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La Briscola-Classic Card Games 4.10
The intriguing traditional Italian card gameof Briscola (Trump), played for centuries and loved by every-ageplayers! Easy to get but challenging: you must collect the cardswith the highest score and use your trumps wisely! If you havenever played it, La Briscola is perfect for your first time! A cardgame has never felt so easy and enjoyable to play. The originalcards made beautiful, the excitement of throwing that ace of trumpon the table and smack your opponent, now brought to your devicefor you to enjoy.What you get:- Single player games against 3 different difficulty levels- Multiplayer online with friends or other Briscola players fromall over the world- Exciting challenge to reach the NUMBER 1 position in theworldwide race!- Choose the deck of cards you are more familiar with! They are allthere: Sicilian, Neapolitans (Napoletane), poker, Spanish.Get it now free!FOLLOW USFacebook www.facebook.com/outofthebitTwitter @outofthebit
La Scopa - Classic Card Games 4.10
You are just one touch away from a spectacularItalian card game! Have HOURS OF FUN and challenge. With the onlinemultiplayer. And... IT'S FREE!!!! Try it now and discover howentertaining a card game can be! Collect the cards from the tableand, if you grab the last one, shout “Scopa!”, nice and loud!Get it now free!WHAT YOU GET with La Scopa - Classic Card Games:- 3 difficulty levels against the computer (A.I. artificialintelligence) for your single player mode- Online multiplayer: play with friends and other players all overthe world- Choose your deck: La Scopa got all the original Italian regionaldecks (Napoletane, Siciliane, Piacentine, Piemontesi, Triestine andmore), in high resolution that will look astonishing on your phoneand tablet. Or you can play with the classic Poker cards- Play with different rules and options (Settebello, Rebello and soon)- Enjoy the fun challenges and badges to collect on GooglePlay- Be part of the Global High-Score (Leaderboard): there’s one foreach difficulty level plus the leaderboard for onlineplayers.Get it now for free!And do not miss on our La Briscola and Tressette to have a completeclassic card game suit on your phone and tablet!FOLLOW USFacebook/outofthebitTwitter @outofthebit
Tic Tac Toe 6.043
The most easy, fun and stylish Tic Tac Toe so far! Put your fingeron the board! Download it now! It's free! What you get: - Quickmatches - Play against real people! Online multiplayer or on thesame device (2 players mode) - Relax on your own playing singleplayer - Easy to get: just tap and play - Loads of super fun GooglePlay achievements - Colourful themes - Superb for all age - Kidswill love it! Get 3 of your symbol on a vertical, horizontal ordiagonal line before your opponent and win. The matches are reallyquick and easy, perfect for your commuting or while you wait. TicTac Toe is another classic for your Android phone and tablet fromthe creators of Four in a Row and Dots and Boxes. Challenge afriend next to you on the same device or find an opponent online(multiplayer). Or try and beat our well-trained virtual player(single mode against the computer). Tic Tac Toe is completely free.If you love games like Chess, Checkers, Dots and Boxes and Four ina Row and other fun pastimes, you will love TicTacToe. Download itnow and start playing immediately. FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA:@outofthebit facebook.com/outofthebit
Nuclear Combat Ship 6.04
The online gaming will be back soon. Sorry for the disruption andthanks for your understanding. Welcome Admiral, to the mostadvanced Naval Battle strategy game. In Nuclear Combat Ship youmust guide your fleet to victory by sinking all of the opponent'sships. The way you manage your fleet, armoury and your economy willmake the difference in the war effort. Unlock advanced and powerfulweapons to aid you in your fight. *** TWO GAME MODES ***MULTIPLAYER: No matter where you are in the world, you can link upwith other players for online play. Prove yourself as the bestbattle tactician and climb the global leaderboards to victory!BATTLE SIMULATOR: Play against advanced Artificial Intelligencewith extremely top secret war calculation algorithms, powered byclassified military technology. Can you outwit a machine? Get readyfor all out war! ------------------------------- ** Download forfree! ** ------------------------------- FEATURES : - Free to play- Unlock advanced weapons - Reach fun achievements - OnlineMultiplayer - Global Leaderboard - Quick games - Intense Strategy -Big weapons that go BOOM! The definitive naval war experience forphones and tablets by OutOfTheBit!
Planet Quest 1.32
Download Planet QUEST for free now! Planet QUEST is a brand newrhythm game you’ll never want to put down. Do you want to seerabbits dancing with giraffes to some bangin’ beats? Then this gameis for you! Tap on the rhythm, climb the leaderboard and become themaster of the universe. Is that not enough information for you!?Then check out these super professional bullet points: - Easysingle-tap gameplay for short games or long stints. - Easy and funto play, yet challenging to fully master. - Unlock new songs byplaying like a boss. - Endless levels, endless music. - Old schoolhomemade music tracker for optimal fun. - More than an hour oforiginal and diverse music, with the potential for an infiniteamount more! - Weekly high score. - Players who are #1 on theleaderboard unlock the ad-free version of the game! - Completelyfree to play Tap and get it free NOW!!! @outofthebit
Mini Chess (Quick Chess) - Strategy Board Games 2.10
The only quick game of chess around! Play straight away, withfriends, online or ‘solo’, and every match can take just minutes.Smaller chessboard, less pieces, more FUN! Kids and beginners willfind it so easy to learn and to enjoy in just 1 tap and expertswill love the new challenge! Mini Chess is a modern simplifiedversion of the classic chess, perfect for playing on your phone ortablet, on your own, with 3 level of Artificial Intelligence, orwith a friend on the same device (multiplayer) and also online. Thetraditional game of chess made easier and quicker. Download it nowfor free and start play in just 1 tap! Mini Chess gives you: -Speedy games of chess - Simple explanations of the moves - Kidswill love it - Clear and stylish graphic - Play while-you-wait oranytime - 3 levels of difficulty for your 1 player matches -Multiplayer with friends or chess players from all over the world -Climb the Global High-Score and become NUMBER 1 IN THE WORLD Followus: TWITTER @outofthebit FACEBOOK/outofthebit
Tressette - Classic Card Games 6.04
You want to play the most fun and classic Italian card game?Download Tressette now, free. Tressette is a trick-taking cardgame. Easy to play, relaxing and yet challenging. Now even more funwith the online multiplayer! You can play Easy, Medium or Hardagainst the computer and try and beat your friends and thousands ofother Tressette players around the world in the Global High-Score(Leaderboard). Also, LEARN THE RULES and how to play with oursimple “Help”, in the game menu. You also have your playable cardssuggested and in the right order, for a more relaxing game andperfect if you’re a beginner. Tressette’s features: - 3 difficultylevels against the computer (A.I. artificial intelligence) for yoursingle player mode - Online multiplayer: play with friends andother players all over the world - Choose your deck: Tressette gotall the original Italian regional decks (Napoletane, Siciliane,Piacentine, Piemontesi, Triestine and more), in high resolutionthat will look astonishing on your phone and tablet. Or you canplay with the classic Poker cards - Play with Accuse (also called“cucite” or declarations): you got the most classic Napola andBongioco or Super Bongioco - Play up to 21 points or 31 or 41 andchoose among many other options - Enjoy the fun challenges andbadges to collect on Google Play - Be part of the Global High-Score(Leaderboard): there’s one for each difficulty level Get it now forfree! And do not miss on our La Scopa and La Briscola to have acomplete classic card game suit on your phone and tablet! FOLLOW USFacebook/outofthebit Twitter @outofthebit
Ace Wins All 6.04
One of the most classic card games of all, and with one simplerule: Ace wins all. Now with online multiplayer! In Ace Wins All,your memory is your strength. Collect more cards than your opponentby either MATCHING PAIRS or laying down an ACE (to collect thewhole bunch of cards on the table!), but KEEP TRACK of what’s beenplayed to stay ahead of the game! Perfect for relaxing a bit onyour spare time at home or to keep you brain awake on the go andcommuting. A great game for KIDS and adults alike - challengingenough for advanced players and also a great way to teach somesimple math and memory skills to the little ones. Get it now forFREE! Unlock achievements and beat your friends on the exclusiveleaderboard. And do not miss out on our La Scopa and La Briscola tohave a complete classic card game suit on your Android phone andtablet! Ace Wins All features: - Online multiplayer: play withfriends and other players all over the world - Choose your level: 3difficulty modes against the computer (A.I. artificialintelligence) - Play both LANDSCAPE and PORTRAIT orientation - Funand challenging Google Play achievements to unlock - Be part of theGlobal High-Score (Leaderboard): there’s one for each difficultylevel. - Choose your deck: Ace Wins All got all the originalItalian regional decks (Napoletane, Siciliane, Piacentine,Piemontesi, Triestine and more), in high resolution that will lookastonishing on your phone and tablet Android. Or you can play withthe classic Poker cards (French)! FOLLOW US facebook/outofthebitTwitter @outofthebit
Rubamazzo - Classic Card Games 6.04
Get the thrill of snatching your opponent's deck! But mind thatyour cards might be stolen too! The classic Rubamazzo game wherecards change hands quickly and unpredictably! The ItalianRubamazzo, also known as Steal The Pile or Steal the Bundle, isperfect for a quick card game of great fun and even to introducekids to classic games and teach them some basic maths. It is aclassic fishing game (also called Steal the Old Man's Bundle) ofconcentration and luck. Now even more fun with the onlinemultiplayer! What you get from the Italian Rubamazzo: - 3 levels ofdifficulty for your single player matches - Online multiplayer:play with friends and other players all over the world - Worldwidechallenge with the Global Google Play Leaderboards - Loads of greatGoogle Play achievements - Choose the deck of cards you are morefamiliar with! They are all there: Sicilian, Neapolitans(Napoletane), poker, Spanish and more! Download Rubamazzo now, it'sfree! FOLLOW US for new exciting games coming up! Twitter@outofthebit Facebook/outofthebit
Super Arcade Racing 1.062
Super Arcade Racing is a retro-inspired, super-fun racing game thatgives you the pure experience of real arcade gameplay. Simplecontrols and tons of fun with a classic 2D top-down view, amazingpixel art and an iconic soundtrack, combined with an intriguingstory and more than 80 levels to play. Prepare to enter the worldof underground car racing to save your brother. It’s going to bedangerous, but taking part in the clandestine Super Arcade Racingwill be your only chance to see your little bro again and solve themystery behind the organization that kidnapped him. You’ll have acar to upgrade and personalise after every race, with new parts togo faster, have more grip and better control. You will meet darkrivals and deceiving enemies. Defeat them and clear your path tothe final victory. Along the way, you might discover something moreabout yourself. SINGLE PLAYER The full version has 60 levels, witha storyline running alongside and tough bosses to defeat. And inkeeping with the arcade spirit, try and discover the secret levelsoff the map! GARAGE Visit the garage to upgrade or modify your car.Your trusted uncle will help you out with the amendments bothcosmetic and perform-enhancing. CUSTOMISABLE: Infinite carvariations! You have 1 car to run with and it will be your mostprecious ally. Make it better and make it unique. Earn money forevery race and spend your cash on new exhausts, tighter brakes,better tyres and even a more powerful engine. You’ll gain bettercontrol of your car, more speed and your chances to win will spike.You can also choose the colours of your car and change body partsfor a full personalisation. TRAINING MODE Get to know the tracksbefore challenging your opponents to be faster and better, cutcorners and equip your car at the best for that setting. The moreyou play, the better you will know how your car behaves, how ithandles acceleration and drifting etc. You’ll see your previousperformance in the form of a ghost car during the race, to give youa reference and help you get better. LOCATIONS Drive on city roads,across the desert and in forests; different modes (circuit,challenge and pursuit to name some), obstacles and a few hiddentracks off the maps. You’ll have to race in the snow, in the rainand many more. FUN ELEMENTS Mind that cone and avoid the oil on theroad. Jump on ramps and discover shortcuts and secret passages.INTRIGUING, SURPRISING STORY Expect the unexpected. Race after raceyou’ll know a bit more about the underground world of Super ArcadeRacing, the dark organisation running it and who (or what) isbehind Martin’s kidnapping. REAL ARCADE You won’t need specialskills to drive, but you will get better the more you play. Simpletracks and circuits and only 2 buttons to accelerate and brake,offering the pure fun of real arcade gameplay. ORIGINAL PIXEL ARTSuper Arcade Racing will bring back the magic of the 16-bit pixelgraphic we fell in love with in the late 80s. Beautiful pixel-drawnillustrations and animations will give you that nostalgic feelingof playing a classic. ICONIC SOUNDTRACK Immerse yourself in theatmosphere of those most-loved car race movies, TV series and videogames from the 80s and 90s with an inspired soundtrack originallycomposed for Super Arcade Racing, played back on a custommidi-tracker system. LEADERBOARDS Every level has its ownleaderboard and every leaderboard has its champion. Will you be thefastest? ONLINE MULTIPLAYER 10 levels exclusively designed foronline multiplayer races, plus all the story levels you haveunlocked. Show off your fully customisable car, make it unique andmake it the best. Challenge players from all over the world to gainthe title of champions of Super Arcade Racing.
Pyramid Solitaire 1.04
The easiest solitaire for you to enjoy. A feel-good card gamethatis all about switching off and having fun. Relax, clear thePyramidand get rewarded with tons of achievements, great animationsandpoints for your leaderboards. Add Pyramid to your collectionofclassic card games and you’ll have a great puzzle that is easytoplay and re-play. For an additional challenge, try to beatthescore of the other players in the leaderboard or replay a matchtobetter your time or solve it in less moves. Features ofPyramidSolitaire: Easy to play: just touch 2 cards that make 13(Q+Ace,J+2,10+3 and so on) and clear the pyramid of all itscards.Colorful animations to give you the best playing experience.Funachievements for an additional challenge (and additional fun!);Canyou finish a game in less than 60 seconds or solve a puzzlewithoutundos? Clean and original graphic for you to enjoy. Keeptrack ofall your records so you can play and replay to better yourstats.Worldwide Leaderboards to compete with players of Pyramidfrom allover the world. Take this amazing brain training with youanywhere,anytime. Download it now and start playing the classiclogicpuzzles with cards straight away. Free. If you have anissue,suggestion or just want to say "hi" please writeus:support@outofthebit.com Follow us on socialmedia:Facebook/outofthebit Twitter: @outofthebit
Scorpion Solitaire 2.05
Play Scorpion and have the feeling of a real challengeagainstyourself. Test your mind sharpness, speed of thoughts andproblemsolving. A clever pastime always in you pocket for yourcommuting,queuing or for when you are early for an appointment.Scorpiongives you the challenge you are looking for. Focus, plancarefullyand... be quick! You will be rewarded with achievementsand timebonuses when you complete it fast. What you get: - Achallengingbut easy-to-learn solitaire to play EVERYWHERE. -Compare yourscore with that of thousands of player and CLIMB theexclusiveLeaderboard with players from all over the world. - BIGandeasy-to-read cards, tailored to look at their best on everyscreen.- Tap (or drag) to move your card or column. Easy and FAST!- Usethe same account across multiple devices, EASILY thanks toGooglePlay Games! - Choose to play both LANDSCAPE and PORTRAIT withtherotation feature. Get it now, free! And if you have acomment,suggestion, critic or just to say "hi", please write ustosupport@outofthebit.com or follow us on social media:@outofthebitFacebook.com/outofthebit
Spider Solitaire 1.03
The most classic card game of all! It can be yours in only 1touch,for free. The Spider Solitaire is a ‘solo’ game, but you canproveyour abilities against your friends and new opponents from alloverthe world: think fast but thoroughly and solve it. Then addyourscore to the exclusive Global High-Score and find out who’sthebest. Stack the cards in descending order of the same suit.Aneasy-to-learn puzzle for your relaxing moments or to testyourskills. With 3 difficulty modes, Spider Solitaire is a classicforeveryone, at any level. A fun brain training game that becameaclassic of the Computer PC and can be now in your pocket totakewith you everywhere. What you get: - A challengingbuteasy-to-learn solitaire to play EVERYWHERE. - Play theclassicmodes: - 1 suit (easy) - 2 suits (medium) - 4 suits (hard)-Compare your SCORE with that of thousands of player and CLIMBtheexclusive Leaderboard with players from all over the world. -BIGand easy-to-read cards, tailored to look at their best oneveryscreen. - Tap (or drag) to move your card or column. Easy andFAST!- Play even faster with the “FAST MODE” (just one tap to moveandquicker animations for a better time bonus!). - Choose to playwithor without HINTS: suggestions on possible moves. -Highlycustomisable from the simple game menu: you can turn on/offmusic,sounds, hints, choose layout, see your time and score and somuchmore. - UNLIMITED Undo. - Use the same account acrossmultipledevices, EASILY thanks to Google Play Games! - Play with alayoutsuitable for LEFT-HANDED or for right-handed players. -Choose toplay both LANDSCAPE and PORTRAIT with the rotationfeature. Get theclassic Spider Solitaire now, free on your Androidphone andtablet. And if you have a comment, request of support,suggestion,critic or just to say "hi", please write ustosupport@outofthebit.com or follow us on social media:@outofthebitFacebook.com/outofthebit
TriPeaks Solitaire 1.02
Have you got a moment to spare? Get TriPeaks Solitaire andenjoy!The easy and relaxing brain training to take with you always.Oneof the most famous card games of the computer is now availableforyour phone and tablet. Clear the 3 pyramids of cards by tappingthecard that rank 1 above or 1 below the value of the card inthewaste pile. Choose wisely to uncover the face down cardsandremember: you can only go through the deck once! A real puzzle.Achallenge always new that will keep your brain in good shape.Afeel-good card game that is all about switching off and havingfun.While queuing, commuting or waiting up, any time is a good timefora match of TriPeaks Solitaire. Add TriPeaks Solitaire toyourcollection of classic card games and you’ll have a greatpuzzlethat is easy to play and re-play. For an additionalchallenge, tryto beat the score of the other players in theleaderboard. Use theundo and replay functionalities to better yourtime or solve apuzzle that looked impossible. Features of TriPeaksSolitaire, alsoknown as Three Peaks, Tri Towers or Triple Peaks: -Easy to play:just touch the card that rank 1 above or 1 below thevalue of thecard in the waste pile and clear the board of all itscards. -Slide or tap to move your card. - Play super-fast, with our‘FASTMODE’: move in just one tap, have quicker animations, and getabetter time. - Use the same account across multiple devicesEASILYthanks to the integration with Google Play Games. - Choose toplayboth LANDSCAPE and PORTRAIT with the rotation feature. - Cleanandoriginal graphic for you to enjoy. - Replay functionality totryand solve even the most challenging puzzle. -WorldwideLeaderboards to compete with players of TriPeaks from allover theworld. Take this amazing brain training with you anywhere,anytime.Download it now and start playing the classic logic puzzleswithcards straight away. Free. If you have an issue, suggestion orjustwant to say "hi" please write us: support@outofthebit.comFollow uson social media: Facebook/outofthebit Twitter:@outofthebit
Freecell Solitaire 1.04
The best known Solitaire game of patience and strategy now foryourAndroid phone and tablet. FreeCell Solitaire is a classicforeveryone, at any level. A fun brain training game that becameaclassic of the Computer PC and can be now in your pocket totakewith you everywhere. Use your best skills to plan your movesanduse your free cells wisely to solve this rebus that will giveyou achallenging but very rewarding experience. If you are newtoFreeCell, review the rules in the game menu and thanks to theHINToption you will be able to find the best available moves. Ifyoualready know how to play this classic solitaire you willappreciatethe simple graphic and clean interface that will allowyou toimmerse in the game and focus on winning. FreeCell is anintriguingsolitaire game that is perfect for players that alreadylikeKlondike, Spider and Scorpion but also “solo” games like Sudokuandother strategy games. What you get: - A challengingbuteasy-to-learn solitaire to play EVERYWHERE. - Play the classic-Compare your SCORE with that of thousands of player and CLIMBtheexclusive Leaderboard with players from all over the world. -BIGand easy-to-read cards, tailored to look at their best oneveryscreen. - Tap (or drag) to move your cards. Easy and FAST! -Playeven faster with the “FAST MODE” (just one tap to move andquickeranimations for a better time bonus!). - Choose to play withorwithout HINTS: suggestions on available moves. -Highlycustomisable from the simple game menu: you can turn on/offsoundsand hints, choose your layout, see your time and score and somuchmore. - UNLIMITED Undo. - Use the same account acrossmultipledevices, EASILY thanks to Google Play Games! - Play with alayoutsuitable for LEFT-HANDED or for right-handed players. -Choose toplay both LANDSCAPE and PORTRAIT with the rotationfeature. Get theclassic FreeCell Solitaire now, free on yourAndroid phone andtablet. And if you have a comment, request ofsupport, suggestion,critic or just to say "hi", please write ustosupport@outofthebit.com or follow us on social media:@outofthebitFacebook.com/outofthebit
WordBlast - Best word puzzle game 1.23
Find words in the grid and blow up as many tiles as you can.Meetyour points objective and progress level after level. WordBlastisthe best word search, with a twist. Infinite puzzles, agreatgraphic and an ever-growing challenge to give you fun,braintraining and that feeling of wanting to play more! Swipeyourfinger on the tiles to connect the letters and make words.Thelonger the better. You’ll blow up more tiles, clear more linesandget more points! Simple. Find the hidden word for an extra starandbonus points, then it’s all down to your eagle eye. There’s notafixed set of words you have to find. Be creative, beclever,connect the tiles and make up words as long or as short asyou can.Keep an eye on the clock too. Bombs can help you if you arerunningout of time. Here is what Word Blast, the best wordy,blastingpuzzle game, got for you: - Infinite levels: if you don’tstop, wewon’t stop you! Each level is a little more difficult thantheprevious one. - Amazing animations: see those tiles crackingandbubbling away once you have connected them. The blocks shiftdownand sideways and more words will be created for you tokeepswiping. - Explosive fun: need a little help to completetheobjective before time runs up? Throw a bomb in there! Blow upabunch of tiles that were impossible to connect. - “Give memoretime” option: Have you run out of time but you were so close?Watcha little video ad and get an extra minute and a full grid tonailit! - Infinite refill: NEVER run out of letters. As soon asthey’renot enough, down comes a shower of fresh tiles for you tokeepswiping. - Special tiles: Include those letters in your wordandget a more powerful blast or an entire row, block or columnblownup, or get more points or extra time or... - Choose yourtheme:Bubbly graphic of every colour you like. Bright andcheerful,modern and trendy or some more eye-resting shades.Whatever youprefer. - Keep track of your stats: how many lines haveyoucleared? What’s your best word ever? Those and many more inyourstatistics screen. - Wanting for more? Try and collect all oftheachievements. Additional challenge for additional fun. -GlobalHigh-Score: all the points you score will go to aspecialLeaderboard with all the Word Blast players from all overtheworld. Can you be the best? See how high you can get. Word Blastisa mix between a crush game and a word search. It gives youthecleverness of making up words with the letters at yourhandstogether with the fun of blowing up rows, lines or blocksandseeing them shifting and moving to form more words. Word Blastgotinfinite levels for you and 3 objectives per level: 1. amainobjective, POINTS: reach the target and get a bonus. 2.LINES:swipe away as many lines as the level you are in: only 1 lineisrequired in level 1. Ten lines at level 10. And so on. And on.3.Hidden word: a special word to find in the grid. You can lookforit and have an immediate reward that will help you reachingyourmain objective. Or ignore it and find other words. If you likewordpuzzles, creativity and challenge, you'll never want tostopplaying WordBlast. Who knows what level you can reach! And ifyouhave any suggestion to make it even better, please feel freetodrop us a line to support@outofthebit.com. We'd love to hearfromyou. Opinions, comments, any feedback at all. Download thebestword game in the Store now and start swiping!
Sudoku 2.02
The newest Sudoku on the Store! Designed to make you focus onthegame, no fuss around it. Download it now and try it foryourself.Sudoku will tease your brain, challenge you or allow youto unwindand relax. With the easiest interface, it will give youthe perfectSudoku experience. Big numbers, a straight-forwardtoolbar for theactions you will use the most, plus all the optionsto personaliseyour game. Choose your level, from easy to expert,have yourmistakes counted and duplicated numbers highlighted orchoose the“Pro Mode” to have no help in solving your puzzle. Gethintswhenever you are stuck and “pencil in” your notes or eraseentries.Choose among 3 themes for the look of your board: the whiteandelegant, for a light, modern look; the blue for a touchoforiginality or the dark theme, best for low light environmentsorto relax even more. To relax or challenge yourself, for yourtimeout or for a bit of brain training, Sudoku is the game foryou.Features of Sudoku: - Get a new puzzle every time. Sudokuhasthousands of different boards for you, all with a uniquesolution.- Challenge yourself with 4 difficulty levels: forbeginners andexperts alike. - Use the Hints whenever you need alittle helpgetting through the puzzle. - Make the most of the“Pencil Mode”,taking notes of all the possible numbers that couldgo in a cell. -Duplicated numbers in a column, row or block will behighlightedfor you to avoid repetitions. - Erase a number or undo amoveeasily. - Go “Pro” to play as if you had pen and paper. Nomistakeswill be counted for you, no duplicates will be highlighted.It’sjust you and your puzzle. - Choose one of the amazing 3themes:paperwhite, dark (ideal for playing with less light) andoriginalblue. - Unlock fun achievements. Can you finish a game in30seconds or solve a puzzle without undos? Additional challengesforadditional fun. - Worldwide Leaderboard to compete with playersofSudoku from all over the world. Take this amazing braintrainingwith you anywhere, anytime. Download it now and startplaying theclassic logic puzzles with numbers straight away. Free.If you havea critic, suggestion or just want to say "hi" pleasewrite us:support@outofthebit.com Follow us on socialmedia:Facebook/outofthebit Twitter: @outofthebit
Italian Solitaires Collection 1.0
The classic Italian solitaire card games all together in anew,must-have, unique collection. Free. Play the traditional way,withthe Italian regional cards (Napoletane - Neapolitans -Siciliane,Piacentine. We got them all) like you were at the localbar or at aSunday lunch with “la famiglia” - the family. Getfamiliar with therules with the simple explanation for each gameand choose whichone you prefer or play them all. Collect points forthe Leaderboardand compare your progresses with those of yourfriends. MORE THAN ASIMPLE COLLECTION Solitaires are card games ofability and luck,great pastime and brain training puzzles that willgive you hoursof fun in any of your spare moments (commuting,queuing, relax). Wepolished the game for you with amazinganimations and sounds, greatthemes to personalise the appearance ofyour game and a series ofdaily challenges and monthly objectives tospice it up even more.WHAT THIS GAME GIVES YOU: # A selection ofthe most classic,traditional italian solitaires: - Il Bidone - 40carte - LaFrancese - La Croce (aka Flower solitaire) - Coprisette -Piramide- Nonno Antonio And soon to come: La coppia (The Couple),Napoleon,Due a due (Two-by-Two), Il Dispettoso (Spiteful), Tre atre(Three-by-Three), Avanti e indietro (Forward and Backward),Ilcalcolo (The Calculation), Edvige, Chiodo schiaccia chiodo(Nailcrushes nail), La riunione (The Meeting), Tiramisu and IlQuadratoDel Nove (the square of the nine). Get them all free withtheupdates, downloading the app now. # Learn the rules very easily.1simple screen at the beginning of the game. # Autocompletionwhenthe puzzle is solved # Hints: use a suggestion when you’restack. #Undo. use it if you touch something by mistake or if youwant to goback and try a different move. # Option to replay thesame hand ifyou want to try a different approach, from the start. #Stats:track your games and numbers. How many have you played? Howlongdid it take to win your fastest game? And many more. #Beautifultraditional cards. CHOOSE the deck that you prefer. --Napoletane(Neapolitans) -- Siciliane -- Piacentine -- Milanesi --Bergamasche-- Bresciane -- Romagnole -- Toscane -- Trevisane --Sarde --Piemontesi # Choose to play LANDSCAPE or PORTRAIT #Right-hand andleft-hand layout. # Fast-mode option, to move thecard with asingle tap and have faster animations. # Meet the dailyand monthlygoals and collect your rewards. # A unique High-Scorewith all theSolitaires players of the world. The Italian SolitaireCollectionis a game by OutOfTheBit like other classic solitaires(Klondike,Spider and TriPeaks, to name a few) and also La Briscolaand LaScopa, which was among the first games to make it to the AppStoreand it's been collecting 5 stars in every Country, withkindcomments like these: "Fantastic. Great strategy game to wake meupon the train on the way to work." "Been playing this game foryearsin real life and I love this version plus I can take itanywhereand everywhere". "Like playing with my Nonna (Grandma) butshe'sbetter". "One of the best card games ever". Get this newcollectionnow and please feel free to drop us an emailtosupport@outofthebit.com for any critics or suggestion. And ifyouknow a game that is not there, please let us know and we willbehappy to add it!