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FireChat 8.0.60
Open Garden
Free messaging. No signal or mobile dataneeded. It's the "INTERNET OF US" (TM)FireChat works even without an Internet connection or cellularphone coverage. Use it anywhere: planes, public transportation,cruise ships, campuses, and crowded events. All you need is a fewpeople around you using FireChat.Bluetooth and WiFi need to be "on" to send and receive messageswhen not connected to a network (yes please turn WiFi on, even ifyou don't have access to the Internet). And if you are connected toa cellular network or WiFi access point, then FireChat will worktoo.You will be automatically connected directly with one another,creating your own network for public and private communications.The more people use it, the bigger and faster your networkbecomes.And when you do have access to a reliable Internet connection orcellular network, FireChat helps you reach people worldwide andbuild your audience faster than on any social network, forfree.Leaders, artists, communities and organizations (news, cultural,humanitarian, sports...) love how quickly FireChat scales. FireChathelps them communicate instantly with large groups of people toachieve their goals.Get FireChat now with a few friends and start something.========= How does this work ? =========FireChat creates a mesh network using Bluetooth and peer-to-peerWiFi. FireChat transmits messages and pictures offline betweendevices that are located within 200 feet of one another.Thanks to FireChat’s innovative multi-hop and store-and-forwardcapabilities, FireChat users form a network that increases in sizewith the number of devices. It allows messages to hop from onedevice to the next in order to reach the recipient(s). This is whythe more people use FireChat, the better and the larger the networkbecomes (unlike with cellular networks).On the mesh network, messages are transmitted seamlessly from onedevice to the next in order to reach the recipient(s). When anInternet connection or cellular network is available, FireChat usesthem to reach remote recipients.Public messages are visible by anyone. Private messages areencrypted and can only be seen and read by the sender and therecipient.========= Features =========• Instantly send messages and photos to anyone around you• Send private messages that only you and the recipient can readthanks to end-to-end encryption
• Instantly create live chatrooms for discussions on any topicwith a few people or as many as tens of thousands of simultaneoususers• Type a hashtag in any message to automatically create a newchatroom• View the most popular messages in the public conversations• Public chatrooms and private messages work both offline andonline• Works even without any Internet connection, mobile phonecoverage
, or data plan• Devices connect directly with one another within 200 feet oftheir location• Multihop and store-and-forward technology create larger networkswhen several people use FireChatFireChat has been featured by CNN, the BBC, the Wall StreetJournal, the New York Times, USA Today, Time, and many more aroundthe world.FireChat is often used at live events - such as the visit of PopeFrancis in the Philippines in January 2015 - and large festivalsincluding SXSW where it received an Innovation Award in March2015.
Open Garden: Internet Sharing 2.8.8
Open Garden
Open Garden shares Internet connections between laptops, tabletsand phones. No root access is required. It is similar to a Wi-Fihotspot, but it uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct.To use it, install it on both your phone and your tablet, sothey can connect.If it is "not available on your carrier", get the APK here: 4.4.x (KitKat) has several VPN bugs, so Open Garden willnot work:✓ Share your Mobile Internet (Wi-Fi or 3G/4G) for free with yourAndroid tablet or Windows / OS X laptop✓ Access more Wi-Fi hotspots through other phones, tablets andlaptops running Open Garden✓ Stay connected to the Internet automatically whenever your tabletor laptop doesn't have access to Wi-Fi✓ Extend the range of existing networks by linking multiple devicestogether✓ Faster and more reliable Internet by crowdsourcing connectivityfrom nearby devices running Open GardenOpen Garden requires Bluetooth and to be installed on alldevices, such as your Android phone, tablet or laptop. Onceinstalled devices will automatically connect (in about 2 minutes).Wi-Fi direct is supported where available.Your laptop or Android tablet can now access mobile Internetcoming from your phone anywhere they have no Wi-Fi. No buttons topress and nothing to configure, everything is done automaticallyonce the app is installed on all devices.When more devices running Open Garden are nearby, theyautomatically interconnect to create a peer-to-peer meshnetwork.To detect nearby peers, we use location services. That includesGPS, if no other location service is available and functioning.Connections can also be initiated manually using NFC - just tap thedevices together!The Open Garden app is completely free. Open Garden usage iscovered under the same phone data plan you have and no tethering orhotspot plan is needed.Open Garden works like a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot and provides youwith the same benefits as tethering applications.It is comparable to PDA Net or EasyTether but doesn't require theuse of a USB cable. It works without root like FoxFi, but doesn'tlimit your usage if you don't pay. And unlike Wifi Tether orBarnacle no root access is required.Open Garden is a wireless mesh networking application that alsoturns any of your devices into a portable hotspot. When installedon your laptop and your Android phone, Open Garden enables use ofsoftware like Skype, Dropbox and any mail client or browser on yourlaptop. Access Internet on the go as if you were at home!Webpage: https://opengarden.comTwitter: @opengarden us improve Open Garden and get support: http://forum.opengarden.comRelated app on iOS: FireChat #FireChat
WiFi Opener 1.0.4
Open Garden
WiFi Opener allows you to automaticallyconnect to password protected networks shared with the community.WiFi Opener is especially useful in public spaces like parks,coffee shops and at large gatherings like conferences where theWi-Fi network is meant to be open but is password protected.After installing WiFi Opener, you can choose to share thepassword of a WiFi network in range which allows other WiFI Openerusers to automatically connect to that network when they're inrange. And, like a can opener for WiFi, the sweet tasty internet isreleased from the cold oppressive metal of passwords.Features:✓ Share wifi passwords with your friends, your co-workers, yourcommunity, other Wifi Opener users✓ Sync passwords between your multiple Android devices (phone,tablet, media player) seamlessly✓ Get automatically connected whenever a shared wifi isavailable✓ Remove or update already shared Wifi network passwords(WiFi Opener is not a password breaker and does not add securitythreats to networks and users that don't already exist. Every userwho has shared the password with the community has done so bychoice.)Webpage: http://www.opengarden.comTwitter: @opengarden us improve Open Garden and get support:
WiFi Hotspot 1.0
Open Garden
WiFi Hotspot creates a personal hotspot toshare your Android's mobile data connection. This app will save youbattery by only running for as long as you choose. Set the timerfor only as long as you need to tether your Internet connection.Add additional minutes to the counter when you need to extend yourtime and if you finish before the counter, you can stop itmanually.Never let your hotspot drain your battery again!You can also get easier access to tethering functionalityinstead of going into settings.Additional charges for tethering may apply - please check withyour carrier.Also, please make sure your phone supports the tethering function.If you do not know how to check that, read this how-to post on ourforum (
WiFi Keychain 1.0
Open Garden
WiFi Keychain keeps your Wi-Fi networkinformation up to date across all of your devices.Tired of typing the same password over and over? Install WiFiKeychain and all of your devices are automatically configured!Finally!
Battery Saver 1.1.0
Open Garden
Battery Saver is a new kind of advancedbattery app.Our battery usage calculation is far more accurate than thebuilt-in Android Settings battery manager. In addition, we give youprecise mAh.We build aggregate battery statistics for Android apps across anetwork of devices, so we can predict battery problems before theydrink your juice.Developers don't know when they ship a battery-hungry update totheir app, but we can warn you about it before your battery getslow. Maybe there's just a misbehaving app or task, eating morebattery for you than other people? We can warn you about thattoo.Using Battery Saver, you can check for exactly what is drainingyour battery. Battery statistics are based on usage since lastcharge.
Open Garden 0.10.1
Open Garden
Open Garden allows your Android phone to shareits Wi-Fi Internet access with others.Welcome to Open Garden 0.10.0.This is the big beta!With this release, we’re introducing our Open Garden (OG) coin, thecurrency of Internet sharing. Now, when you share your Internetconnection, you can earn OG and become part of the Internet ofus!All of what you want to do is up front. With the new Connectionsscreen, you can find other Open Garden users near you and connect.You Account screen makes it easy to track your OG balance as wellas buy and sell OG. Finally, the new Marketplace is where you canset pricing to earn OG by sharing, or keep Internet sharingfree.So what else is new?— Buy and Sell OG
— Set your profile name and photo
— Learn more with our smart FAQ
— Let us know of problems through our Help feature
— Contact us and let us know what you thinkAnd you can keep using Open Garden as before. You can still connectto and share Internet connections for free if you want to.We’re also building support for some interesting and amazingfeatures for not-too-distant-future releases. Of course we’re theones saying they’ll be amazing, but really, we’re pretty sure theywill be.But wait, we do have an IMPORTANT “it’s a beta” warning! We mayhave to reset things before the final release — so do not spend anyXLM or buy any OG you’d be unhappy to lose.Thanks for being a part of the garden!Webpage: https://www.opengarden.comNote : Open Garden requires Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Location to beenabled.