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Kingdom Boss - RPG Fantasy adventure game online 0.1.2169
Are you ready to become the castle defender? Salvage your Kingdomfrom the dark souls rising up against you. Welcome to Kingdom Boss!The most exciting and well designed action RPG game you’ll everplay. Take command of mighty forces and restore the Empire to itsformer glory! Gather resources to strengthen your army of warriors!Build an invulnerable castle! Summon legendary Heroes to yourbanner and lead the king’s Empire to control all of Dominus! Becomethe castle hero in This epic role playing game as you build yourempire and rescue your subjects from the shadowlands of exiledkingdoms. An evil Blight crawls across Dominus, corrupting the landand spawning Shrouded monstrosities. The King is missing, themilitary is in disarray. Someone must step forward to unify thefactions, rebuild the king’s Empire, and command its army ofwarriors to victory! ⚔️RESTORE THE EVIL LANDS AND REDEEM ULTIMATEGLORY TO YOUR KINGDOM Dominus needs a new ruler to champion thespirit of the people and restore that which was lost. Create anarmy of fearless warriors to defend your kingdom from the evilforces. Gather resources and Construct new buildings and to growyour kingdom - Boss Battle against the Shrouded to take backcontrol of your strongholds. - Enrich your Kingdom by collectinggold and precious resources. - Craft armor, weapons, andfortifications for your hall of Heroes. - Hack and slash firedragons, battle against evil demons and defeat Minotaurs with yourtactical combat skills! - Raid the exiled kingdoms and reclaim thetreasure chest from the vicious outcast syndicate. 🛡️Fortifyyourself with a guild of heroes, enchanted mages, fearless knights& dragons, as you Become the kingdom's boss in the best MMORPGgame available now on your mobile 🛡️ ⚔️COMMAND AN ARMY OF EPICHEROES Legendary Heroes act under your command to gather resources,forge weapons and armor, and research for new warcraft skills. -Summon mythical creatures of all races: Minotaurs, Elves, Goblins,and many more. - Train your mighty Heroes to unleash their awesomepotential in epic battle fights and Deploy them on mystical questsfor world domination. Build a hall of heroes with your fearlesswarriors with the most spectacular character creation graphicsyou’ve ever witnessed. ⚔️ FORGE ALLIANCES Secure alliances withother rulers to defend each other from enemies. - Assist allieswith forces and resources to defend their realms. - Wage epic warstogether and defeat enemies to seize more territory. - Gain accessto even more powerful weapons and defenses. ⚔️ IDLE KINGDOM Buildand manage a thriving fantasy world! Your kingdom works for youwhile you’re away! Come back, collect rewards, and make immediateprogress. -Let your brave Heroes fight on their own or jump in whenneeded! Enjoy the best MMO Adventure game Immerse yourself in thisdark fantasy world accompanied by your noble guild of heroes andsalvage your kingdom.