Radio - FM Cube 3.9.0
FM Cube Radio - thousands of the best radio stations on your devicethat work great on the mobile Internet! You don't need fastInternet connection to listen to web radio. Listen your favoriteradio stations wherever you are: in the street, at home, in theoffice, in your car. Revolutionary internet radio app - FM Cube.Thousands of stations in the small, fast and easy-to-use app.Excellent sound quality even at slow internet connection (2G, 3G,4G, WiFi). You don't need broadband connection to listen to theinternet radio. Listen to online radio absolutely free! This appconsumes 4 times less internet traffic to play radio than anysimilar app. You can select the most suitable stream quality foryou - using stream quality selector. Poor connection? Playbackstops too often? Select traffic efficient mode (Low quality) - evenin this mode sound quality stays very high. If you have stable andfast internet connection - listen to the radio at its best soundquality (High and Medium stream quality). Sound quality stays greatin any mode! Useful additional features in the radio player: - Youcan save your favorite stations to the Favorites list. Also you canbrowse History (list of the stations you've listened to). - Anycurrently playing song you can search in YouTube or Google with oneclick. - Turn Off Timer will stop the playback at the time youspecified. - Alarm clock will start playing your favorite stationat the specified time. Popular stations of Europe (Germany, GreatBritain, France, Spain and so on), USA, Canada, Latin America,Asia, Middle East - from all around the world. List of radiostations includes: News FM Energy Radio USA Relax FM Chillout RadioClub Radio Electronic FM Dance Radio Germany Radio Jazz Blues RadioHit Dance Classic Hits KISS-FM The MIX Country Legends Pop FM NewsRadio Chicago's Smooth Jazz Radio Classic Hits 107.9 Planet 106.7Radio Maria Sports Radio 810 Grace FM The Edge Radio ESPN 850 Rock92 METRO FM Hot 97.5 Power 98.3 Classic FM 97.3 Power Dance Radio101.6 and other stations in the list. Player contains additionalPremium features. All Premium features are available withsubscription. TO THE OWNERS OF THE RADIO STATIONS: If you'd like toadd or remove your station to (or from) our catalogue, pleasecontact us via email: support@fmcube.net
Radio Online - PCRADIO
We are glad to our present new online radio broadcasting app.Hundreds of radio stations of different genres are available infast and small radio player. Now you can listen to all the stationsin high quality even with low speed Internet connection. Enjoy yourfavourite radio stations everywhere – whether you are driving yourcar or having a picnic with your friends – all you need is mobileInternet (24 Kbit/sec and more). PCRADIO is battery efficient andcan be controlled from your headset. To the owners of the radiostations: if you want to add or remove your station please contactus via add@pcradio.ru
Aqua Boy 1.0
Fun arcade. This aqua adventure will help youto kill time and have some thrill.Real aqua jungle. Try avoid explosions in the bomb puzzle. It's atime killer, which won't let you go.Dive and swim as far as you can. Have lots of fun in this aquaadventure. Avoid bombs - they can harm you. Avoid big angry fish -they can eat you.Don't be afraid to become a phone zombie - get your points and opennew characters.This game is for kids and adults, who love to play funny arcadeswith simple control. We make free arcades for you good mood.
Run Pix 1.3
Run Pix is a fun arcade. Collect your coinsand keys to go as far as you can. Be brave and inventive to avoidbombs.The game is in old time style. It's like all retro pixel games.Fun music from the past will follow you in the game. You can playit alone or with your friend in multiplayer mode.Explore new characters spending coins collected. Share yourachievements and be the best among your friends.Run Pix is a fun game for kids and adults. It's perfect forkilling time.
Radio - PCRADIO 2016 2.0
Online radio is now available for everybody and everywhere withnew, fast and modern radio player - PCRADIO 2016. We have selectedthousands of stations for listening in this player. It is very lowon your Internet traffic however it maintains high quality of thesound. Player works perfectly even with limited bandwidth Internet,no need to mention 2G, 3G, LTE. It works at any speed. With ourunique sound compression system and sound processing you can enjoylistening to your favorite stations everywhere - in the street, insubway, on picnic etc. Forget about poor quality sound at the lowspeed Internet connections! New version of the radio player PCRADIO2016 contains lots of new and unique features: - Sound quality andbandwidth selection - Set alarm clock with the sounds of yourfavorite station - Equalizer for fine tuning the sound of thestream - Turn-off timer (you can specify the turn-off interval) -You can add your own favorite radio stations to the app - Historylist of the stations you listened - Adding stations to yourFavorites list - Filtering all the stations using Genres andSub-genres - Filtering all the stations using Countries and CitiesStatus of the stations in the list is constantly monitored by oureditors. You can listen to the radio divided by the most populargenres - Dance, News, Electronic etc. We have carefully selectedall the most popular radio stations in the world. You can findperfect music for relaxation in our Relax, Spa and Meditationcategories. For those who love heavier music we have selected bestMetal and Rock stations. TO WE OWNERS OF THE STATIONS: To add (ordelete) stations to (or from) the list please contact us viaadd@pcradio.ru and we'll take care of this.