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Super Goku: Saiyan Warriors 1.0.4
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The players follow the events of the story inwhich you choose between Goku and friends, including enemycharacters, along the way. The choices that the player makesdetermine how the story evolves.Another mode is the Arcade mode, a single player mode that lets theplayer to choose the character let's your combat against the CPU inorder to fight and gain the DB.Next is the Z Trial mode, which consists of two different types ofplay: Survival, where the player fights against CPU-controlledopponents for as long as he/she can, and Time Attack, where theplayer sees how fast you can make it through a predetermined set ofopponents.Finally, there is the Profile Card mode, in which the players willhave their in-game character profile cards that lists their nameand power level. The players can design their own card andcustomize them with items from the game's store.[Features]- High-speed wireless multiplayer battles featuring the universe'sstrongest fighters- 18 playable characters, including prize fighter- Revamped version of the acclaimed Saiyan Overdrive fightingsystem- In-game transformations to more powerful forms- All-new stage base- Seven game modes, including a compelling story mode.
Goku Warrior: Shin Budokai 2 1.0.2
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The game features a brand new story thattellsthe tale of Majin Buu being released in Trunks' timeline. AsMajinBuu is too strong for Trunks to handle alone, he uses histimemachine to recruit the original Z warriors forassistance,eventually succeeding in the destruction of MajinBuu.After being wounded by Future Dabura while protecting a cityfromone of his Ki Blasts, Future Trunks realizes that he can not doitalone. Future Trunks decides to travel back in time once moretoreceive help from the Z Fighters of the past, he has to savetheTime Machine from Future Dabura's attack on West CityIn both cases, after Future Dabura's defeat, the story progressestochapter 3. However, if he fails to protect the Time MachinefromFuture Dabura's attack, Future Trunks decides to bring FutureGohanand Future Pikkon back to life for one day on Earth:As Future Majin Buu refuses to listen to him, Future Babidileaveshim in Future Dabura's care and goes off to New Namek to usetheNamekian to place Buu under his control. The Z FightersfollowFuture Babidi to New Namek while the Supreme Kai and Kibitoreturnto their world.While they are looking for the last two Namekian, FutureBrolyappears in front of the Z Fighters, controlled by FutureCooler,but the Z Fighters still manage to get all the Namekian in acourseagainst Future Broly, Future Cooler, and the Meta-Coolers.Just asFuture Dende is calling Porunga, Future Babidi makes hisentranceand reveals that Future Broly and Future Cooler are workingforhim.