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Digital Invaders 2.1
PA Labs
A classic 80's calculator game. Shoot down theinvaders.Digital Invaders originally appeared on the Casio MG-880calculator.
Shape Breaker 2.0
PA Labs
Clear out all the shapes and try to beat your best score/time.Challenging and addictive. The more shapes you break with one tap,the more points you get. Choose two or more shapes adjacent to eachother of the same type. This game is similar to Bubble Breaker.
Digital Invaders 1.6
PA Labs
A classic 80's calculator game. Shoot down the invaders.DigitalInvaders originally appeared on the Casio MG-880calculator.This isa fast paced action game that will put yourfingers to thetest.Invader SpeedCompared to the original calculatorgame, thisgame is almost identical but with a few slightmodifications asdescribed below. The time given for each stage isthe time it takesfor one invader to travel all the way across thedisplay and causeone life to be lost. Digital Invaders AndroidApp:stage 1 - 6.6secstage 9 - 2.2 secinterval (score showing) -1.8secCalculator:stage 1 - 7 secstage 9 - 2.3 secinterval(scoreshowing) - 2 secSince the early stages of the game are quiteslow,I decided to increase the speed a little bit (0.4 sec fasteratstage 1). This is quite negligible. Stage 9 is virtuallythesame.INSTRUCTIONSThe aim is to score the most amount of pointsbydestroying the invaders approaching from the right.Use theAIMbutton to match the leftmost digit on the display with any oftheapproaching invaders. Press the FIRE button to destroytheinvader.If the sum of the shot down invaders is a multiple of10,the next invader will be a UFO (shaped like an 'n') unlessthestage is completed.The defence lines next to the Aim Digitindicatethe number of lives the player has left.There are 2 levelsand eachlevel has 9 stages. In each stage you must shoot down all16invaders with 30 shots or less. The speed of the invadersincreaseswith each successive stage. In level 2 the invaders startattackingfrom one position closer. After completing level 2 thegame willreturn to level 1.When the game is over, the display showsthestage that the player reached and the score.SCORINGThe highscoreis shown at the start of the game.The points awarded forshootingdown an invader depend on the invader's position. Startingfrom therightmost position, the points are as follows:Level 160,50, 40,30, 20, 10Level 2100, 80, 60, 40, 20An extra 300 points isawardedfor shooting down a UFO.To share your scores online and seetheleaderboard, sign in to Google Play Games.