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CSI School Smartsis Parent App 3.0
This app act as a communication channel between CS InternationalSchool and Parents. Where parents will be communicated aboutStudent's Attendance, Results, Transportation, ImportantNotifications from School. Important Notice: this app requireslogin and password, which can only be generated by school.
Developmental Parenting 2.0 5.0
The fact is that our society trains people for every type of job -computer programming, law, teaching, medicine, engineering, hairdressing - every vocation, that is, except parenting, the mostimportant of all.We conduct workshops and seminars for parents onthree different age brackets which are as follows-: Bracket 1:Parents with 03 years to 07 years kidsBracket 2: Parents with 08years to 12 years kids Bracket 3: Parents with 13 years onwards