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DinoMess 🐲Dinosaur Games in Augmented Reality 0.43
Ever imagined what the world would be if dinosaurs were notextinct? This is your chance not only to see this world but tobecome a part of it with this finest AR (augmented reality) exampleof dinosaur games. Become a dino hunter, catch all the dinosaursand beat your friends’ pet dinos in fierce struggles. How to jointhe game Download and start the app, allow access to your camera,cause without it AR effect won’t work, catch your first dino —there you go! Now you are officially a dino hunter and the game ison! What next? A magnificent outdoor quest with augmented realitysuitable both for adults and for kids. For adults it’s a greatopportunity to turn their casual walks into pure fun — with thehelp of AR and GPS walking familiar streets will become mysteriousand full of surprises. Not only can you hunt for dinosaurs, butalso search for Dino Boxes to get useful supplies and collect Dinoeggs to grow new pets yourself. For children, dinosaur games havealways been an absolute favorite, and interactive gameplay withdaily missions and a chance to win free prizes in a wheel offortune only add to it. What do I need dinosaurs for? Dinosaurs areyour little army. They are kept in Dino Ranch where you feedthemand level up with DNA to get the most powerful species. You canalso merge different dinosaurs in Evolution Lab so that theyinherit each other’s skills. By whatever means necessary yours mustbe the strongest pets of all so that they easily defeat other dinosin combats. What are combats in augmented reality? There are 2modes in the game: PvP fights and Dino Arena battles. They can takeplace anywhere, no specific location needed. Just invite yourfriends via online chat and offer them to start an AR strugglebetween your pet dinos. If you win, you gain points which you canspend on making your interactive creatures stronger. What makes thegame ideal for kids? One of its main advantages for children — bothfor toddlers and for teens — is that it will make them move a lotand spend much time outdoors, as the gameplay implies relying onGPS navigation through real streets: unlike virtual reality whichtakes place wholly in the online world, AR technology overlaysgraphic elements onto the real landscape. The second great plus isits educational value, for kids will learn the names of populardinosaur species — and there are 19 of them in the game:Allosaurus, Baryonyx, Deynonyx, Spinosaurus, Trex, Velociraptor,Plesiosaur, Pliosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Apatosaurus, Diplodocus,Iguanodon, Pachych, Parasaurolophus, Protoceratops, Stegosaurus,Archaeopteryx, Pteranodon and Pterodactyl.OURWEBSITE early players, we offer 15 DinoMarkers bonus for subscription to our newsletter onFOLLOWUS
VR Roller Coaster 3D: 360 Ride 1.0
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A dynamic 3D ride + 360 degrees angle, vertical and horizontal = anincredible feeling and drive!VR Roller Coaster: 360 Ride is anexciting environment with your mobile virtual reality headset forGoogle Cardboard or any mobile virtual reality headset. Realizeyourself in a Train that is running on a Rolling track!Features:😂VRbased 3D Environment- Gyro-meter based 360 degree rotation-Stunning 3D Graphics- Real Sound effects- Crisp, Cinema like, HDvisuals- No time Limit, unlimited play and funVR Roller Coaster 3D:360 Ride is compatible with all virtual reality devices :GoogleCardboard VRSamsung Gear (VR)Homido VRArchos VRDive VRFreeFlyVRFIBRUM VRCardboardCmoarVraseZeiss VR OneLick VRVR LG
VR Medieval Adventure:360 Ride 1.0
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Head-spinning 3D ride will carry away you to the world ofimprobable adventures in 360 degrees. You will be able to plungeinto the unknown worlds, to meet a giant and Cyclop, to become theparticipant of a knightly tournament. You will find a storm ofthrills!Features:*4 kind of medieval world*VR based 3DEnvironment*Stunning graphics and outstanding audioHow to Play:Tocontrol your movement you have to rotate your head with VR headseton your head. VR Medieval Adventure: 360 Ride is compatible withall virtual reality devices:Google Cardboard VRSamsung Gear(VR)Homido VRArchos VRDive VRFreeFly VRFIBRUMVRCardboardCmoarVraseZeiss VR OneLick VRVR LG
VR Robots Adventure:3D Fantasy 1.0
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This interactive game will help you to travel into the colourfulcartoon world, full of surprises, interesting tasks and sharpturns. Both players and robots, which fly in the spherical capsuleand compete with each other in gathering points for differenttasks. The winner is only one! Take a dive into an unforgettablerobots adventure!VR Robots Adventure:3D Fantasy is compatible withall virtual reality devices:Google Cardboard VRSamsung Gear(VR)Homido VRArchos VRDive VRFreeFly VRFIBRUMVRCardboardCmoarVraseZeiss VR OneLick VRVR LG