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Oriya (Odia) Calendar 2.0.06
Outscar Oriya (Odia) Calendar , a complete and simple Odia pocketcalendar for your android device . Our application comes with anwidget for your home screen. This widget shows current system timeof your device along with the current time in India (If you areresiding in a different timezone). **Please note that the timewidget will not work properly with usage of task killer apps.AddingOdia Calendar to the ignore list of such application should fix theproblem. The calendar covers important days . The application alsocomes with a details screen per day that shows you all the'Panjika' details for a given date . You can navigate to thedetails screen by clicking on a given date in the Calendar . Wehope you will like our application , and if you do please rateOriya Calendar . Also if you find anything wrong , please give us achance to make it better before offering a poor rating . We arecommitted to make this app better every day . For any queries /concerns please drop us a mail ([email protected]) . Enjoy!
Bengali Calendar (India) 3.2.09
The Bong Calendar - A Complete Bangla Calendar for your Androiddevice. The Calendar : Bong Calendar is just like the traditionalBengali Calendar . Only thing , it runs in android device and youcan keep it in your pocket! It keeps you updated about theimportant days in Bangla and the Bengali Date. Please note , youmay have seen different Bengali Date for the same Gregorian Date indifferent news papers. It is because , in West Bengal we have twoschools of Panjika Makers. One of them follow the old method (about1500 years old!) the 'Surya Siddhanta' and the others follow the'Drik Siddhanta' or 'Bishuddha Siddhanta' method. For lunar day /or tithi timings , Bishuddha Siddhanta gives you accurate timing.We cover them both. Widgets : We have home screen widgets thatshhows current Bengali date. Two of them shows the time as well.And if you are residing outside of India , it shows you the currenttime in India for your location as well. Before you set it , itwill ask for a preference , and select the 'Panjika' you follow.**Please note that the widget showing time might not work properlyif you have a built in or third party task killer app. Pleaseexclude Bong Calendar from your task killer app if the widgets arenot working properly We hope you will find this app useful and ifyou do , please share your review / ratings / scope of improvementareas / ideas . It is our continuous effort to make thisapplication better with time. For any assistance , please write tous . You can reach us at [email protected] . Our team will behappy to help you out. Keep using Bong Calendar! With Regards, TeamOutscar
Bangla Calendar (Bangladesh) 2.2.06
Bong Calendar Bangladesh is a complete solution for your dailyneeds. A Bengali Calendar in your pocket ! The date calculation isbased on the modification made by the committee headed by MuhammadShahidullah under the auspices of the Bangla Academy on 17 February1966. This Bangla Calendar comes with a nice widget for your homescreen. The widget covers, Day of Week, Bengali Month name andcurrent Bengali year along with the Gregorian calendar details. Wealso have a Date time widget that works on home screen and keepsyou updated with time. * Please note , the widget that shows timemay not work properly if you are using a built in or third partytask killer app. Removing bong Calendar from Task Killer listshould solve any such issue. Also we have a date converter and aHoliday list viewer . Converter allows you to convert the Bengalidate to Gregorian date and the opposite as well. The Holiday viewerhelps you to track all the Holidays of current year at one place.Hope you will enjoy our Bangla Calendar and please let us know forany modification request / change request etc. Regards, TeamOutscar
Assamese Calendar 2.1.04
Assamese Calendar is an utility application designed in AssameseLanguage . It helps you with your daily needs and requirements. Itis now easier to track Assamese date and year with Outscar AssameseCalendar App. It Includes the important social events , days tocelebrate rituals etc. Assamese Calendar comes with built inwidgets . They widgets are beautiful and fits perfectly in yourhome screen. One of the widgets contains a clock that shows currenttime. Please note , the clock widget may not show time properly ifyou use task cleaner / memory booster or other Apps of samecategory. For best results put Assamese Calendar in the ignore listfor such applications. Please install Assamese Calendar in yourdevice and let us know about any bugs / issues that you may face.We will be happy to address your needs. Regards, Team Outscar
Bangla Crossword 1.1.13
Daily Bengali Crossword. With this app , Bengali Crossword loverswon't have to run for the paper back version anymore. As, with"শব্দখেলা" they will get the puzzle daily on their android smartphones. A new fresh crossword every single day! And the answer getspublished on the next day for your verification. Sounds just likethe one you need right? The best thing about Outscar BanglaCrossword is , you will always have the app in your pocket. So ,you will get to play in your own flexible time. There are severalother benefits as well! Everyone gets their own copy of crosswordpuzzle. And we have made it sweeter by adding the ability to trackyour own scores. Your scores will be updated and saved on a monthlybasis. But does this mean you need to stay online while playingthis game? No! Once you have loaded today's game and startedplaying the same, you will be able to play it offline as well. Butfor the next day game, you will have to go online once at least forgetting it saved in your phone. Unlike the paperback version , itis easy to erase a particular cell and fill it again with thecorrect one. And the answer checking is also easy and simple. Andif you connect the app with facebook , it gets even better. As ,you will get to see how your friends are doing! As we move along ,more features are waiting for you on the queue. So , play it hard ,and let us know your feedback. Only , your constructive feedbackwill enable us to make this app better. Write to us [email protected] for any queries and suggestions. EnjoyCrossword, enjoy Bangla! Regards, Team Outscar