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Kids Math Free 2.0.2
#1 Kids Math in Educational category in PlayStore. This is an educational math game for your kids and maybe foreveryone. This is a good brain test and you can improve yourcounting, sorting, writing and do math calculations in a verysimple way to learn.The game is a unique one because this game has a very nicegraphics designed for your kids.During each level You have to answer from 5 question to 10 mathquestions:- Counting- Sorting- Writing- Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division- Fractions, Mixed Operations- Finding Greatest and Smallest NumbersThis is a perfect math workout for your kids and a perfectchallenge for you!Google game play service was included as our game feature:- Achievement: You have to save your score in each level inorder to unlock the achievement (Easy, Normal, Medium, Hard andAdvance)- Leaderboard: You can challenge your score with your friend aroundthe world.Let's enjoy and give us a good rate!
Kids Math 11.0.3
Free math games for everyone. Best math practice game to train yourbrain & is designed for all ages including kids, girls andboys, teenagers and especially for teachers who are teachingmathematics. Easiest multiplication and division games withAddition and Subtraction games all in one app. Features : -Addition games: Adding numbers with Quiz and Practice games -Subtraction games: Subtracting numbers to solve the equations -Multiplication games: Multiplication tables learning and duel playmode - Division games: Practice and learn Division tables -Exponential games: To solve an exponential equation, take the logof both sides, and solve for the variable. - Square Root games:Play this exciting square roots game to sharpen your skills aboutadding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, simplifying andestimating. Also included features for kids who like to play mathgames: ♥ Learn how to calculate number with: ★ Solving mathexponential equation ★ Solving square root equation ★ Additiongames ★ Subtraction games ★ Multiplication games ★ Division games ♥Learn how to sort number: ★ Sort number ascending ★ Sort numberdescending Download our math games now from Google Play and sharethis amazing game your friends.
Ant Smasher 2017 3.1
Ant smasher games for free is available for phones now. Challengeyour friends how many scores they can make and who can beat thehighest score. Raise your own place with the highest score that noone can beat your score. you will be rewarded by the name of agreat ant killer!!!Fun is to kill ants except bee. If you miss andan ant reaches at the bottom, you will lose one chance.Irrespective of the chances left, your game will be over even ifyou don’t stop ants to reach the bottom.Play this game and if willyou love this cool game then please rate our app and we will keepbringing you unlimited fun game for you.
Math Freak 3.1
Can you do maths very fast? Try this one!Anyway, please don't angrywith your phone!
Best Math Games 5.1.1
Welcome to Best Math Games is the best math for students! This is agood brain test and you can improve your math calculations speedand It is a new educational app that focuses on numbers and mathlearning. This colorful game presents a collection of mathexercises for kids from 6 to 16 years, divided into severalcategories based on difficulty. The app includes the followingtopics: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, numbersorting, counting and comparison. This way, children can exercisevarious areas and not get bored of doing the same tasks over andover again. ♥ Learn how to calculate number with: ★ Solvingexponential equations ★ Solving square root equations ★ Additiongame ★ Subtraction game ★ Multiplication game ★ Division game ♥Learn how to sort number: ★ Sort number ascending ★ Sort numberdescending Learning how to count the number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 tohundred and learn how to comparison largest and smallest number!All in all, Best Math Games stands out for its variety of mathexercises that will help children practice their skills whilehaving some fun. Best of all for your child - they are free!
Best Math For Kids 3.1.1
Welcome to Best Math For Kids! Is a new educational app thatfocuses on numbers and math learning. This colorful game presents acollection of math exercises for kids from 2 to 10 years, dividedinto several categories based on difficulty.The app includes thefollowing topics: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division,number sorting, counting and comparison. This way, children canexercise various areas and not get bored of doing the same tasksover and over again.♥ Learn how to calculate number with:★ Additiongame (Easy, Normal, Hard)★ Subtraction game (Easy, Normal, Hard)★Multiplication game (Easy, Normal, Hard)★ Division game (Easy,Normal, Hard)♥ Learn how to sort number:★ Sort number ascending(Easy, Normal, Hard)★ Sort number descending (Easy, Normal, Hard)Learning how to count the number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 to hundred and learnhow to comparison largest and smallest number!All in all, Math forKids stands out for its variety of math exercises that will helpchildren practice their skills while having some fun.Best of allfor your child - they are free!
Math Challenge 3.0.3
Math Challenge, Such Mad!Math Challenge is an addictive mathcalculation game. It's suitable for kids 5 years old to 12 yearsold or maybe you because it's a challenge mode with just only 1second to think about the correct answer and also challenge withyour friend's score. It's very addicted game.Math Challenge canmake you mad! Please don't install this game if you don't want mad.lolzzStep1. See the math calculate answer in the game.Step2. Thinkabout it.Step3. Make judge in one second.Step4. Beat your friends.
Swag Boy is an amazing runner game.Swag Boy in this side scrollingadventure through challenging levels of running, jumping andkilling the enemy to reach his home.Easy to play just tap thecontroller Back, Forward and Jump button.It is a fun game foreveryone. Try it out and enjoy!Features:- Challenging Levels- GreatGraphics
Jerry Mouse Running 2.0.2
Jerry Mouse Running is a funny game for kids and including verynice HD graphic from Cambodia Angkor Wat Temple, Bayon Temple andPreah Vihear Temple.Jerry Mouse Running is adventurous game whereTom Cat is running to reach its foods:★ CheeseAnd you need to helpthe Jerry Mouse reach its destination.Jerry Mouse is an easy tostart game with exciting 4 running levels where cat is on constanthunt for burger and you need help the mouse eat.Jerry MouseInstructions:1. Help the mouse run and reach his food.2. Tapanywhere on the screen to jump and Tap again for double jump tohigher.Jerry Mouse Running Use Amazing Power-ups:1. Flying Skate(fly to collect the food without tap on the screen)2. Magnetictools to collect the food automatically without jumping3. Airplaneto fly collect food without tap on the screen4. Tornado is usingfor crossing obstacle(Tom Cat and Old Lady) without jumping.You canalso challenge your score with your friends and people around theworld! Hopefully you and your children enjoy with Jerry MouseRunning.
Ant Smasher Free 2017 4.1
Ant Smasher Free 2017 game have designed with such fun &challenge, which are suitable for all age groups.You need to smashants with your finger until the new wave coming.How to Play AntSmasher Free 2017 game:• Kill ants by taping your finger on thescreen.• Kill more ants to get more score and bonus.• Be aware fromthe bees, you can only smash the ants, giant ant, butterfly,ladybug and dragonfly.
Run MyBoy Run 2.0.2
Run My Boy Run is a funny game for kids and including very nice HDgraphic from Cambodia Angkor Wat Jugle, Indonesia Volcano, New YorkCity Snow and Cambodia Beaches.Run My Boy Run is adventurous gamewhere My Boy is running to reach its foods:★ Burger★ Cake and IceCream★ Crape★ Orange Juice★ Apple★ NutsAnd you need to help the MyBoy reach its destination.Run My Boy Run is an easy to start gamewith exciting 4 running levels where the boy is on constant huntfor burger and you need help the the boy eat.Run My Boy RunInstructions:1. Help the Boy run and reach his food.2. Tap anywhereon the screen to jump and Tap again for double jump to higher.RunMy Boy Run Use Amazing Power-ups:1. Flying Skate (fly to collectthe food without tap on the screen)2. Magnetic tools to collect thefood automatically without jumping3. Airplane to fly collect foodwithout tap on the screen4. Super Fast Running is using forcrossing obstacle(Spike dog) without jumping.You can also challengeyour score with your friends and people around the world! Hopefullyyou and your children enjoy with My Boy Running.
Fruit Crush 2016 1.0.2
Fruit Crush 2016 is the best game of match-three casual game in thegoogle play store.3 Types to play:- Time Attack- Classic (Target)-Destroy a struggle Rock.Fruit Crush 2016 game is free game for allages!Let's enjoy!
Amazing World of Commando 5.0.1
Amazing World of Commando is a journey of commando. In heat jungle,commando's goal is to overcome all difficulties and defeat allenemies to passed to the next world and they have to race throughfour worlds, survive from countless traps and enemies, collectscoins, use power ball to beat the boss:- Robot Turtle- RobotCockroach- Robot Dragonfly- GiantThis game is easy to control andvery addictive. You will find your self playing over and overagain.We hope you enjoy the free game. Have fun!! :)
Freaking Word 3.0.1
Freaking Word can improve your spellingandmake you adopted faster to the word challenging in your class.Enjoy!
Tom Chasing Jerry 1.0
Now you can play Cat and Mouse on your mobile game. Tom ChasingJerry redefined mobile gaming. Now get more of the exhilaratingrunning, jumping to eat the cheese!FEATURES★ Beautiful kitchengraphics★ Cactus obstacles★ Flower obstacles★ Trap obstaclesEnjoy& have fun!
Kids Memory Game 3.0.2
By playing Kids Memory Game you will easytoremember fruit and animal words. This game is designed for kidswholike to play educational game and gaint knowlwdge during playthegame.Game contents two type of remember:- Fruit- Animal
2048 Math 3.0.3
Most addictive Mobile and Tablet versionof2048 game and almost perfect 2048 Math for Android! Exploredeepchallenge for your mind!Game Instructions:Swipe to move the tiles, when two tiles with the same numbertouch,they merge into one.Example: 2+2=4, 4+4=8, 8+8=16, 16+16=32, When a 2048 tileiscreated, the player wins.Game Features and Advantages:+ The only game version in Google play which works on almostEVERYandroid devices starting from 2.2++ Swipes works for whole screen area+ Night mode for playing in bed+ Super 2048 MultiplayerHave fun with 2048 Game!
Kids Alphabet 1.0.2
Kids Alphabet gives you a very good game to learn how to write thealphabet by practicing writing.The game is about the child writeeach letter of the alphabet in an interactive mode, where the childlearns each letter of the alphabet intuitively, guided and in a funway.Kids Alphabet kindergarten kinder letter free toddler schooleducational learning letters toddlers.Enjoy & Fun !!
Puzzle Cube 2.0
To win the game is to move cubes to the checkpoint to win the gameand passed to the next level. You will need to roll one or morecubes to the target position in order to win the game.It is a newstyle puzzle game that is logical thinking that you maybe get angryat yourself during play it.Let play how smart you are and how manylevels you've completed.Please enjoy your happiness with our newstyle of puzzle game.
Kids ABC Drawing 3.0
With this application you can teach your baby on how to writing ABCand wring ABC also can draw and paint the images such as: Apple,Dog, Cat, Cow, Dolphin, Shark, Pear ...etc. You have to keep goingback over the letters or numbers this one let's you draw over verysmoothly.This app can spell ABC, One, Two Three for your kids withText To Speech. Really awesome!Features:- ABC (uppercase)- abc(lowercase)- 123 (number)- fruit & animal (drawing andpainting)Hopefully, you will enjoy this app!
Commando Jet Fighter
Commando Jet Fighter is excellent andaddictive games among jetpack game in Arcade category game.♥♥♥ The game very easy to play and control. You just tab the flybutton and shoot button that's all!♥♥♥ To challenge with your friends around the world you fly towardshigher and higher scores.You'll start off with the guns during fly and walk to kill theenemies, but throughout each game you'll collect coins and buy newcommando from the shop! Pick your favorite commando then get backto play.How to play:♦ Tap the right button to fire the bullet♦ Collect health pack to go further, collection super bullet andkill the enemies while you are flying♦ You will collect coins and buy new commandoFeatures:♦ This game is FREE to play♦ Buy your favorite commando using collected coins♦ Collect the bullet types as your favorite one♦ Compare your score with friends around the world (Leaderboard& Achievement)
Word Puzzle
Find out why everyone loves this game and jointhe fun now.Your kids will easy to recognize the images and words(Fruit,Animal, Number and Others).Make as many 3 to 6 letter words as possible from 6 puzzled lettersbefore time runs out and If you're fast, time bonuses give you evenmore points.Let's enjoy!
Touch The Numbers 2.0
How to increase your reflex speed?With Touch The Numbers from 1 to 25 as fast as you can.Thenumbers are randomly placed in a grid every time you startthegame. Check your best time and train your reflexes.
Kids ABC - No Ads 1.0
Kids ABC let your children to learn all about the English alphabetwriting and alphabet pronunciation.The app teaches the alphabet tochildren on set of letters at a time. We your children can scrollthe alphabet they want to learn.It is allow your children towriting ABC and ABC pronunciation.
Math for Kids, Teachers and Parents 1.1.1
People of all ages love to play math games that are fun andmotivating. Math King game give students opportunities to explorefundamental number concepts, such as the counting sequence,one-to-one correspondence, and computation strategies. Math Kinggame can also encourage students to explore number combinations,place value, patterns, and other important mathematical concepts.Further, Math King game afford opportunities for students to deepentheir mathematical understanding and reasoning. Teachers shouldprovide repeated opportunities for students to play Math King game,then let the mathematical ideas emerge as students notice newpatterns, relationships, and strategies. Math King game are animportant tool for learning in elementary school mathematicsclassrooms: • Playing Math King games encourages strategicmathematical thinking as students find different strategies forsolving problems and deepen their understanding of numbers. • Whenplayed repeatedly, games support students’ development ofcomputational fluency. • Math King games present opportunities forpractice, often without the need for teachers to provide theproblems. Teachers can then observe or assess students and workwith individuals or small groups of students. • Math King gamessupport a school-to-home connection. Parents can learn about theirchildren’s mathematical thinking by playing games with them athome. • Math King can developing computational fluency is anexpectation of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.Games provide opportunity for meaningful practice. • Math King gameare fun and can create a context for developing students’mathematical reasoning. Through playing and analyzing games,students also develop their computational fluency by examiningstrategies that are more efficient and by discussing relationshipsamong numbers.
Math Games Pro 1.0.1
Orkun2u Studios
Best math practice game to train your brain & is designedforall ages including kids, girls and boys, teenagers andespeciallyfor teachers who are teaching mathematics. Easiestmultiplicationand division games with Addition and Subtractiongames all in oneapp. Features : - Addition games: Adding numberswith Quiz andPractice games - Subtraction games: Subtractingnumbers to solvethe equations - Multiplication games:Multiplication tableslearning and duel play mode - Division games:Practice and learnDivision tables - Exponential games: To solve anexponentialequation, take the log of both sides, and solve for thevariable. -Square Root games: Play this exciting square roots gameto sharpenyour skills about adding, subtracting, multiplying,dividing,simplifying and estimating. Also included features forkids wholike to play math games: ♥ Learn how to calculate numberwith: ★Solving math exponential equation ★ Solving square rootequation ★Addition games ★ Subtraction games ★ Multiplication games★Division games ♥ Learn how to sort number: ★ Sort numberascending★ Sort number descending Download our Math Games now fromGooglePlay and share this amazing game your friends.