Bee Boom 0.67
Become the Bee Hero and fight balloonmonstersbefore they eat flowers in the garden.- Touch to fly & collect nectar from flowers.- Level up your flowers to get more power against monsters.- Guide friendly bees to collect nectar.- Fire bees like a missles and take down balloon monsters.- Monsters can eat flowers and convert them intohungrysundew.- Heal sundew flowers by cutting them with saw.The key to success is to keep all flowers alive and level up themasfast as possible.You can level flowers just by collecting leafs from them. Everytimethe flower level up it will change color and leaf count.Making allflowers black is the goal of the game.Every time you play you earn credit points.You can spend those points and buy:- healing when hero is about to die,- different bee & flower skins,- more friendly bees.Enjoy and remember BEES are important!