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Delta Touch [7 x Doom engine source port] 4.5
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Important! You need to supply your own copy of the 'Doom' wad filesto play original Doom. SEVEN of the best 'Doom engine' source portsbrought to Android. * GZDoom (v1.9.1 & v3.25 & v3.82 &v4.x) * LZDoom * Zandronum (v3.0 & v3.1 Alpha) * Chocolate Doom* PrBoom+ * RetroDoom * Dhewm3 (Doom 3) (NEW) Full touch screencontrols and full game-pad support. * Highly customizable touchscreen controls. * Built in keyboard to access cheats and consolecommands * Custom UI to easily select your wads and mods * 18custom buttons for GZDoom for mods * Fully navigatable UI via agampad * Various rendering modes available * Save/load your touchscreen layouts * Play thousands of community made mods and levels!* Downloads midi and Fluidsynth samples for quality music * Supportfor Doom, Hexen, Heretic and Strife wads * Multiplayer launcher forGZDoom and Chocolate Doom * Mouse and Keyboard support (Android 8and above ONLY) * Gyro aim assist (Gyroscope needed) FreeDoom dataincluded to start playing immediately. You will need approximately60MB extra space to download music libraries and FreeDoom data.Copy your own 'wad' files (doom.wad, hexen.wad etc) to your deviceto play games compatible with the 'Doom' engine. Note: A high enddevice is needed to play complex and demanding mods such as BrutalDoom. Doom 3 notes Dhewm3 has been optimized to run as well aspossible on mobile, but you still need a high end device to play.It will NOT play well on low power or old devices! * NEWmultitreaded rendering * Play the base game, RoE expansion and'Classic Doom 3' mod' * Aim assist (in the base game) * Modselection (NOTE, mods which need the game.dll or game.pk4 file willnot work) * Full touch screen and gamepad controls * Custom gameresolution configuration * 'Doom 3' PK4 files are needed to play(NOT BFG edition) PLEASE email if you have any issues, we will beable to fix almost all issues you have when configuring the app.Full money-back guarantee at any time, just email and we will issuea full refund Legal: Icons and internal touch screen graphics arecopyright to Open Touch Gaming. Screen shots are taking from theFreeDoom game. This is a GPL source port and contains no 'Doom'copyrighted data.
Quad Touch 3.3.2
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The most advance 'Quake engines' on earth brought to yourAndroiddevice. Note: This app does not include any original 'Quake'or'Hexen 2' data. You must provide your own files to playtheoriginal games DarkPlaces - Q1 engine with many enhancedfeaturesand graphics. QuakeSpasm - Q1 engine staying true to theoriginal.FTEQW - Q1 engine with enhanced graphics and greatmultiplayer.Also plays Hexen 2! Quake 2 v3.24 - The original Q2engine with bugfixes and a few extras. Yamagi Quake 2 - A modern Q2engine withmany new features. IOQuake3 - The definitive Q3 engine.Hexen 2 -Hammer of Thyrion - The only Hexen 2 engine worth playing.* Thevery best FPS touch screen controls available on Android *Fullgamepad support * Built in keyboard * Weapon Wheel * 6custombuttons for you to bind to custom commands * Custom keyboard* Fullconsole access for all games * Fully navigatable UI via agamepad *GUI to select mods and total conversions * Gyro aimassist(Gyroscope needed) * Play all official expansion packs for Q1andQ2 * Play your copy of Hexen 2 using the FTEQW engine OR HammerofThyrion Full money-back guarantee at any time, just email andwewill issue a full refund Legal: Icons and internal touchscreengraphics are copyright to Open Touch Gaming. This is a GPLsourceport and contains no 'Quake' copyrighted data.