VR Bike 1.01.4
----->>> Use your google cardboard !<<<-----This game is a virtual reality game for google cardboard !Interface and navigation are optimized for this type of gameplay.You dream to drive fast or very fast on the highway?You like slalom, dodge through the traffic?VR Bike is for you !Driving a crazy car; your speed is jammed and your pedals do notwork any more...You just have your steering wheel to avoid accident in the motortraffic...In VR Bike, you need to have lightning reflexes.You have for every mission a distance to be affected and amotionless speed.More you evolve in the missions more your car is powerful and sothe speed is more and more important.There is speed evolution, we begin to 90 kph to finish to 320kph.18 Levels - 18 various speed .3 game mode :Easy: Driving in divided highwayNormal: Driving in two-way in highwayHard: Driving in the opposite direction, oncoming trafficSet and cars in 3D.The camera is positioned in sight internal to have the best feelingof speed.Use your lightning reflexes to avoid crash!--> Use the gyroscope to dodge through the traffic--> Use accelerator to get bonus and earn credits--> game mode: reach a distance with a defined speed--> Music created by PROLETER (popular beatmaker fromFrance)--> 3D realistics cars and 3D environmentsRing map look like Paris ring.City map is inspired by Paris city.Some highways look like highways around Paris.--> In this game, show who's the driving boss on the asphalt!Automobile, motorsports & 3D are our passions, we wish you willlike our game.Drive fast in traffic is funny but really dangerous. You can't dothat in real life....So enjoy it in VR Bike!
Space VR Racer 1.0.7
😎 ----- >>> You need VR glasses<<< ----- 😎This is a virtual reality game designed for google cardboard!Interface and controls are optimized to improve the gameplay.☆ Hang on to your seat! ☆☆ Star Racer VR is a speed game, and it's going fast! Veryquickly ! ☆The environment has been made in 3D, you can enjoy the immersionin virtual reality through your VR glasses.The objective is to go as far as possible in hostile settings.12 levels to reach and at the final level the speed increasesmore and more.In VR Space Racer, you control a space ship and you need to avoid anumber of obstacles; walls, rocks, canyons, balls, choppers,tunnels, ...Riding a machine of the future, your speed is constant. Theobstacles are either fixed or animated ... you have anticipatedotherwise the CRASHHHHH !!In VR Space Racer, you'll need good reflexes and a lot oftenacity.Rings will allow you to slow down or speed up the moreadventurous.➤ 2 gameplay modes:➣ gyroscope➣ joystick (bluetooth)➤ Game Mode: infinite runner (currently)Updates will bring new gameplay modes.➤ A leaderboard has been set up to compare your performance.Polynotes Games has a real passion for the VR technology and offersthis game.Thank you to support us through a nice comment and a nice note.😝Good Game Space with VR Racer!
Draw-Flow: lovely puzzle game 1.0.7
Draw-Flaw is a free puzzle game where you'll have todemonstratethinking and logic.Your goal is very simple: connect the same symbols together!✪ Progress quickly by playing free:With a regular practice you will be faster and havemoreautomatic reflexes to find solutions.This puzzle app turns out to be a good cerebral exercise, itwillquickly become a good way to have fun while exercisingyourbrain.✪ Be logical:If it's primarily a logic game, mathematics also haveanimportant part in the answer of the riddle. Think aboutthepossibilities and solve more puzzles with more and morecomplexityby reconstituting the best game course for each grid.✪ Become an expert:Several levels of game are for beginners and experts. Enterthislabyrinth of forms and colors, up to you to avoid deadlocks togetto the next level. Depending on your skill, more and morelevelswill be free. If you are a beginner start with the easiestlogicalproblems and intensify the game with more complex solutionsandbigger grids of game.✪ Very simple rules:You play alone against the grid according to thefollowingrules:✔ You must connect couples of symbols without cuttingtheconnection lines.✔ If you cut a first line with a second line, the first linewillbe deleted.✔ To get the highest score (3 stars) you'll have to findthesolution with the fewest possible moves.✔ If you are blocked you can use a token to help you.▶ Tips :✔ From 1x1 to 6x6 grid there's only one solution. From7x7,several solutions are possible to solve the puzzle.✔ The games are not time limited, you'll have all the timeyouwant to play.✔ On the top of the screen, the highscore for the current gridisdisplayed, it is up to you to beat it!☺☺☺ Want to boost your brain? ☺☺☺☺☺☺ This game is for you! ☺☺☺Summary:★ six levels - 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8, 9x9 and 10x10!☉ 60 levels★ Challenges:   5x5 and 6x6 easy   7x7 and 8x8 normal   9x9 and 10x10 hard★ Suitable for tablets or smartphones⚠ If you have a problem or bug, please let us know on oursiteinternet so that our team can assist you.http://polynotes-games.com/en/draw-flow-puzzle-game/
Traffic Clash: race in Paris 1.04.17
In « Traffic Clash : race inParis », become the king of driving!Drive fast, like a maniac: on the ring or highways.Race and chase opponents in 3D environment.Here no need auto insurance or life insurance but keep cool anddon't crash too fast your racing car!In Paris, you can found shops, hotels, restaurants... but alsocrazy drivers! They like driving fast in highways, in spite of theroad trafficYou will play with various european and japanese cars (Citroën,Peugeot, Honda, Nissan, Alfa Romeo, Audi, Golf,...).-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Use our lightning reflexes to avoid crash!--> Use the gyroscope to dodge through the traffic--> Use accelerator to get bonus and earn credits--> Fast speed--> Two game mode: Mission & Endless (runner mode)--> Music created by PROLETER (popular beatmaker fromFrance)--> 3D realistic cars and 3D environment.--> Paris map--> In this game, show who's the boss in the asphalt of Paris!!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mission Game Mode:- Various challenges (reach or exceed a speed, brush pastopponents, make combo, board rush, chase opponent car, avoidcrash)- Car chase: you need to give chase our opponent- 80 missions- 6 differents maps (4 highways, 1 ring and 1 in the city)- Unlock various GT cars (look like Smart, Citroën C2, Fiat 500Abarth, Peugeot RCZ, Peugeot 207 WRC, Honda civic, Alfa romeo mitoGTA, Peugeot 508, Mini Austin Cooper S, Citroën DS5 GT, Golf GTI,Renalut megane RS, Audi TT, Jaguar MF, BMW M, Audi RS4, LamborghiniDiablo, Nissan GTR)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Endless Game Mode:- Become the king of driving- Endless highway- No chase opponent- Slalom in opposite way with high motor traffic!- 6 differents maps endless (4 highways, 1 ring and 1 in thecity)- National and world ranking! (google +)Easy to win credits with our free shop. But we don't selldriving licence !Automobile, motorsports & 3D are our passion, this is why wecreate this driving game.We wish you will like our game.But "Traffic Clash: race in Paris" is a new game so we makeregularly updates to improve it and so we need you for that.This game is available in English, French, Arabic.Chinese, Portuguese and Russian version should be availablesoon.