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One Guess 1.0.1
Open Piece
One Guess is a word game that allows you toform any word to earn points
Bobby Swings 1.0.1
Open Piece
Tap to start the game. Tap again to change thedirection of Bobby.Grab the strawberries and do not miss any.Avoid hitting the yellow bars and have fun.Read More on Bobby Swings
The Line #OP 1.1.2
Open Piece
Between two linesDownload this game before changing your mind.How long can you stay in the line? Try to keep the dot insidethe lineHow to Play:1. Tap on the box with 'Touch & Drag to move.'2. Keep your finger on the box3. Move your finger to the left or right to keep the dot inside thelines.4. If the dot moves out of the lines you lose.5. Share and Play Again6. Lift your finger from the screen to pause-The game challenges you like flappy bird and 2048-Just got a folt feedback
Two Squares 1.1.5
Open Piece
A simple puzzle game where you connectmatchingsquares. The game is simple, clean and challenging. Youcan connecttwo, three or more squares and have funWe are constantly making improvements to make the game playbetterand fun.Earned Bonus - Getting double points after reaching thetargetLastly: YO!, folt, 2048, twos, mine, fox, threes, dash,meme,rivals, bubble, deportes, super-bright, 100 ballz, balls,dozer,galaxy, sporza, capsule, dot