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Open Manager. Gym and Yoga 3.1.113
With Open you can register every activity in your gym or studioandget insights on every aspect of your business. Keep track ofticketsales, schedule and teachers with detailed and flexiblereports.Open can be used by teachers, administrators and managers.And,yes, they can work in parallel, managing the part of businesstheyare responsible for. Here is what Open can help you with: -Createyour studio profile: lists of teachers, class and tickettypes,rooms and students - Generate and share invoices based onyouractivities - Setup and manage schedule by adding classes (onebyone or all regular classes at once) - Share QR-tickets withyourclients right from the class overview. They can use them latertocheck-in to classes by scanning the QR-code - Quicklyregisterstudents to classes by selecting them from database.Ticketsassigned to the selected student will be checkedandteacher/administrator will be notified about ticket status -Getstats about students attendance, ticket sales andteachersperformance If you are looking for a solid CRM for yourbusinessyou can rely on Open. Get in contact with us and requestmorefeatures. We want Open to be the perfect app for you.
Open Client 1.55
Open Client app allows you to discover gyms, yoga andpilatesstudios, dance and martial arts schools around you. Bookclasses,purchase tickets and get in touch with your gym in just fewclicks.