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Plantix - your crop doctor 3.1.6
Are you a farmer or hobby gardener and grow vegetables, fruit orarable crops? Are your plants sick; did you have losses in the lastharvest? Then it's time to make a change! We are Plantix and offeryou fast and free help. Whether you grow tomatoes, bananas or rice- Plantix is your interactive plant doctor. The only thing you needis an internet-enabled smartphone with a built-in camera. Whereverthe problem lies, a smartphone picture is enough and in seconds youwill receive a diagnosis and the appropriate treatment tips,especially for the 15 most important crops worldwide. How does itwork? Every disease, pest and deficiency leaves behind a specificpattern. Plantix recognizes these patterns. One photo is enough andyou know what your plant is missing. In our social network you canexchange experiences and information with like-minded people in theimmediate area as well as with international experts. This way youwill quickly get helpful answers and practical solutions fordiseases, pests and deficiency symptoms. The best part is thatPlantix gets better with each new user. So join the PlantixCommunity! Every picture, every comment helps people all over theworld to make their plants healthier and their harvests moreproductive. Start growing smart! Please contact us for any remarks or comments on the content. ++otherlinks+++ http://plantix.net +++ Social Media +++
Plantix Preview - your crop doctor 3.1.6-preview
+++ This is a Beta Version of 'Plantix' and (probably) not adaptedto your country and regional diseases. Please keep in mind thatthere might be crashes and work in progress-texts.+++ Plantix isthe mobile Plant Doctor for farmers and everyone cultivating ediblecrops. Whenever you want, ask Plantix’ smart networks and they willsupport you with quick help and hands-on solutions. Whether you’rea farmer or gardener, cultivating rice or tomatoes - Plantix isyour mobile diagnostic tool for fruits, vegetables and field crops.One network - powered by artificial intelligence - analyzes yoursmartphone picture and supplies you with an instant diagnosis onplant problems and ways to treat them. The Plantix community isthen THE network where international experts and peers from allover engage - they will provide you with an unique mix of accurateand regionally applicable advices. And the best is that ournetworks are self-energizing: Every comment and every picture makesthem better and helps others all around the globe solving theirproblems! Become part of Plantix community and start now to simplygrow smart! Plantix supports a smart agriculture that produceshealthy crops and saves resources via targeted action. Plantix isthe expert in your pocket! Please keep in mind that due to Plantix'global range, some local details will need further adaption. Pleasewrite us in case you feel a text and/or picture is inadequate foryour area. Everybody who uses 'Plantix' helps us to get it readyfor use. Plantix is free of commercials and always will be free ofcharge for smallholder and our partner organizations. Pleasecontact us under for any remarks or comments on thecontent. ++other links+++ http://plantix.net ++ Social Media+++
Plantix Internal 1.5.4-alpha
This Version is just for internal use. It shows the results of ourimage recognition software. There will be a snackbar popping upafter the image is analyzed by our server.
com.peat.sammelix 0.6.0
Password protected - only for scientific purposes & internaluse. PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP IF YOU HAVEN'T BEEN INVITEDQuestions & remarks:
Amaethon 1.0.0
password protected - only for scientific purposes & internalusePLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP IF YOU HAVEN'T BEENINVITEDquestions & remarks:
Password protected - only for scientific purposes &internaluse. PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP IF YOU HAVEN'T BEENINVITEDGleano is tool for agricultural data collection - please donotdownload this app if you don’t have an account. Gleano isinviteonly. Please contact if you forgot yourcredentialsor have any feedback or suggestions.