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Crazy Wizard 1.8.3
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• Reach the end of the mini-mazes and avoidallthe enemies.• Perfect for 5-minute breaks!• Enemies have weird movement patterns, don't touch them oryou'llexplode.• Increase your speed with the bonus item and collect it to acethelevel.• Difficulty level: Hard but never impossible! (only thefirstlevels are easy)Crazy Wizard features a variety of miniature maze-likelevelsthat players must navigate in order to reach the goal.You play as a Wizard whose madness has finally reached acriticallevel!Try to reach the end of the mini-levels while evading alltheenemies (if they touch you, you explode) If you thinkyou'reskilled enough, try to get the Bonus item too (it also givesyouextra speed)- Pixel Art- Retro Arcade gameplay.Controls:Tap and hold on the screen and the Wizard will move towardsyourfinger. Alternatively you can change to -joystick mode- intheoptions: Tap anywhere on the screen, then swipe with your fingerinthe direction you want the Wizard to move. Don't lift yourfingerfrom the screen until you want to stop.There are two levels with secrets: On one level you can findaspark that takes you to a bonus level where you can remove theadson the game forever! The other secret level has a clue aboutwhereto find it. There's a clue in the credits.