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ClassUp - Schedule, Note for Students 9.1.3
ClassUp helps students(university, college, school) manage classes,organize notes, track tasks, and communicate with classmates. ClassSchedule - Easily manage classes(courses, lesson, lectures) bysearching for and adding classes entered by other users. - Designyour unique schedule using your own background image, various boxand text colors. - Create multiple schedules, Explore schedules ofyour friends. Notes - Organize everything in one place includingevents, to-dos, memo. - Easily add dates, pictures,hashtags(#hashtag) to your notes using simple codes(#, @) &autocomplete mode. - Organize your class notes using @classnameautocomplete mode. Class(Course, Lecture) Notes - Tap your classboxto view its notes. - Add memos, events(exam, presentation),to-dos(essay, report, assignment, homework) related to your class.- Check your classmate’s list and send a message them. Widget -Check your today, weekly schedule, notes fast. ClassUp User Guide : Contact ClassUp Support : Android App Permissions If youuse ClassUp on Android, we'll ask you for permission to enablecertain features when they require additional information from yourdevice. If you opt out of the permission, you can still useClassUp. And you can check and edit your ClassUp permissionsanytime by going into the Settings app on your device. To check andedit your ClassUp permissions Settings - Apps & notifications -ClassUp - Permissions ClassUp may ask following permissions whenyou try to use a relevant feature. Contacts : ClassUp will ask youfor this permission to access your contacts if you choose "Continuewith Google" when you sign up. You can refuse it and choose"Continue with Email" or "Continue with Facebook". Storage :ClassUp will ask you for this permission to access your storage ifyou want to upload your pictures in your albums to your ClassUpnotes, your ClassUp wallpaper, or your ClassUp profile. Camera :ClassUp will ask you for this permission to access your camera ifyou want to take a picture and upload it to your ClassUp notes,your ClassUp wallpaper, or your ClassUp profile. Do you have anyproblems, questions, or opinions? Please talk to ClassUp developersthrough channels! Email : [email protected] Facebook Messenger : WhatsApp : Line : : iMessage :[email protected] Facebook : Twitter Instagram : schedule, timetable,note, class, course, lesson, student, teacher, school, university,college
Webriver 2.0.5
Webriver is a tool to help you collect andshare web pages you discover and like. You can make your owncollection simply by clicking “Collect” button on the web page ofyour interest while surfing on the internal web browser.Additionally, you can also make unlimited pieces of collectionswhich are specifically based on areas of your interests/ topics.You can subscribe various collections of the other users whileaccessing recent, useful information by surfing for web pages ondifferent topics and tags. You can also recollect the web pageswhich were already collected by other users and also upload youropinions by leaving comments on various pieces of web pages.Most importantly, you can always see the useful and valuableinformation whenever or wherever you want by collecting andcategorizing in the easiest way possible!!