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Obama Democracy Speech 2 1.0
The triumphant return of favorite characters continues. And thistime we were visited by usa President Barack Obama with a newarsenal of jokes and fun. You drop the economy? Do not worry, thepresident will raise it with joy. Well, or just step aside. Youthink that you've being overheard? What do you mean, not only inthe United States. And also in this game there are othercelebrities that have previously visited your phones. So what areyou waiting for? Feel free downloading game Obama Democracy Speech2, and have fun!New features:- He's back that would bring democracyto your phones- New animations and jokes- Various costumes anddances.
Talking Donald Trump 1.0
Let's make America great again! Meet, personally, the President ofthe United States Donald Trump with a terrific and completelyunprecedented set of jokes and humor. The economy is on thedecline? Do not worry, the US president himself will be able toraise her with genuine joy. But not only Donald Trump will bepleased with his presence, but also many other celebrities who werealready at your place. Do not tire, faster and sooner download anexcellent and funny toy, and have fun. Opportunities that open up-Democracy has come on the mobile device- stunning and completelynew animations, new jokes- Stunning costumes and fun dances.
Talking Russian Putin 2 1.0
Putin says 2 - this is an opportunity to talk with the president inan informal setting at any time convenient for you. All the joys oflife as the president's hand. This app will entertain your famousgags by Vladimir. It's kind of a straight line with the president,which lasts for three hours, and as you wish. On it you willfinally be able to ask him questions and to express their wishes.In addition, you will find a confrontation with Navalny, whichended for the infamous blogger and chatterbox prison, and will beable to drive for a couple of another president. The one BarackObama. The Talking Putin app on the tablet, especially for you willtell Vladimir Vladimirovich, where he keeps his money and how todecide the affairs of state.- How Putin in the role offortuneteller guesses on camomile- Flip a coin- Set fire to themoney have fallen from the sky- To play with you in the "Guess thebox in which the money"- New fun dancing and much more.
Obama Democracy Fall 1.0
"Please note the time has come to militate for justice. Willful duxof a great country can not negotiate and agile colloquy. Only youcan do it to compete rivalry Obama and join the bout for power andprosperity. The enforcement of our game is not important to win,everyone will be able to militate. Willful Obama will no longer nagothers and will make the reimbursement to all the victims fromtheir prosperity. Your task will be to push the dominant dux andwatch how he will militate for his life during the flight. Teachhim to colloquy and negotiate. The only expectation for you.The duxhas to lose in a bout with you.- Fully free game;- Playing to testtheir capabilities;- victory at any cost! "