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Krishna - Achyutam Keshavam 5.5
Lord Krishna is the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu in Hinduism.One of the most popular gods of Hinduism, Lord Krishna is commonlyportrayed as an infant or young boy playing a flute, or as ayouthful prince giving direction and guidance as in the BhagavadGita. The mythological literature of Lord Krishna are widelydescribed in Hindu philosophical and theological beliefs. In theHindu traditions, Lord Krishna is most often portrayed as aGod-child, a prankster, a model lover, a divine hero and theSupreme Being.In our devotion to Lord Krishna, we have designedthis app and included a specially-recorded audio chant of “AchyutamKeshavam”, one of the most popular mantras honoring Lord Krishna,and we have also provided interesting information on the life ofLord Krishna. We have included translations of the mantra in Hindias well.We have created this app with lots of belief and devotionand we sincerely hope that the followers and admirers of LordKrishna would find this app useful.
Buddha - The Enlightened One 5.3
************************ TOP RANKED APP!!! *******************Thistop-ranked iOS app now finally available on Android!!!iOS #1 app inIndia, Thailand, SingaporeiOS Top #20 in UK, Kuwait,Romania*********************************************************************Buddhismis one of the world's major religions. It was originated by GautamaBuddha in the Indian subcontinent, estimated to be between the 6thand 4th centuries BC.Our app is a dedication to this great religionwhich has attracted hundreds of millions of followers worldwidesince it's inception. This app features exclusively-recorded audiochants of two of the most popular Buddhist chants, namely "Daimoku"or "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo", and "Buddham Saranam Gacchami".This appalso has a section describing the Buddha's life and times, as wellas a number of famous quotes attributed to the Buddha. The EightAuspicious Symbols of Buddhism have also been included along withtheir representation in Buddhism.The app has been beautifully andcarefully designed, also including the sounds of Buddhist bells anddrums as the app buttons.
Ganesh Stotram 7.6
******** TOP RANKED APP!!! ********Rank #1 app - (Lifestyle) -India (on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi in September 2015)!!!Top5 app!!! - (Lifestyle) - Qatar, Mauritius,Colombia******************************************* In Indianmythology, Lord Ganesh needs no introduction. He is theever–blissful, elephant-headed deva (God) who is worshiped bymillions worldwide. Lord Ganesh is the son of Lord Shiva andGoddess Parvati. The Ganesh Stotram is one of the most prominentprayers to Lord Ganesh taken from the Narada Purana; this is a verypowerful prayer which when chanted daily 3 times is known to getrid of all problems. This Stotram, when heard, is soothing to themind.We have specially recorded audio for this Stotram for thisAndroid App. This composition is based on Raag Hansadhawani andRaag Shankara.
Gayatri Mantra -Mystical India 6.3
Have you heard of the Gayatri Mantra? Hear and Chant the GayatriMantra just a few times a day and see how it transforms your Lifewith Positivity and Happiness. The Gayatri Mantra is over 3,500years old and amongst the most powerful Mantras in Hinduism andIndian Culture. It is known as the Mother to the all Mantras. Thisshort Mantra if heard, or chanted few times a day in the morningand when in distress is known to be a Positive Life Changer formillions over the last many centuries.The Mantra circulates aroundthe Power of the word ‘OM’ (Which means ‘The Universal’). TheGayatri Mantra has been handed down from generation to generationand is one of the most downloaded and chanted Mantras across India.It is in itself unique in sound and thoughts it provokes whenchanted aloud.The uniqueness of Gayatri Mantra is that it is foundin all four Vedas (Ancient Indian Holy book). We have created thisTop-Ranked iOS App in which you will read the Mantra inEnglish/Hindi & listen to the Mantra specially-recorded forthis app.
Maha Mrityunjaya 7.3
Shiva, among the Trimurti or the Hindu Trinity of the divine’sprimary aspects, is known as the God of Destruction and is a majordeity to the followers of Hinduism. Also known as the Transformer,Shiva is known to have an avatar as a sage residing on top of MountKailash. Shiva has different interpretations according to thevarious traditions of Hinduism; for e.g. as the Supreme God in theShaiva tradition, and as one of the five primary forms of God inthe Smarta tradition.Shiva is regarded as the most powerful god inthe Hindu pantheon, and is commonly referred to as themanifestation of power (or ‘Shakti’) itself. Hindus refer to Shivaas Mahadeva, Mahayogi, Pashupati, Nataraja, Bhairava, Vishwanath,Bhava, Bhole Nath, and recognize His presence by placing His shrineseparately from other deities in temples.The Maha Mrityunjayamantra, also known as the Great Death-Conquering mantra, has beenaddresed to Shiva in the Rigveda as an epithet of Rudra. It isranked as one of the most popular mantras in recent times byHindus. It is known to have many multiple forms and variations suchas the Rudra mantra, the Tryambakam mantra and the Mrita-Sanjivinimantra. For meditation and contemplation purposes, it is regardedalong with the Gayatri Mantra as the primary mantra from amongstall the major mantras.
Great Indian Maharaj Card Game 3.1
Based on the famous card game Double-or-Quits, the Great IndianMaharaj Card Game is a fun casino card game that will promise tokeep you entertained for countless hours to come !!!In this gamethree cards are shown to you including the Maharaj (King), whichare then turned over and shuffled.You have to guess where theMaharaj card is and you have to place your bet using the coinsprovided to you.You start off with 500 units of money, and the betplaced will be doubled and added to your total score if you'veguessed correctly. If you guess incorrectly, you lose your bet.Sogo ahead and see if you can get rich and become a Great IndianMaharaj yourself !!!
Shatterlicious! 2.0
“Shatterlicious” – this has become a new verb in gameplay, whichmeans YOU can have FUN shatteringstunningly-wonderfully-magnificent-fascinatingly-alluring glassywonders !!!Life they say is a journey – Welcome to our UniqueFantasy Worlds which you will encounter in “Shatterlicious!”, anangelic mix between Colour and Music, completely mystical! Whileyou traverse these worlds, go as far you can “shattering”mysterious glass objects which come by…As you move through ourvisionary worlds in “Shatterlicious!”, smash throughhauntingly-stunning glass obstacles, delectably-enticing glasscollectables, and beautifully-influential powerups in your path.All this while you experience one of the most outstandingsynchronizations of gameplay physics, graphical palettes andwondrous trance music amongst any app ever made!“Shatterlicious!”will gift you melodically-symphonic music in all the levels,specially-composed and recorded from ancient Indian raagas for thisapp. These operatic musical themes change with the visual expanseof the levels, and needless to say add a unique dimension to thealready immersive gameplay!“Shatterlicious!” has been developed byOnyx Mobile, one of the fastest-growing Mobile App developmentcompanies in the world & creators of a number of top-rankedapps & games!
Look! I Changed Your Password! 5.2
What’s the shortest prank you have ever played on your friends andfamily?STATISTICS PROVE THAT ONE OF THE THREE MOST STRESSFUL THINGSFOR ANY HUMAN BEING IS LOSING THEIR PASSWORD !This fun prank app isa new way to play a prank on your friends and family.Walk up to afriend, click on the app & ask him/her to place the finger onthe center of the screen to activate this app.Once activated, theapp will ask for your friend to input their e-mail address…….thisis where the fun begins!In dramatic movie-style animation, the appwill now fool your friend into believing that the app has connectedto your friend's e-mail servers and has changed their e-mailpassword.Beware - after you pull this prank on your friend, hopeyou immediately make a laugh out of this and put your friend atease. :)
A Glass Half-Full 1.2
Stress, in excessive amounts, has become one of the leading causesof various types of health problems across the world.Seriousphysiological disorders ranging from strokes, heart attacks &ulcers along with severe mental health issues such as depressionhave increased in frequency across all occupations and has beenobserved throughout the world. This increase has been attributedincreasingly to high levels of Stress.Being such a widespread andwell-known issue with serious health implications, it thus becomesvery important to know the reasons for this condition, how affectedindividuals can manage their levels, and overall knowledge aboutthis topic.Hence, we have decided to make an app which attempts,with the best of intentions, and helps in whatever little way wecan, to provide the general public exactly that.****************************************************************************************************Weare proud to present to you - A Glass Half-Full – a casualmind-wellness app packed with useful information related to how youcan manage your stress!****************************************************************************************************-WHAT is STRESS?: This section contains information which explainsthe basics of stress, stress signs & symptoms, how to increaseyour tolerance towards stress, the causes of stress, how stressaffects you, and finally how one can manage their stress levels.However, we have provided an easy and fun way to inform yourselvesabout these details in the form of cute little animations which canbe played automatically or manually!- STRESS TEST: Not intended toreplace professional medical advice, we have provided a simplestress test which can guide you to what your stress level might be.Your test results are stored for future reference, plus you canshare these results with your loved ones or your doctor viaFacebook or Twitter.- RELAXING GAMES: With our extensive backgroundin game development, we felt it would be a useful and fun additionto include simple yet unique relaxation games with beautifulgraphics and soothing background music.- THOUGHTS of the DAY:Positive and motivational quotes from famous people are quitepopular in social media. We thought this would be well appreciatedand have added a substantial list of such quotes, as well asprovisions for sharing them on Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp. Thereis also an option to get a new thought of the day in your devicenotifications.A GLASS HALF-FULL has been developed by Onyx Mobile,one of the fastest-growing Mobile App development companies in theworld & creators of a number of top-ranked apps & games!
The Ramayana 4.4
The Ramayana is one of the greatest epics of Hinduism, and is oneof the greatest stories ever told in the history of humancivilization.Believed to have been created by the sage Valmiki inancient times, The Ramayana not only contains countless stories ofGood-versus-Evil, but also prescribes the ideal relationshipsbetween Husband-and-Wife, King-and-Subjects, and between Families.It is an enormous compendium of the exploration of human values andexplanations of the concept of Dharma.We would like to present toyou this compact & beautifully-designed app for followers,devotees & fans of this great Indian epic. It contains thefollowing features at the core level:- Section A: You can read inbrief the entire Story of The Ramayana.- Section B: You can read inbrief about the Main Characters of The Ramayana.- Section C: Youcan read The Hanuman Chalisa.You have the privilege of listening toour specially-recorded high-quality version of The Hanuman Chalisaon each section of our devotional app!!!
Hanuman Chalisa 6.4
The Hanuman Chalisa is revered to be one of the most powerful holychants in the history of Hinduism.While there are lots of HanumanChalisa apps available on the App Store, the quality of the audio& correctness of the written text is paramount. We havespecially recorded the Hanuman Chalisa purely for the purpose ofthis app in the Raag Bhairavi. Bhairavi is popularly known as aMorning Raag and is considered as one of the most popular earlymorning Raags. Similarly, the Hanuman Chalisa heard in the morningis most calming & soothing to the soul…
Turbo Device 9.7
***** Get TURBO DEVICE right now with NEW FEATURES! *****Is yourphone too slow? Hanging all the time? Battery drains away too fast?Wondering what's eating away at your precious storage space, orincreasing your phone bill? Or worse, tearing your hair out overwhether someone is accessing your personal information such as yourcontacts, photos or the web pages you have visited?...Get TURBODEVICE - the best Anti-Snooper, Performance Booster & PowerSaver all in one fantastic app today from the Play Store – now withNew-and-Improved features!!!Turbo-charge your Android Phone rightnow with TURBO DEVICE!:***************************** NEW FEATURES!*****************************- *** APPS CONSUMPTION ***: Want tofind out which apps are most responsible for making your phoneslow? Find out which are these bad boys right now with this newfeature in TURBO DEVICE!- *** APP DATA LIMITER ***: This incrediblenew feature allows you to put data limits on your apps, to makesure they don’t consume too much of your internet bill or storagespace!- *** BACKUP MANAGER ***: Introducing an all-in-one featureto store away all of your SMS & Contacts details on your SDcard or send viaemail!*********************************************************************************-ANTI-SNOOPER: Rush towards apps who are snooping on your info suchas your SMS’es, Contacts, Call Logs, SD Cards, Calendar, Mic, WebHistory, Camera & Location and uninstall them quickly!-PERFORMANCE BOOSTER: Increase the Pace of your Android Phone’sperformance by deleting unimportant files, clearing caches,removing apps running in the background & uninstalling unusedapps!- POWER SAVER: Rapidly Save Power to give your Android Phone alonger life by a battery charging reminder that reminds you not tokeep your phone charging for too long!- PHONE BILL SAVER: Limit thedata content going away via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data & NFCin an all-in-one handy screen to save your money!- USER FRIENDLY: ABasic Mode for casual users & an Advanced Mode so that you cancustomize what you would like to do!- STORAGE SPECIFIER: Discoverhow much of your Android Phone’s storage space is present on thedevice, or is internal, or is external.TURBO DEVICE has beendeveloped by Onyx Mobile, one of the fastest-growing Mobile Appdevelopment companies in the world & creators of a number oftop-ranked apps & games!
Word Mine 3.1
We’ve all heard of a Gold Mine …..But in this Game you need tocreate your Word Mine! You’ll have to use alphabets & completewords given to you.You will be presented with a challenge.Incomplete words will be shown and you need to complete the wordusing Gold Coins at the bottom of the screen with Alphabetsembossed on each of them. Some words will look easy -- while somewill not!Each incomplete word will be either accompanied byalphabets which you are allowed to use, alphabets which you cannotuse, or alphabets which you can use but have negative pointsattached to them. You must look at all the COMBINATIONS of wordswhich are possible or not possible.You start with two-letter wordsgoing as high as six-letter words. With over 200 words to playwith, Word Mine is a challenge and we hope that it will tickle yourbrain and entertain you to many hours of fun and engaginggameplay.Try your best and build your Word Mine ....