Shows Assembly->Sector Office->Booth wise Distance, Time&direct Navigation from My location.