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myXL – Cek Kuota & Beli Paket XL
Why use myXL: 1. Check Quota Simplify your way to check quotaanytime anywhere. Only one click to the app and your quota can beviewed right from the main menu. 2. Buy Internet Package Find allpackage easily (internet, call, SMS & international) andactivate using your balance & credit card. 3. Free Access Noneed to worry, you won’t be charged to access all information viamyXL 4. Exclusive Deals Be the first to know all exclusive promosfrom our partners and enjoy the reward! 5. Top Up Balance Don’tlimit yourself to top up balance whenever you want. You can useyour credit card & XL Tunai 6. Easy & Secure Login EasilyLogin with your XL number & verification code sent to yournumber. No more worries. This app is exclusive for XL Prepaidcustomers. XL Postpaid and XL Prioritas users? Download myXLPostpaid here .AXIS user? Download AXIS net here Enjoy myXL andplease share your experience in our comment field below.
XL Rumahnya Android 2.140512.1736
This application is created by PT XL AxiataTbk. XL Rumahnya Android apps provide all information aboutAndroid: news, tips & trick, tutorial, video, and infographic.Feel the new experience in using XL data service!XL Xlangkah Lebih Maju
Sisternet 1.2.1
Temukan berbagai info & tips khususperempuan, hiburan, sampai voucher diskon di aplikasi Sisternet.Kamu juga bisa sharing dan berbagi pengalaman dengan sesamaperempuan di Forum Sisternet.Yang lebih menarik lagi, kamu akan mendapatkan poin setiapberaktivitas di aplikasi Sisternet yang bisa ditukarkan denganvoucher belanja maupun berbagai hadiah lainnya. Seru bukan?Sisternet buat Perempuan Indonesia Maju dengan Internet.Sekarang, BISA!
XLife Magazine 1.1.2
Semangat pagi, Selamat datang di XLife Magazine!Aplikasi resmi dariXL Axiata ini merupakan aplikasi untuk kalangan internalperusahaan, yaitu para karyawan.XLife Magazine berisi kumpulanmajalah dari XL yang akan diupdate secara berkala sesuai denganjadwal terbit majalah digital ini dan aplikasi yang menjadi wasahbagi kalangan internal.Aplikasi XLife Magazine diciptakan sebagaisarana bagi para karyawan untuk mendapatkan informasi terkinitentang XL, berita internal di HQ dan Region, liputan eventterbaru, dan masih banyak lagi.Untuk info selengkapnya tentangXLife magazine, masukan ataupun
Mobile application to accelerate your businessthru ecosystem engagement and business solution. This applicationoffers information of market trends nowadays as well as updatedknowledge on business. Furthermore, it provides you features toempower your presence thru Digital solution.Digibiz … Find the answer for your business
NOVI 2.4.94
The first in Indonesia from XL DigitalService!NOVI will let you get up to three multi mobile number on asingle registered XL physical SIM Card with valid data.Choose desired number from a selection of Default, Standard andPremium number with a monthly subscription fee and you can use anypackages or air time balance of the primary SIM Card number thatyou have.
myXL (Beta) 1.0.0
The new myXL app is ready to deliver whatyouneed, when you need it.With features like auto login, one-click internet quotacheck,balance top up, and buy internet package, you can manage yourXLaccount in no time and with peace of mind.Get the latest deals and promotion exclusively only on myXL!
com.myxl.prioritas 1.4.3
A #SimplyBetter postpaid account management that is packed into anexclusive and user friendly interface, which allows you to: • Checkyour remaining benefit • Track your payment and spending • Downloadyour bill • Set your spend limit as you wish • InternationalRoaming setting at your finger tips • Get the latest deals andpromotion • Easy access to our store for booster or package thatsuits you • Direct access to PRIO Chat and get connected with us •Pay your bill directly using Credit Card, Debit Card with Visa orMaster logo and Virtual Account • Change your payment method toCredit Card • Manage your multi account in one single app • Checkyour credit card information as your payment method • Add yourpreferred profile picture • Change your billing delivery methodfrom postal to email • Share your feedback directly from the appfor myXL Postpaid improvement • Now you can see your primaryaccount on multi account management • Experience better informationon roaming page • Check your unbilled amount using estimation bill• Now you can pay non-telco services on myXL Postpaid • Setnickname for each numbers to simplify multiple account management •New experience on adjusting your credit limit • Add deposit toincrease your spend limit • Better experience on push notificationYou are one click away to be PRIORITISED, IN CONTROL andWORRY-FREETM.
Suka ketinggalan acara TV favorit kamu? Makanya download aplikasiSuperNonton dong! SuperNonton adalah sebuah aplikasi streamingvideo yang menyediakan beragam pilihan hiburan yang bisa kamunikmati kapan saja dan di mana saja. Mulai dari saluran TV lokalyang lengkap, film-film Indonesia pilihan, video musik pilihan,info olahraga dan berita-berita terkini. Semua tayangan bisa kamunikmati eksklusif bagi pengguna XL & Axis, TANPA BIAYABERLANGGANAN. Keywords:SuperNonton, TV di sakumu!Like you miss yourfavorite TV shows? So download the app SuperNonton dong!SuperNonton is a video streaming application that provides avariety of entertainment options that you can enjoy anytime andanywhere. Starting from the complete local TV channels, filmsIndonesia selection, selection of music videos, sports info and thelatest news. All impressions you can enjoy the exclusive for XL andAxis, WITHOUT SUBSCRIPTION FEES. Keywords:SuperNonton, TV inyour pocket!
XL eLMS 2.0 3.4.3
XL Learning Apps. Limited for XL's employees only.
Now XL Axiata Retail Outlets have an app to maketransactionseasier, get information of products or programs usingSiDOMPULapplication. Using SiDOMPUL, XL Axiata Retail Outlet cando: -Reload to Customer - Selling Datapack - Transfer Quota -Getproduct & outlet programs information - Redeem loyaltypointsrewards Please ensure your outlet is registered to XLAxiataauthorized dealers as XL Axiata Retail Outlets. PakaiSiDOMPULAman, Nyaman, Cuan